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Product Overview

  • Instant wolf or foxy fox, for cosplay or role playing with a twist
  • Swish your tail and use the fuzzy tickles to further excite yourself or a partner
  • Flexible, premium silicone plug offers sensible sizing and features a vibrating bullet at the base, adding new thrills
  • Built for comfort and play, the plug is retained, no matter how hard you like to play, but is also easily retracted when you’re done
  • Gender friendly, the tail and plug suit any gender and any skill level of anal play
  • The product is absolutely perfect for beginners of anal play
  • Body safe, premium silicone is also easy to clean and maintain, while the white faux fur is also easy to clean
  • See product for full care instructions and maintenance

Product Description

Dress up or role playing that can incorporate arousing and climactic stimulation is the best. The Fox Tail Butt Plug has a sensibly sized, user friendly silicone butt plug, with a gorgeous, fluffy (white faux), fox fur tail attached. A total of 4 inches of insertable length for the plug and a total tail length of 19 inches… it sizzles! But the inclusion of a small, easily affixed vibrator takes this tail butt plug to the next level and gives you a buzzing vibration to boot!

A non-intimidating and easy to insert, retain and retrieve plug is best for new anal players, or for those who don’t want too much in the trunk. Soft silicone is a great choice also, allowing for flex and comfort, and warming to the internal temperature quickly, and being lubricant friendly is also important. The Fox Tail Butt Plug ticks all of these boxes and delivers even more with the vibrating attachment…

At the base of the sensuous, soft tail is a soft silicone loop, which neatly houses a bullet vibrator; a small vibrator is included with the tail, so you can be buzzing and plugging while swishing your foxy tail in no time.

Perfectly suited for long or short term wear, the premium silicone plug is still firm and space-filling enough to give you a rockin’ full sensation, while your tail can be tugged or stroked, or even teased across you as you enjoy the incredible feel inside and out. The Fox Tail Butt Plug is made for fun and sexy adventures at home or out on the town!

Product Details


Overall Length: 18 inches
Insertable Length: up to 4 inches
Tail Length: 11.8 inches
Width: 1.4 inches at widest point
Product Weight: 9.8 oz.


Flexibility: Flexible
Material: Silicone, nylon/polyester
Color: Black plug, white faux fur tail
Texture: Smooth/fluffy
Waterproof: Waterproof silicone, see care instructions for tail

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual plug/tail
Shape: Plug/tail
Power Type: Kinetic movement/optional vibrator (requires 3 x tab batteries, included with vibrator)
Powerful: Yes

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