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10 Best Tail Butt Plugs for Pet Play Fetish

10 Best Tail Butt Plugs for Pet Play Fetish

Editorial Team |

Tail butt plugs aren’t just pleasurable, they can also be a ton of fun. These fun toys allow you to explore your fantasies and put on a visual show for your partner. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved!

When shopping for a tail plug, you have to pay attention to several things. The quality of the plug and the way it looks are both important.

Today, we’ll take you on a wild ride and get a close look at the world of furry sex toys. Our team has sifted through the options, finding and listed the 10 best tail butt plugs you can buy today. We compared materials, designs, sizes and functions. We checked out manufacturer reputations. Finally, we listened to what actual buyers had to say about each product.

The resulting comparison is listed in the table below. Also, we’ll give you a few butt plug buying tips that you can always count on for the expansion of your sex toy collection.

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Our Top 10 Tail Butt Plugs

10 Best Tail Butt Plugs

Superb 9.8

#1 Tailz Pony Tail Butt Plug

It doesn’t matter if you’re a blonde or a brunette – this ponytail butt plug is certain to help you spice things up. You’ll get 22 inches of beautiful and soft synthetic hair, attached to a high quality TPR butt plug. Semi-flexible and ergonomic in design, the plug is very easy to insert. At the same time, it has the level of rigidity required to give you consistent internal stimulation. The neck isn’t the narrowest one but it’s also not as thick as to give you constant stretching. There’s also a sufficiently flared base to ensure the safety of use. Due to the length of the pony, you’ll feel some tugging when you walk and move around. That weight will deliver consistent stimulation when the plug is in place, even if you’re not doing anything else.


  • Beautiful, long and soft ponytail hair
  • Stays in place effortlessly
  • The hair is properly attached, well-made toy
  • Easy to clean


  • Hair requires some maintenance, could get tangled
  • A little bigger than some beginners expected

Superb 9.7

#2 Tailz Grey Fox Tail Butt Plug

You can’t go wrong with high quality medical-grade silicone and the design of this dildo gives you an added bonus. Modernistic rather than strictly realistic, the dildo adds depth and dimension to anal play due to its curves. Harness-compatible and equipped with a powerful suction cup, the toy is a versatile item you can use solo or with a partner. This item is firm and perfect for anal insertion while maintaining a bit of flexibility. The silky smooth surface makes it feel really good and also simplifies cleaning. For safety purposes, the Avant D4 8 Inch Silicone Dildo has a flared base to ensure exciting, worry-free anal fun. While on the more expensive side, this dildo is going to provide an excellent return on investment through its longevity and versatility.


  • High quality fur
  • Feels super plush and fluffy
  • Excellent price to quality ratio


  • Plug is on the bigger side
  • Its rigidity could be an issue for some
  • Not a perfect choice for beginners

Superb 9.5

#3 Tailz Fox Tail Butt Plug

Perfectly white and so fluffy – the fox tail of this butt plug will make you feel super sexy each time you put it on. And that’s not the only perk of using the product. Apart from the beautiful faux fur tail, you will get a high quality, premium silicone plug. Narrow and very tapered, it’s very easy and pleasurable to insert. There’s also a slim neck for good retention and a wide base that will keep both the plug and the tail in place. If you’re a beginner who’s looking to experiment with tail butt plugs, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this item. In addition, you’ll get a vibrating bullet that’s attached to the base of the plug. It’s a perfect choice for people in need of some additional stimulation. When not required, the bullet can simply be detached.


  • Looks fantastic, super smooth fur
  • Vibrating bullet provided (but you can use your own)
  • Properly shaped plug for some stretching
  • Easy to clean


  • Could be somewhat big for beginners
  • More angular design than some others

Superb 9.3

#4 Unicorn Tails Plug

Any lover of cute and colorful stuff will fall in love with the Unicorn Tails Plug. Not only will you get a pastel-colored purple tail, the plug itself is in the same shade. It’s also crafted from a velvety silicone that’s super smooth and non-threatening. The design is properly tapered for easy insertion but the plug is also quite girthy to deliver a bit of delicious stretching. Keep in mind that the base isn’t the slimmest one, which means that the stretch is going to be constant. You will also get a long and luscious faux hair tail. Crafted from polyester, the tail is easy to maintain and clean. Just store it properly to prevent some tangling and you’ll be good to go when the occasion arises. Because of its length, the tail will gently tug on the plug when it’s in place. Needless to say, that will add to the pleasure of using the plug and moving around when it’s inserted.


