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Everything You Need to Know About Silicone Butt Plugs

Everything You Need to Know About Silicone Butt Plugs

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Silicone butt plugs can often be seen as a beginner’s butt plug because of their soft and smooth coating that can help with insertion over the first few tries. To be fully relaxed with butt plug insertion, it can take around ten attempts. As you get used to it, it becomes easier over time.

There are many intimidating butt plugs out there, and that is often why new users end up looking at silicone butt plugs, but this is not the case really, there are sizes and designs that can fit all tastes.

Silicone butt plugs do look a little gentler to the eye than a big chunk of stainless steel butt plugs or glass plugs. These are soft to the touch, and with the anus being more sensitive than fingertips, this says a lot. Suitably sized silicone butt plugs allow for easy insertion and also withdrawal from the rectum which can be a blessing in disguise.

To some, a silicone anal plug is flexible, but on the inside, they do keep their rigidity so they won’t be moving around like jelly-styled butt plugs and dildos do.

When it comes to receiving the best in anal play, silicone does as good a job as any and this is mostly because it can mold to the body and also warms when it’s inside. These butt plugs are easy to care for and are highly durable, and will deliver countless hours of anal fun, to get the body warmed up for intercourse, or just because it feels great to wear one.

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Types of Silicone Butt Plugs

There is a vast range of silicone plugs to meet every desire and every taste. If there are specific butt plug designs in a different material, then there is a silicone material equivalent, most probably.

The material is easily molded into any shape or size, and is the texture you can really enjoy. Here are some examples of silicone butt plugs you can find on your anal journey…

Anchor base silicone plug – These are teardrop shaped, but the base is formed like an anchor, so it stops the butt plug from having the slightest chance of slipping inside the rectum. These are also designed so they fit better between the buttocks and won’t rub as much as round bases might do.

Silicone plug trainer kit – These are an ideal introduction to anal play with butt plugs. There are often 3 or 4 butt plugs in these kits, which vary in size so beginners can work their way up through the range.

Small kunai-shaped silicone plug – This trainer butt plug is super tiny and very discreet. Rather than a base, they have a large hoop that will stop this anal ninja from sneaking to where it shouldn’t be venturing.

Expanding silicone plugs – This type of butt plug shouldn’t be confused with inflatable devices. These come with two or three petals which you force together as you insert it inside, and once in, they slowly pull apart like a blooming flower.

Inflatable silicone plugs – These are the monsters of the silicone plug world and come in all sizes. They can be purchased on the smaller side, so insertion is more natural, and then with a pump or three, you can really reach the extremes of the rectum for pleasure.

Suction cup silicone plug – These are cone-shaped and come with a large suction cup so you can stick them to a flat surface. If you are a solo flyer, then you can easily insert this yourself, before you continue on stimulating other parts of the body.

Princess silicone plug – These are the same as jeweled plugs but often come in the smaller sizes. What makes these special is they still come encrusted with jewels on the base. These silicone princess plugs are ideal for long term wear or for putting a huge grin on your partner’s face.

Hollow silicone plug – For the more adventurous, these hollow butt plugs allow the partner to do as they wish with the hollow center. Some partners like the view, while there are hollow butt plugs that come with caps so any liquids which are poured inside will stay there until they are released. Be safe with whatever you do, folks!

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How to Choose a Silicone Anal Plug for You

Because there is a considerable variety of silicone butt plugs on the market, choosing one can leave any user bombarded with loads of choice options. To be sure you select the best one for you; there are a few factors that are worth considering.

The first thing to think about is the size. Silicone plugs range from beginner’s models right up to the more experienced anal player types. The smaller end of the scale which is ideally suited for beginners has an insertable length of around 2 inches and up to about 3.5 inches. This might sound short, but you shouldn’t forget, these butt plugs have a very different purpose than a dildo.

Although length isn’t too critical, it’s the girth or circumference that can be the deciding factor. This is what will stretch the sphincter muscles, so choosing the one you can safely accommodate is vital.

Sizes of the circumference of smaller butt plugs can begin at around 2 inches and go upward of 3 inches or more.

If you are unsure of what size circumference to choose, you can easily lube a finger or two and insert these first. When you find what level you can handle, then measure around your fingers. One thing to note is: not to choose one which is too large, it’s better to go for the smaller size.

When it comes to shapes, there are three areas of a silicone anal plug. The bulb (shaped like a teardrop), the neck, and the flared base or ring.

The flared base or ring does need to be larger than the bulb, as this can prevent the silicone plug from being sucked into the rectum.

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What Are the Benefits

Silicone butt plugs have the advantage of being soft, and in some cases having a more tapered end which is ideal for new users. This makes insertion to the rectum much easier.

Silicone is also a body safe material, so there is less chance of any bacterial growth or moisture soaking into the material with wear, or over extended periods of time.

On the usage side, silicone plugs are not as intense as harder substances like glass or steel, and they mold and warm to the body so as not to deliver as much discomfort.

