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10 Best Silicone Butt Plugs Reviewed

10 Best Silicone Butt Plugs Reviewed

Editorial Team |

A silicone butt plug is the absolute holy grail of anal sex toys. When properly made, they are silky smooth, gliding in easily and giving you so much pleasure. But how do you find the ones that are properly made?

This is where we come in! Our team of sex toy experts went ahead to review some of the best silicone butt plugs on the market today.

Below, you’ll find the result – a ranking of the top 10 silicone butt plugs. To decide which products are super awesome, we looked at the material, the ease of maintenance, the price to quality ratio and the stuff that buyers had to say about such toys.

You can rest assured our ranking is unbiased and aimed at giving you reliable information. Hopefully, the top 10 selection will help you discover the very next sex toy you’re going to fall in love with.

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Our 10 Best Silicone Butt Butt Plugs

Top 5 Silicone Butt Plugs Over $50

Superb 9.8

#1 B-Vibe Novice Vibrating Silicone Butt Plug

If you’re seeking out the ultimate anal thrill that comes in a non-threatening package, choose this silicone butt plug. The B-Vibe Novice has ergonomic curves and a tapered tip for easy insertion. The safety base is also wide enough to give you worry-free fun each time you decide to use the toy. On top of that, you’ll get to enjoy five speeds and 15 vibration patterns that you’ll feel all the way through your body. Adjust the vibrations through the wireless remote or give it to your partner – it will work up to 30 feet away from the toy. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, the butt plug will give you up to 60 minutes of uninterrupted fun. And last but not least, this product is crafted from high quality, silky smooth silicone. Waterproof and non-porous, the material is durable and very easy to clean.


  • Powerful enough vibrations
  • A great choice for beginners due to size
  • Construction and finish are flawless
  • Wireless remote is very practical


  • More advanced players will dislike the size
  • Quite expensive
  • Remote needs a separate battery (not rechargeable)

Superb 9.5

#2 A-Play Thrust Rechargeable Silicone Anal Plug with Remote

When it comes to premium anal toys, this is another excellent choice. The A-Play Thrust has a number of settings that distinguish it from other silicone butt plugs. For a start, the design is weighted for a delightful sensation when the plug is fully inserted. In addition, there are seven incredible vibration patterns to choose among. At its widest point, the plug will create an incredible sensation of fullness (making it ideal for more advanced players). The shape and size have also been chosen to ensure consistent and highly pleasurable prostate stimulation. Provided with a wireless remote control, the silicone butt plug is very easy to use, regardless of position. It also has a rechargeable battery that will ensure up to one hour of running time.


  • Vibrations and thrusting both feel great
  • Ideal for prostate massages
  • Very smooth silicone
  • Easy to clean


  • Very expensive
  • Quite large for beginners
  • On the stiff side (which some users dislike)

Superb 9.0

#3 FemmeFunn Plua Vibrating Butt Plug with Remote Control

Check out this little fella! The design is very intriguing and it isn’t random. FemmeFun Plua is ergonomically-designed and anatomically shaped to ensure optimal internal stimulation. Whether you have a P-spot or a G-spot, you’ll feel the intensity of the vibrating butt plug in your very core. Choose one of the 10 vibration modes, ranging from gentle to super-powerful. Make adjustments via the one-button remote control. It’s user-friendly enough to ensure effortless switches, even when you’re fully immersed in a passionate moment. The butt plug is crafted from silky smooth silicone that adds to the pleasant sensation. The material is completely waterproof and bodysafe for a worry-free experience. As far as size goes, the plug is manageable and suitable for both beginners and intermediate players.


  • Highly stimulating design
  • Easy to use remote, powerful vibrations
  • Silicone feels super smooth
  • Very easy to clean


  • More expensive than other butt plugs
  • Not great for advanced players
  • On the stiffer side

Fabulous 8.6

#4 Naughty Bits Shake Your Ass Petite Vibrating Butt Plug

This little gem looks amazing and we can promise you that it feels similar. The butt plug brags a bejeweled safety base – one of the first features you’ll probably notice. But it’s not the only one worth mentioning. The Naughty Bits plug has 10 vibration functions you can easily switch between at the touch of the gem button. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the toy will give you sufficient play time until you have to use the USB cable and plug it in. Properly tapered and made of silky smooth silicone, the plug is easy to insert. Its neck is also somewhat wider than what other toys offer. As a result, it delivers consistent, gentle stretching whenever it’s put in. The size of the butt plug is non-threatening but the item is sufficiently big to ensure a very pleasurable stretch and some anal stimulation.