  • Super cute and very beautiful
  • Silicone is silky smooth
  • Easy to put in, very pleasurable
  • Enjoyable stretching


  • Tail should be washed carefully to prevent tangling
  • Feels somewhat synthetic
  • Could be a bit girthy for beginners

Superb 9.0

#5 Unicorn Tails Butt Plug

Rainbows and unicorns come together to give you a super cute and exciting tail butt plug. You’ll get a silky smooth silicone probe with a long ponytail attached to it. Not only does the plug look ultra adorable, it also gets the job done. A tapered tip and ergonomic design allow for easy insertion. At the same time, the plug is girthy enough to deliver consistent anal stretching. Whether you’re doing some anal training or you’re enjoying a role playing session, the toy will get the job done. The silicone is one of the safest materials out there and the ponytail is properly attached to prevent shedding. Because the tail itself is crafted from polyester, it’s very easy to clean and sanitize. Just make sure it’s stored carefully to avoid some unpleasant tangling.


  • Silicone feels great
  • Delivers consistent, pleasant stretch
  • Adorably cute rainbow ponytail
  • Well-made, quality materials


  • On the bigger side for beginners
  • Ponytail has the tendency to get tangled

Fabulous 8.8

#6 Master Series Fox Tail XL Butt Plug

The Master Series Fox Tail XL Butt Plug is designed for those looking for exclusivity and sophistication. You’ll get genuine fox fur and a polished, silver alloy plug that looks like a piece of jewelry. It will bring your wildest fantasies to the surface while giving you a ton of anal enjoyment. You’ll get a classic teardrop shape with a very tapered tip that goes in smoothly. At the same time, the plug is labeled as XL to give you more of the stretching you probably crave. A very narrow stem and a flared base improve retention, making the plug easy to use for hours at a time. Let’s check out the tail itself. Super fluffy and luxurious, it adds a bit of weight to the end of the probe. You will definitely feel the tugging when you move, which is a definite recipe for pleasure.


  • Genuine fur tail is super luxurious
  • Smooth and seamless metal
  • Slides in effortlessly, feels great
  • Perfect choice for intermediate and advanced players


  • On the bigger side for beginners
  • More expensive than other tail butt plugs
  • Genuine fur requires special care

Fabulous 8.7

#7 Blush Temptasia Bunny Tail Pom Plug

Tail butt plugs don’t have to be long and luscious. There are options that will make you feel like the cutest bunny on the face of the planet. Blush Temptasia has one such adorable plug for you to try out with a lover or on your own. You’ll get a smooth black probe and a bunny tail made from some of the fluffiest and softest faux fur material out there. The plug itself is crafted from a super smooth and semi-flexible silicone. It goes in nicely due to the tapered tip and the probe ends in an anchor base that will be comfortable even after hours of use. There’s also a thin and flexible neck that you’re not going to feel when the plug is snugly inside. These aren’t the only smart design features of the plug. The faux fur, cruelty-free bunny tail is detachable. This characteristic makes both the plug and the tail easy to clean separately.


  • Super smooth silicone
  • Looks adorable
  • Excellent price to quality ratio
  • Detachable tail is a very smart feature


  • Plug is on the longer side
  • Some people dislike anchor-style bases

Fabulous 8.6

#8 Tailz Rainbow Tail Butt Plug

Super soft and swishing, this tail is super sexy and it will look especially good when the plug is secured in place. The Tailz Rainbow butt plug has several distinctive characteristics. The plug itself is classically shaped for easy insertion and some highly enjoyable stretching. It is crafted from bodysafe silicone that’s semi-flexible. At the same time, the probe is long enough and it has sufficient firmness to hit the right spot. Due to these characteristics, the plug is perfect for the internal stimulation of both the P-spot and the G-spot. When it comes to the tail, you’ll get 17 inches of rainbow colored, cruelty-free faux-fir. Fluffy enough to add a bit of weight to the end of the plug, the tail will pull gently on it. As a result, you’ll feel a lot of stimulation each time you move.


