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Tailz Butt Plug - Fox TailTailz Butt Plug - Fox Tail
Save 28%
Master Series Jizz Scented Cum LubeMaster Series Jizz Scented Cum Lube
BootySparks Emerald Gem Anal Plug SetBootySparks Emerald Gem Anal Plug Set
Save 41%
Strap U Strap On Dildo Set of 3 - PurpleStrap U Strap On Dildo Set of 3 - Purple
Save 13%
4 Piece Silicone Anal Ringed Rimmer Set4 Piece Silicone Anal Ringed Rimmer Set
Tailz Fox Tail Butt PlugTailz Fox Tail Butt Plug
Master Series Expanding Anal DilatorMaster Series Expanding Anal Dilator
Strap U 10X Groove Harness SetStrap U 10X Groove Harness Set
Save 12%
Strap U Evoke Vibrating Inflatable Strapless Strap-OnStrap U Evoke Vibrating Inflatable Strapless Strap-On
Save 30%
Strap U Supple Dildo with RemoteStrap U Supple Dildo with Remote
Explorer 2 Cock Ring Prostate MassagerExplorer 2 Cock Ring Prostate Massager
Tailz Pony Tail Butt PlugTailz Pony Tail Butt Plug
Tailz Grey Fox Tail Butt PlugTailz Grey Fox Tail Butt Plug
CleanStream Enema SyringeCleanStream Enema Syringe
Save 30%
Master Series Jizz Cum Scented Water-Based LubeMaster Series Jizz Cum Scented Water-Based Lube
Save 48%
Cleanstream Lubricant Launcher Xl
Master Series Inflatable Anal DildoMaster Series Inflatable Anal Dildo

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Be Someone Else for the Night with an XR Brands Sex Toy

Eye catching. Bold. Innovative. Three words to describe what XR Brands stands for when they create their functional, high quality yet cost effective products for those dedicated to the fetish and/or BDSM lifestyle. There’s no fetish or fantasy that can’t be satisfied thanks to the sex toy geniuses at XR Brands.

If you want a butt plug that looks great and feels great at the same time, these are your people. With a myriad of fancy tail plugs to choose from, you can really take your role play session with your partner to the next level. Whether you want to be their dirty little bunny, or foxy vixen, you’ve got options! Plug in one of their gorgeous bejeweled plugs for some sexy peep show fun, or for some added pep in your step during your work commute.

The options don’t begin and end with anal play – there are tons of toys to choose from whether you’re playing solo, or with a lover. From strapless strap-on dildos, to giant dildos, to penis sleeves…all your X-rated toys are top-rated. To help you with your decision to purchase XR Brands products, we’ve answered some commonly asked questions.

XR Brands Sex Toys FAQ

Is the fur on the tails real fur?

No. All of the tails by XR Brands are faux fur.

I’m a beginner to anal play. Can I wear a butt plug?

You definitely can, as many of the butt plugs made by XR Brands come in smaller sizes that are good for beginner and gentle players. That being said, you should always try inserting smaller things first such as a finger or two, and see if your anal muscles are prepared and relaxed enough to be able to accommodate a plug. Remember to use a ton of lube whenever you’re inserting anything into your anus!

How do I clean my sex toys?

Most of the toys by XR Brands can be washed with soap and water or sex toy cleaner, but always read the care instructions included with your toy to be sure.

Can I enjoy fetish play or BDSM by myself?

Absolutely! Most of the toys can be used by yourself just as well as with a partner. Wear a butt plug for your pleasure and check yourself out in the mirror, or adhere your dildo’s suction cup base to a nonporous surface and go for a ride, maybe while having your hands tied up with a scarf! No matter what your kink, you can find a crafty way to enjoy it solo.