  • Great size for beginners
  • Super cute design
  • Diversified enough vibration functions
  • Silky smooth silicone, easy to clean


  • Not perfect for experienced users
  • Some issues with vibration adjustments via the button
  • On the more expensive side

Fabulous 8.5

#5 Zero Tolerance Wicked Twister Rechargeable Butt Plug

Anyone looking for a more stimulating design will fall in love with the Zero Tolerance Wicked Twister. That name isn’t just chosen randomly. A swirly design ensures proper stimulation each time the plug goes in and comes out. At the same time, the toy has the essential safety and comfort features – a tapered tip, a slim and flexible neck and a wide safety base. The Wicked Twister gives you the choice of 10 vibration settings to make the experience even more sensual. You can choose between a one-button control at the base of the toy or a two-button remote. The remote works from up to 25 feet away from the toy – hand it to your partner and enjoy a steamy session. A rechargeable battery powers the plug and when the toy runs out of juice, you’ll simply have to plug it in via the USB cable. Made of velvety silicone, the plug is bodysafe and 100 percent waterproof.


  • Highly stimulating design
  • Two ways to control vibrations
  • Great for beginners and intermediate users
  • Powerful enough vibrations


  • Some users found vibrations too intense
  • Not ideal for advanced players

Top 5 Silicone Butt Plugs Under $50

Superb 9.7

#1 Mood Naughty 1 Anal Trainer Set of 3

Three is better than one, isn’t it? The Mood Naughty set gives you three ergonomic butt plugs that progressively grow bigger (in both length and girth). Made from bodysafe silicone, they’re an ideal choice for those first steps in the world of anal training. Several things determine the quality of the set. For a start, the plugs have a non-threatening design that is ideal for beginners. Tapered tips facilitate insertion and the circumference gently grows bigger to deliver that highly desired stretch. An anchor base keeps the plug safely in place without rubbing against your body. Finally, each plug has a slim and flexible neck to improve retention. This means you can wear the plug for hours at a time without experiencing any discomfort. Just like all other products in this list, the set of plugs is crafted from super smooth and seamless silicone. The velvety texture makes insertion even more effortless and pleasurable.


  • Excellent set for beginners
  • Easy to use, feels great
  • Perfect for prolonged wearing
  • Very easy to clean and sanitize


  • No distinctive, special features
  • Some users experienced a bit of odor retention

Superb 9.3

#2 Blush Luxe Slim Vibrating Butt Plug

Here’s a cool little product that vibrates and pleases you without needing batteries. The Blush Luxe vibrating butt plug is powered by your body’s movements to pulsate gently and rhythmically, giving you a lot of pleasure. The plug is a perfect choice for beginners with its narrow and streamlined design. At the same time, the bulb is strategically chosen to stretch and ensure sufficient internal stimulation. A narrow, flexible neck improves retention and also makes the butt plug a great choice for day-long wear (if that’s something you fancy). Finally, the design includes an anchor base that guarantees safety without rubbing unpleasantly against your body. Made from super smooth silicone, the plug is durable, long-lived and very easy to clean. Just use the item with water-based lubes to protect its integrity and increase its lifespan.


  • Excellent retention and no slipping
  • Perfect size for beginners
  • Excellent price to quality ratio


  • Vibrations aren’t particularly intense
  • Vibrations are felt only when you move
  • A bit too girthy for beginners

Fabulous 8.8

#3 3 Piece Silicone Anal Exerciser Kit

Here’s another beautiful silicone butt plug set that’s amazing for beginners. The plugs are exceptionally well-made and their ergonomic design is an added bonus. Sizes range from 3.5 to 4.25 inches in length and from 3.4 to 4.95 inches in girth. These dimensions make the set a perfect choice for anal training and the large plug would definitely please some more experienced players. Each of the plugs is characterized by a bit of flexibility for easy insertion while still offering targeted internal stimulation. Tapered tips and wide bases are also present to make the designs safe and user-friendly. While the smallest plug comes with a slim neck for easier retention, the biggest one offers a bit of stretch all the time. Hence, you can enjoy quite a lot of variety and a range of sensations when using these products.


