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Everything You Need to Know About Wand Vibrators

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A wand vibrator is very different from other kinds of vibrators because they’re not intended for vaginal penetration. They were actually invented to relieve sore muscles. And since then, this vibrator has extended to sexual stimulation and can be used on several body parts.

The ‘Magic Wand’ or the ‘Hitachi Wand’ as it used to be known has become one of the most recognized sex toys on the planet. They come with a large rounded head that can deliver the maximum vibrations to the clitoris along with the vulva, or they can be utilized to run up the inner thigh to provide unique sensations as you masturbate.

There are other models available other than the classic model, but the design hasn’t changed much over the years. Actually, wand vibrators still have a large domed head that sits on a flexible coil so the pressure isn’t too intense.

The history of wand vibrators goes back to the 60s when they were first introduced, and it was then that Hitachi issued a patent of their design. Since then, they have gained in popularity and have graced the covers of books which relate to sexual play between partners. You can still find many that run off of mains electricity, so there’s no worry of power running out at the all-important crucial moment, but there are also rechargeable types and also waterproof models that can transform any bath time too.

Wand Essentials Wand Vibrator

Different Types

If there was any, one, sex toy which was perfect in design from day one, then it has to be the wand vibrator, hands down. You can see this truth over time, because there’s hardly anything that has changed since its introduction all those years ago. You can still purchase models that are almost an exact replica as the original, but over time, there are new variations that have been released too.

All purchasers of wand vibrators should know, a magic wand is a magic wand, and they deliver the most mind-warping orgasms of any sex toy available on the market.

Here’s a quick rundown of the varying types you can now find:

Original magic wand vibrator – These are updated replicas of the first magic wand body massager/vibrator which was released in the 60s.

Rechargeable wand vibrators – These are now made from mainly silicone and ABS plastic, and rather than being run from mains electricity, they have built-in rechargeable batteries which allow for more versatility.

Waterproof magic wand vibrators – These are battery only and are sealed so they can be used in the tub or in the shower.

Mini wand vibrators – These are the smaller versions and still retain the flexible neck and shape but in a smaller package. These are now often fully coated in silicone for a silky-smooth touch.

How to Choose Wand Massagers for You

With the wand massager hardly changing ever since it was invented, it might seem almost impossible to think there are choices that need making when it comes to buying one. However, there are enough things which have changed over the years to make choosing one an experience all of its own. As long as you stick to a reputable supplier, you will find that no matter which wand massager you purchase, there is no way you won’t be able to orgasm.

Being a beginner or an experienced user doesn’t really matter in the case of a wand massager. Actually, the toy won’t be inserted, so size for being able to accommodate the toy inside the vagina or the anus isn’t a worry. Size is only crucial if you wish to travel with your wand massager. This also leads to the type of power you are looking for.

Mains powered wand massagers deliver the most intense stimulation out of any model of the wand. They can provide stimulation for as long as the users are able to handle it. However, using mains electric power can be restrictive for some users, especially if the use is in the tub. Water and electricity don’t mix, so take note here please.

Stimulation levels can vary between wands. The original design still only has two levels. These are one and two, and how this translates in to personal stimulation is ultimately down to the user. In essence, these will be hard stimulation and even harder stimulation. On the more modern variations, some come with up to 20 differing vibration settings, so it really does depend on how far you want to push it.

Original Hitachi Magic Wand Massager HV-260

What Are the Benefits

Because the wand vibrator was invented as a body massage tool, there are benefits in this area. Benefits are aplenty because they must work, the toy is over 50 years old, and still they’re used by millions for massaging sore muscles and reducing stiffness.

Other massaging benefits include joint flexibility, the lowering of blood pressure and heart rate, as well as reducing stress. Massage is good, and the wand delivers the best massage out of any vibrating device being compared.
Massage can also help the body to release endorphins; these are the feel-good hormones that allow us to feel happy, so it’s evident why massage makes us feel good.