Silicone butt plugs can also be ideal for prostate stimulation. This sits a few inches inside the male body, and the shorter lengths of these are perfect to reach and stimulate this part of the body. Likewise, the woman’s A-spot can be stimulated in much the same way, but this may need a silicone anal plug that is slightly longer in length to accommodate this achievement.

Silicone butt plugs do benefit users, no matter if they are using them solo, or with a partner. This can be readily true if a vibrating butt plug is used and the wearer uses these vibrations to make their orgasms more intense.

The rectum is surrounded by many thousands of sensitive nerve endings, and during a climax, the muscles in the anus tighten and clamp harder around the neck of the butt plug. These sensations increase from the vibrations, which then intensify any orgasm or stimulation which is being received in other parts of the genitalia.

Silicone also has the benefit of being super durable and very easy to clean. It is known to be the safest material for anal play after steel and glass, but without the weight that the other types place on the wearer.

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Some Safety Considerations

Because silicone butt plugs are easy to use, there may be the temptation to share them between partners or move it from the anus toward the vaginal area. None of these practices should be done, and this is to ensure that safe sex practices are being adhered to at all times. Silicone might be a safe material which hinders bacterial growth, but it doesn’t protect users against unsafe sexual habits.

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Glass and steel are seen as the safest materials for sex toys. Silicone butt plugs come a very close third, but sometimes manufacturers can add any compounds they wish. One such compound is phthalates, and although the use is not as common as it once was, there are still manufacturers that might use it to make their product softer to the touch. All silicone plugs must be made from body safe materials, and purchasing from a reputable supplier is one way to make sure you receive the best materials possible.

Silicone is soft to the touch, and you may have some butt plugs that are squidgy when removing these from the anus, so it doesn’t make it any less of a precaution not to tug sharply. The material might be softer, but the muscles in the anus will adjust to this, so they will still be tense. Easing the silicone slowly is the safest way to remove it after use.

One final safety note: is for users who wear their silicone butt plug for extended periods. Lubrication will still be required, and as water-based can dry up quickly, an oil-based lube needs to be used to get better results overall. Remember: silicone lubes attack the surface of silicone anal plugs, and they will degrade. Other oil-based lubes are recommended.

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Where Can You Use Your Silicone Butt Plugs

Because of the range of sizes, and the ability to be worn for long periods, there is no end of places where you can wear or use your silicone butt plug. They are versatile and can be very useful in some scenarios.

On a date – When you wear a silicone butt plug while out on a date, it does two things. It can help ready the butt for later anal play if anything happens, or you can make your partner aware that you are sneakily wearing your anal plug. They will have all their attention on you as you squirm and wiggle to the sensations coming from the butt plug as it wiggles with you. Add a vibrating butt plug and give your partner the remote… this can really liven up an evening!

Giving or receiving oral sex – A silicone butt plug can take this to another level. Sensations you feel as you are giving oral sex totally change the experience. If you are on the receiving side, then you will be receiving extra stimulation as your muscles shift and pull at the anal plug, thus adding extra stimulation while you are pleasured.

Sensation play – This isn’t only temperature play, and having a silicone anal plug inserted as you are whacked on the butt with a paddle takes BDSM play to another level. As you squirm, your butt plug shifts and pushes against all the sensual parts inside. The good thing is; this doesn’t matter if you are male or female. Additionally, regular vaginal intercourse or the BDSM power play scenarios you might be taking part in can also be so much fun. And, as long as safe sexual practices are being used with consenting parties, it’s great!

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Cleaning & Storage Tips

Silicone butt plugs are almost as easy to clean as steel. Once you have finished using them, you can wipe them down with antibacterial wipes before you give them a thorough clean.

Many people think silicone is nonporous, but in fact, it’s the opposite, it contains water-repelling properties, and it can hinder bacterial and mold growth, but not stop it.

Silicone butt plugs can be washed in warm water with a good and mild antibacterial soap before either running them through a cycle in the dishwasher, or boiling them for a couple of minutes to thoroughly sterilize them.

Note: never put a silicone butt plug in the microwave.

If your butt plug feels sticky once it’s been washed and dried, cover it in the seller’s powder which is made for that product and it will regain its silky-smooth finish. After this, place your silicone butt plug in a protective bag and store it out of direct sunlight and make sure the area is dry and cool.

Also, never let your silicone butt plug touch your other sex toys, even in its protective bag. With long term pressure, they might become misshaped.

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Common Questions People Ask

Even though my silicone butt plug is small, it still hurts. Can I use numbing cream?

No! Never use a numbing cream. If you feel any pain, this is a way of your body telling you to slow down or stop altogether. There are no shortcuts when it comes to using a butt plug. Try to angle your butt plug as you insert it and use lots of lube, always.

I want to wear my butt plug for a couple of hours, but the base rubs my buttocks. Am I doing something wrong?

Not at all, this can be an unfortunate downside. You can always purchase a silicone butt plug with an anchor type base, these sit snuggled between the buttocks, no matter how tight they are. They’re genius, actually!

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