  • Super smooth and silky silicone
  • The tail is adorable, high quality
  • Comfortable and easy to insert
  • Feels really good


  • On the expensive side
  • Plug could be a bit long and girthy for beginners

Fabulous 8.5

#9 Tailz Extra Long Mink Tail Butt Plug

Sometimes, a modest tail wouldn’t be enough to fulfill your fantasies. Sometimes, you’d want a much more pronounced statement piece. The Tailz extra-long mink tail plug is the perfect toy for such occasions. It gives you a beautiful and luxurious faux-fur tail that is cruelty-free at the same time. Due to its length and size, the tail will pull gently on the plug to give you internal stimulation with every single move. Speaking of internal stimulation, you’ll get a high quality aluminum probe that is super smooth and easy to put in. The design is ergonomic. A very narrow tip allows for easy penetration while the slope increases gently to stretch you out on the way in and out. The material is lightweight and cool but it warms up quickly inside the body. A narrow enough stem improves retention and makes the plug a perfect choice for prolonged wear.


  • Luxurious, beautiful tail
  • Decently sizes plug
  • Ideal for cosplaying and role playing
  • Feels very good when inside


  • On the more expensive side
  • The long tail could be somewhat of a challenge for beginners

Fabulous 8.2

#10 Sportsheets Midnight Metal Bunny Butt Plug

Here’s another adorable bunny tail plug that gives you a bit of diversity and a nice alternative to the classic long tail. Fluffy but somewhat dark at the same time, the toy is a great addition to any role playing session. The plug itself is made of polished, seamless metal. It goes in effortlessly and the ergonomic design stretches you out in a perfect way. At the same time, the neck of the plug is narrow enough to facilitate retention over the course of hours. The short, fluffy tail will immediately transform you into the naughtiest bunny around. It’s crafted from part rabbit fur and part faux fur for the perfect blend. The tail is weighty enough to ensure a bit of tugging action when the probe is in place. You’ll definitely get to enjoy it with each move.


  • Excellent price to quality ratio
  • Well-made, fluffy tail
  • Looks super cute and adorable


  • Metal isn’t everyone’s cup of tea
  • Genuine fur can be trickier to take care of

Things You Should Pay Attention to When Shopping for a Tail Butt Plug

The tail butt plug is a somewhat niche product. Still, there are fairly many choices out there and deciding what’s right for you isn’t easy.

If you’ve never bought a tail butt plug before, you may want to consider at least some of the following:

Material of the butt plug: The portion of the toy that goes inside your body needs to be shaped from the finest, safest materials. This is why we believe it’s the first consideration you have to go through when buying a tail butt plug. Very often, tail plugs have a probe crafted from silicone, stainless steel or another metal. These are the finest choices because the materials are non-porous. As a result, they don’t harbor bacteria, dirt or smells. The plug becomes easy to clean and its longevity is also increased with a bit of proper care.

Firmness/flexibility: This characteristic depends on the material that the toy’s made of and its density. One choice isn’t better than another. Some people like their plug to be somewhat flexible. Others prefer firmness because it ensures more consistent stimulation when the plug is snugly in place. Silicone is obviously somewhat flexible and reminiscent of human flesh. If you’d like to experiment with rock-solid firmness, go for a stainless steel butt plug or tail plug made of glass.

Shape and size of the plug: Next, think about your comfort and pleasure. Both of these are determined by the shape and the size of the plug (as well as by your experience level). It’s generally best to go smaller because such toys ensure a lot more versatility of use. Good tapering is also essential. It allows for the tip of the toy to penetrate easily, while giving you gradual enjoyment as the diameter increases. A teardrop shape is a classic choice for butt plugs and most of them will look like that. Still, some more angular options do exist and these allow for a higher intensity level and more consistent internal stimulation.

Narrow neck: Tail butt plugs are designed for more prolonged wear. Thus, they need to have a narrow neck to be comfortable and ensure good retention. If the neck of a butt plug is too big, you’ll feel constantly stretched out. After some time, that sensation may become uncomfortable. If you plan to put on a show for your lover and enjoy a tail butt plug for hours at a time, do go for a narrow neck.

Tail material: Now, let’s check out some of the fun things about tail butt plugs. Like the material that the tail is made of. Most of the tail butt plugs on the market today have luscious, faux fur tails but this isn’t the only choice. If you’re looking for genuine fur, chances are that you’ll come across a couple of picks. Keep in mind, however, these are going to be much more expensive (plus, there are some ethical considerations you’re most definitely aware of). Make sure that the tail is thick and fluffy enough, regardless of the material you choose. When the quality is high, faux fur can look just like the real thing.