Most women will be able to orgasm using a wand, so a plethora of endorphins will be released. Mood will be raised, and there will be a much happier look on her face, for sure.

The wand vibrators deliver high-intensity clitoral stimulation, and this can induce an orgasm almost immediately.

One final benefit these wand vibrators have over other sex toys for women is that they have such a reputation for being reliable, and they generally won’t break down. Their entire construction is designed to withstand vibrations. As long as you stay away from inferior wand massagers, this toy can last for countless years.

Lelo Magic Wand Massager

Some Safety Considerations

The primary considerations of using wand massagers are not all to do with safety. One of the first things any user should be aware of is the size; they are not the smallest device and can be on the bulky side which doesn’t make them ideal for traveling with. There are smaller varieties, but these lose the effect of the classic design.

The strength of vibrations is another consideration, these deliver extreme stimulation, and for some users, strong doesn’t always equate to a nice feeling. If you are a new user, it can be advisable to use a piece of fabric between the clitoris and the head of the wand to cushion the ‘blow,’ as this can help prevent the tingly sensation that comes from repeated vibrations.

Some users are not struck on the design as many still have the appearance of the original. However, with silicone models, things are changing. But again, these lose some of the power of the classic design.

Because the sensations are so intense, some users have found they have a sore clitoris for a while after, so caution must be taken during use.
Noise, these wand massagers are not quiet, so there isn’t much discretion in using them. Silicone models are a little quieter because the motor is dampened through the silicone. So that’s a plus.

As these wand massagers are still bought with electric cords, these may (on occasion) be too short. It’s not much fun when you are rolling over on an extension cable that is draped across the bed.

Lastly, for the electric version, these should never be used in an area where there is water. Even a wet floor can lead to a nasty shock. Be cautious, always.

Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator - Rechargeable

Where Can You Use Your Wand Vibrators?

With a wand vibrator, it isn’t so much about where you can use it; it’s more about how you can use it to the best advantage. There are a few positions where it can be used, and now, there are also attachments you can buy that extend the use of a wand vibrator.

Wand vibrators are great for solo use, but couples are finding them a great addition to their sexual practices when things become a little stagnant. One of the most popular positions that make full use of a wand massager is doggy style. With the male partner entering from behind, a wand massager can be held against the clitoris and both partners will benefit from the stimulation.

There is another variation on a doggy style too, where the woman rests on her stomach with the wand vibrator resting underneath her body. Her male partner enters her from behind.

The next areas include some of the attachments which are now available for wand vibrators. One is designed as a G-spot stimulator and can be used in the vagina while the male partner performs anal penetration. It should be noted: stimulation for both partners can be incredibly intense, so there might be a couple of orgasms reached in a much shorter timeframe.

There are also silicone heads that can be placed onto the head of the wand vibrator, these not only add extra stimulation from their bobbled surface, but they also make it much easier when it comes to sanitation of the device.

Chirapsia Rechargeable Wand Massager

Cleaning & Storage Tips

The one good thing with wand vibrators is that they’re built like tanks and can last for years without too much care. However, there does still need to be the same strict hygiene principles in place to make sure your wand is as clean and sterile as is possible.

If you use any silicone attachments, then this can make things easier. These can be removed from the bulbous head and washed under warm running water, and with antibacterial soap. If these are sticky after thorough drying, then cover them in a little renewal powder before putting them into a protective pouch. These silicone heads can also be sterilized in hot water or in the dishwasher.

Bodywand Cordless Wand Vibrator

When it comes to the wand itself, this can be harder, but they don’t need as much care as other sex toys because they are not inserted into the vagina or the anus. All that is required is that the wand is wiped down well with antibacterial wipes after use.

The electric wand vibrators should never be washed under water as it could soak into the parts which contain electrics, and then corrode.

After cleaning, your wand vibrator should be stored in the original package before being stored in a dark and cool area.

Models which are advertised as waterproof and made from silicone can be washed under running water as long as any batteries are removed and the recharging port is securely closed. These though, should never be boiled to sterilize or run through the dishwasher at all.

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