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Tailz Extra Long Mink Tail Butt Plug

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Product Overview

  • Super cute, fluffy, sexy, 33 inch faux fur tail with 3 inch insertable aluminum butt plug
  • Weight of tail on plug creates extraordinary fullness and additional sensations through natural movement
  • Experience cosplay fantasy, solo or tandem, sexually or just for show
  • No one need know how you’re holding it on, it’s a secret!
  • Totally waterproof, easy to clean and super hygienic aluminum
  • Compatible with all lubricants and is non-porous and phthalate-free

Product Description

A mink tail butt plug is a sure way to turn yourself and your partner on by adding a little animal instinct into play. On all fours, or on your feet, the lengthy, faux, fur tail creates a natural weighted drag on the solid aluminum plug, whose cold, firm space warms quickly and creates an intense and pleasing pressure inside you as you play with yourself, or your loving partner.

Tail butt plugs are now more popular than ever, completely unisex; they can be worn by any gender and are the perfect match for cosplay and fantasy fulfillment. Alone, with a partner or more ‘friends,’ there’s never a dull moment when the tails are in and the fur is out!

Sleek and shiny, a solid, medical grade, aluminum plug of 3 inches of insertable length holds a total length of 33 inches of soft, faux, fur tail. Feel the excitement building within you as you trace the fur across yourself, or run it across your partner’s most sensitive areas. Purr at their feet or dominate them as an alpha pack leader.

Nothing travels easier, or looks less out of place these days than someone wearing a tail. What once turned heads is now completely normal in role play fun. This mink tail is a little different though, and with just some minor modification to an old pair of leggings or jeans, you can wear this plush, sensual and erotic masterpiece anywhere you like!

Easy to clean, this hygienic plug insert makes maintenance a breeze, with non-porous and solid aluminum being completely waterproof and compatible with all lubricants. No moving parts or batteries, no messy cables or cords. Just plug, play and purr or growl… Tailz Extra Long Mink Tail Butt Plug, go absolutely wild!

Product Details


Total length: 33"
Plug length: 3.25"
Insertable length: 3"
Diameter: 1.5"


Flexibility: Flexible, Firm
Material: Aluminum, Faux fur
Color: Brown
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Yes (plug)

Additional Info

features: Flexible, Smooth Surface, Waterproof

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