  • Excellent price for a set of three
  • Silky smooth silicone
  • Perfect for all experience levels
  • Easy and comfortable to use


  • Wider necks aren’t everyone’s cup of tea
  • Not as tapered as some other plugs

Fabulous 8.7

#4 Fantasy For Her Designer Love Plug Set

Look at these cool butt plugs. You’ll instantly notice their design to be somewhat different from what the other plugs in the list look like. The cool purple color and the ridges make the plugs look curious but some of the design elements also have a functional purpose. For a start, the set consists of two plugs – great for versatility and some anal training. Highly tapered tips make insertion very easy. In addition, the plugs feature grooves going all the way down and helping for the retention of more lube. Sufficiently flared bases maximize safety. Finally, the plugs have a somewhat wide necks that guarantee consistent stretch while the item is being worn (but the plugs wouldn’t be as comfortable for prolonged use). Made from velvety silicone, the plugs are silky smooth and very hygienic. Since the material is waterproof, cleaning is also a breeze.


  • A set of two, greatly priced
  • Innovative design is a lot of fun
  • Easy to use
  • Good for all experience levels


  • Grooves require more thorough cleaning
  • Necks are on the thicker side

Fabulous 8.2

#5 Shots Ouch Diamond Anal Plug

Our last (but not least) offering has a classic shape and a smooth surface – a perfect choice for beginners. The Shots Ouch plug looks super cute and it’s definitely a visual toy. A faux gem in the flared base is visible when the plug is in. This characteristic makes the toy great for playing out some kink or a bit of role playing. In addition, the item is made of silky smooth silicone that feels good right off the bat. Properly tapered, the plug goes in easily. Its narrow neck keeps the item in place even after hours of wearing. The teardrop shape ensures sufficient stretching, as well as enough internal stimulation. It doesn’t matter if you have a G-spot or a P-spot, you’ll definitely feel the massaging action. The size of the plug turns it into a perfect choice for beginners. It’s also beyond reasonably priced for a silicone toy.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Excellent price to quality ratio
  • Looks really cute
  • Very easy to clean


  • On the smaller side, not for advanced users
  • Some risk of the gem coming undone and base collapsing

Things You Should Pay Attention to When Shopping for a Silicone Butt Plug

Just because a butt plug is labelled as a premium silicone item doesn’t mean it’s amazing. You still have to determine what your needs are and what stuff matters the most when choosing.

If you’re buying a silicone butt plug for the very first time, you may want to pay attention to the following essentials:

What kind of silicone: Silicone is a fairly generic term that can be used on the label of toys made of various kinds of materials. Silicone, however, is made in more than one way and these processes affect its quality. One of the best options out there is medical-grade silicone. This label is given to products that have undergone FDA testing for biocompatibility. This means it’s designed to be worn safely inside the body, without causing issues or side effects. When checking labels, you should also seek platinum-cured silicone. Platinum curing increases the strength and flexibility of silicone, giving you an exceptionally long-lived butt plug.

Rigidity: The density of silicone can vary. Some varieties are tougher and less flexible, others ensure quite a lot of flexibility. It’s up to you to decide whether you’d like to get a stiffer or a more flexible variety. Stiffness allows for more targeted stimulation while more flexible items allow the replication of being penetrated by an actual human being.

Shape and size: Now that the material is out of the way, let’s talk about the dimensions and the shape of the butt plug. In the world of anal toys, smaller is always better (unless you’re an experienced player who’s used to the stretching). Check both the length and the girth of the toy before buying to make sure you can handle it. As far as shape is concerned, always seek a butt plug that has a tapered tip for easy insertion and that expands gradually. A teardrop shape is optimal. The toy should end in a narrow neck if you want to keep it in for longer periods of time or a wider neck if you want to feel a constant stretch.

Safety features: Anal toys should always have a flared base. This is one design characteristic you cannot make a compromise with. In the absence of a wide enough base, the toy can get sucked up inside your colon. It can easily travel up, requiring a surgical intervention. And while stuck butt plugs can be extracted safely on your own quite often, you should never risk the potential complications and the trip to the ER.