Type of tail: You can also choose between many kinds of tails, depending on what’s a part of your fantasy. Fox, wolf, bunny and pony tails are all quite common. But you probably know already they’re not the only choices. There are also dog tails, cat tails, raccoon tails and even unicorn tails out there. Some of the products don’t resemble the actual tail of an animal. They give you several beautiful colors that go well together and that give you the sexiest tail you could ever imagine.

Additional features: Tail butt plugs are generally created for a show while also giving you a bit of anal stretch. Some of them, however, could come with additional pleasure characteristics to take your ecstasy to the next level. A vibrating bullet is one such really cool and enjoyable perk. Or you can go for a plug that has a built-in motor. When looking for a vibrating butt plug, make sure you have enough rhythms, patterns and speeds. The type of controller is also important. Choose a tail butt plug that has a wireless remote for very easy adjustments in the heat of the moment.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance: Tail butt plugs have two components – the probe and the tail. If you have regular sex toys already, you know how probes need to be cleaned and sanitized. The tail itself, however, is a whole different story. Do check manufacturer recommendations before buying to find out what’s the easiest way to clean the entire thing. Usually, you’ll have to clean the probe thoroughly after each use. Unless it gets dirty, the tail doesn’t have to be cleaned every single time (but it’s still a good idea to get it sanitized on a regular basis).

Why Should You Buy a Good Tail Butt Plug

You should be buying high quality sex toys in general, period! These are items created for very intimate use. They often go inside the body or rub against sensitive spots. As such, you can’t just buy anything and count on it being safe and effective.

Speaking of tail butt plugs, quality matters for a couple of reasons.

For a start, good materials reduce the risk of infections or dangerous chemicals coming in contact with your body. Because regulations are limited, many sex toy makers will select the cheapest plastics and rubbers out there. Not only will these break apart easily, they can be exceptionally dangerous to use. If you ever come across such cheap toys, you should definitely make sure they’re not inserted before getting wrapped in a condom.

The poor materials aren’t the only problem with cheap tail butt plugs.

Design is also important.

We’ve mentioned it a few times in the product reviews already – the tail has to be attached to the plug correctly. It also needs to be made of materials that are durable but soft. You want a fluffy tail, not something reminiscent of the synthetic broom you use to sweep your floors.

Poor quality tails can get tangled, they can shed or detach from the plug. While far from fatal, such issues will reduce the enjoyment of using the plug. And if you cannot sanitize the tail properly or it gets in knots easily, you will eventually feel tempted to cut it off.

Good anal toys are always designed with safety in mind and tail plugs aren’t an exception. They need a tapered tip and a wide enough base to be perfectly safe. There’s more than one story of people having to make an emergency visit to a medical clinic due to a butt plug getting sucked up inside. Chances are that you don’t want to be the next person to experience such an issue.

As you’ve seen from our top tail butt plug list, good quality isn’t hard or too expensive to find. Just decide what matters to you the most and seek out these characteristics at the best possible price. Chances are that you’ll come across at least a few toys that meet all of your requirements.

Final Words

Well-made tail butt plugs are so beautiful to look at. In fact, the right one will get your imagination going immediately in the most arousing way possible.

If you’ve carried out a couple of experiments with regular butt plugs, the time may be just right to employ another sexy choice. Tail butt plugs aren’t just visual. The weight of the tail itself can add to the erotic experience, making it very different from what you’d feel when putting a regular butt plug in.

Luckily, we live in a time that’s characterized by amazing sexual liberation. The sex toy market is becoming more and more diversified. You can easily discover all sorts of tail butt plugs, including exceptionally niche products that are bound to fulfill your fantasies.

It doesn’t matter if you want genuine fur or a faux-fur toy, if you prefer silicone or metal. All of these options are available. In fact, you’ll discover all of those in our top 10 tail butt plugs list.

Don’t be afraid of exploring tail butt plugs, even if you feel that they’re way too kinky or naughty. Once you give such items a try, you may discover that they are your next favorite thing. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money in order to give tail butt plugs a try. In fact, quality items are available within a very reasonable price range and we hope that you’ll discover at least one such item to fall in love with in our selection.

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