Added pleasure features: Some butt plugs have special shapes and additional features to increase pleasure. For example, a slightly curved or angled plug is perfect for prostate stimulation, delivering consistent massaging action. You can also look for a vibrating butt plug. Choose a variety that has a wireless remote and a number of settings for more convenience and easy exploration of what you like. A rechargeable battery is an added bonus that will save you a lot of money in the long run (especially if you use the butt plug often).

Choose versatility if you don’t know what you’re looking for: Choosing your first anal toy is often difficult. What shape is right? What’s the perfect size to meet your experience level? If you don’t know how to answer these questions, look for a kit of several silicone butt plugs. Such anal training kits usually contain at least three butt plugs that get progressively wider and longer.

Price to quality ratio: We have said it before and we’ll say it again – a sex toy doesn’t have to be expensive in order to give you the best quality on the market. Instead of checking out the price tag, look at the cost of the toy in relationship to its characteristics. A good price to quality ratio will give you a butt plug that is safe, well-made, functional and long-lived. By looking at our top 10 products, you’ll get to understand how the price to quality ratio is established.

Why Should You Buy a Good Silicone Butt Plug

The fact that a butt plug is made of silicone doesn’t indicate quality right off the bat. You still have to be careful and diligent when doing your research. Here’s the reason why.

As you’ve seen from our top 10 ranking, silicone toys come in a wide range of prices. These prices aren’t just determined by the features of the toy. The quality of the material used and the manufacturing process also play a role.

We have researched and tested manufacturers to make sure that even the cheaper toys are well-made. This, however, isn’t always the case.

Sometimes, the seamlessness of a toy will be compromised due to poor manufacturing. If a silicone toy has a tear or a little crack, it can become dangerous to use. Such crevices become the perfect hiding spot for bacteria. Pathogens become very difficult to get out through regular cleaning, increasing the risk of infections.

There’s one more very important thing we already touched upon briefly.

Silicone is a general term. Just because a toy is labeled as bodysafe and crafted from silicone doesn’t mean it’s a high quality item.

In some instances, the cheapest silicone will be utilized to make butt plugs more affordable. Such silicone, however, isn’t necessarily an optimal choice. There will be some risk of tearing or damage when the item’s being used. Hence, you wouldn’t be better off by buying a silicone butt plug.

Marketing messages can often be misleading and sex toy makers are free to make all kinds of false promises. Regulations are almost entirely missing in the industry, which frees such companies from responsibility.

Do understand the fact that returning a malfunctioning sex toy and getting a refund is difficult and nearly impossible. After all, this is a hygienic item that cannot be fixed and reused if you send it back. This is why you should definitely try to identify good quality from the start.

Anal toys need to be properly designed and well-made. Otherwise, they can be painful or even dangerous to use. Ergonomic and anatomically-correct designs are even more important for such items than they are for all other kinds of adult products.

Choosing the right anal toy isn’t just about fun, it’s also about health and safety. You are the sole entity responsible for making right choices. Manufacturers can easily escape responsibility, which is why you should always question bombastic claims or statements that seem too good to be true.

High quality silicone butt plugs can cost 20 or 30 dollars but there’s also some risk of buying complete junk within the price range. If you’re buying for the first time and you’re not loyal to a certain brand yet, do your homework.

Final Words

Silicone butt plugs can easily turn into a staple within your sex toy collection. These plugs are so incredibly versatile and effortless to use that you’ll quickly fall in love with them.

Do use the tips and recommendations mentioned in this guide if you’re buying a silicone plug for the very first time. You shouldn’t just use visuals and marketing promises to make up your mind. Seeing a toy in person is a good idea. The same applies to researching manufacturers and finding out what other buyers have to say.

We’ve worked really hard to offer you a good, diverse selection of silicone butt plugs in our top 10 list. And we’re definitely confident in making these recommendations. Each item has been examined under a magnifying glass to give you an excellent price to quality ratio and maximum safety.

Needless to say, these silicone butt plugs aren’t the only choice. If you check out the respective HotCherry category, you’ll come across many other reliable, functional and pleasurable possibilities. If you’re seeking out a more specialized or niche type of toy, don’t hesitate to explore further.

The only thing that matters is knowing what you want and refusing to make a compromise with these criteria. Take some time to decide how you’d like to enjoy a bit of anal stimulation. By coming up with such requirements in advance, you’ll find it much easier to browse through dozens of plugs and identify the ones that are just right for you.

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