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Everything You Need to Know About Prostate Massagers

Everything You Need to Know About Prostate Massagers

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A prostate massager is very similar to a female vibrator, but these were initially designed to be used as medical instruments to stimulate the prostate gland.
Since then, men have found out they can bring lots of satisfaction, and prostate massagers have been developed as adult sex toys too.

Prostate toys can also be known as plugs, male G-spot massagers or anal dildos. Now, they have been developed so they can easily reach and stimulate the prostate gland efficiently.

Since they are now developed as sex toys, they are an addition to every kinky man’s life, and are also used when the man is more on the submissive side compared to being dominant.

Prostate massagers can also bring plenty of benefits with them as well as anal sexual gratification.

It’s great because prostate massagers now come in all shapes, sizes and textures to deliver very different experiences when being used. Depending upon the man, there are also plenty of things they can feel when they are using a prostate massager.

Aneros Hands Free Prostate Massager

Different Types

There are basic types of prostate massagers which can be broken down into groups. Some might fall into more than one category, but there are more than enough designs to suit every guy who wishes to try a prostate massager.

Anal dildo – Although similar to a woman’s dildo in operation, these are shaped differently so they can be directed toward the prostate. They can come in manual or vibrating guises.

Butt Plugs – They come in stationary type plugs, or they can be the vibrating type to bring added stimulation.
Anal wands – Although this device is too large to insert into the anus, they do come with curved attachments that can be inserted and used to stimulate the prostate as well.

Large prostate massagers – These are curved like the letter C and can stimulate the prostate while reaching under the body and stimulating other parts of the male genitalia at the same time.

Vibrating prostate massagers – These prostate massagers can come with a wired control or a wireless remote. For self-use, they can make it easier to stimulate the prostate, rather than having to manually try and find the best position.

Suction cup prostate massagers – These can be any design, but what makes them unique is that they have a suction cup which allows them to be fastened to any smooth surface. This can be the wall, the floor or anywhere where you might want your prostate massaged. They are very similar to suction cup dildos in this regard.

Aneros Prostate Massager - Red

How to Choose Male Prostate Toys for You

There are many factors you need to consider when you are looking for a male prostate toy. Although similar to women vibrators, they are very different, so they are not really compatible because of their unique shapes.

Here is an overview of what you need to ponder over…

Brand name – The sex toy industry isn’t regulated, so choosing a reputable brand is crucial. Products which receive lots of reviews are good choices because if you choose the wrong prostate massager, you can find yourself in trouble. Always go with a reputable seller.

Size – This will depend on if you are new to prostate stimulation or if you’re searching for a replacement. Length is vital, because if you purchase a prostate toy which is too long, you can find that you miss the spot altogether.

Materials used – The materials used not only need to be hypoallergenic, but they also need to be smooth so they won’t cause any pain when you insert the toy. Plenty of lube does help, but that shouldn’t detract from the surface of the prostate toy.

Price – If the price were a good indication of quality, then it would be easier to decide on which was the best prostate massager. Unfortunately, it isn’t, and not all expensive models are actually high-quality products and there are great sex toy deals. Reviews will always help here.

No matter which model you choose if you are a beginner, you are advised to take it easy and start off small before working your way up to something much more stimulating.

One other factor which needs careful consideration is if you will be using the prostate massager on your own, or if there’ll be other parties involved. Finding one which is easy to insert, remove, and is safe to be used on yourself is vitally important. Never share your toys, we don’t want to cross-contaminate them or risk STIs (sexually transmitted diseases) being spread.

Bfilled Deluxe Silicone Prostate Massager

What Are the Benefits

The benefits of using prostate massagers are split between health benefits and sexual benefits. First, we will run through the health benefits of having your prostate massaged…

Impotence – Men can overcome impotence by having their prostate stimulated. Prostate massagers are often prescribed to men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, and this is this area of medicine where all the male prostate toys started from, originally.

Swelling and pain - Prostate glands can swell and become painful. If this happens, having regular prostate massages can help.

Urinating – Urination can be affected with enlargement of the prostate gland. Massaging can regulate urine flow and get it back to normal.

With the health benefits out of the way, here are the sexual benefits men can experience when using a prostate massager…

The need to ejaculate – When massaging the prostate, men can feel an urgent need to ejaculate. Because this doesn’t come from regular masturbation, the urge to ejaculate should be resisted, to begin with. Men can achieve multiple orgasms in this way before they even touch their penis. 

Waves of pleasure – These waves can wash all over the body, rather than only in the pelvic region. These waves build up and send a warming feeling everywhere.

Full body orgasms – Many women experience full body orgasms, but for men, it is a rare thing, or it was until prostate stimulation began. Men are now reporting that they are having multiple or full body orgasms without the need for any recovery time in between.

Total satisfaction – Many men feel exhausted but entirely satisfied when they’ve had orgasms through prostate massage. These can leave men drained, but with a refreshed feeling, nonetheless.

Nexus Glide Prostate Massager

Male Prostate Toys & Some Safety Considerations

Like all sex toys, there are safety considerations you need to take into account when using sex toys for men.

All anal toys need to be kept away from other body parts after use. They also need to be thoroughly washed and cleaned to make sure there is no build up of bacteria on the male prostate toys.

Depending on the prostate toy being used, a flared base might be necessary to make sure it isn’t sucked into the anal passage. Plenty of lube should be used, and if the prostate massager has a silicone coating, a water-based lubricant needs to be used to prevent the surface from breaking down.

The size of the prostate massager also needs consideration, so it may be used safely. And if one is too large and forced into the anal cavity, it can cause anal trauma. At this point, there can be either severe pain or tearing of the sensitive skin inside of the rectum.

If the prostate toy is rechargeable, these should not be used while plugged in for charging, and when cleaning, they must not be submerged under water.

Out of all the sex toys on the market, it is these anal prostate toys which require the most safety when being used. Aside from making sure the prostate massager is clean before use, the rectum involved also needs to be as clean as possible.
Some men use condoms over their prostate massagers, but remember, with the lubes, these must not be silicone-based.

Pinpoint Probe Silicone Wireless Prostate Massager

Where Can You Use Your Prostate Massagers?

Prostate massagers can be used in many situations. They can be used for what they were intended and as a health benefit, when the man is suffering from erectile dysfunction, or from pain associated with the prostate. In these cases, a private space is needed for the male, and a bedroom or private room where they can feel relaxed is suitable.

Other situations where they can be used are in the main bedroom. This can be when alone, and the best way to do this is to make sure your prostate massager is well-lubricated.

Once the prostate toy is in place, it’s time to relax and get used to the toy which is inserted and that it’s (hopefully) pushing against the prostate. This relaxation period can be up to 20 minutes to allow the muscles time to relax.

If you have a vibrating prostate massager, this is the time to turn on the soft vibrations and wait for the overwhelming feelings of a prostate orgasm to take over.

When with partners, and these can either be female or male depending upon your sexual preference, they can help stimulate your prostate toy, to bring you to the heights of the end game.

No matter how much you get the feeling to have your partner take hold of your penis, this should be avoided while you are experiencing your prostate massage. When you ejaculate by penis stimulation, it takes away the effects of having the prostate massaged, so keep that in mind.

Although some prostate toys are waterproof, it isn’t the type of activity to perform in the bath or shower. You can experience wobbly legs, so falling over in the shower isn’t an option. Safety comes first in every instance.

Svakom Judy Anal Vibrator

Cleaning & Storage Tips

Because of the parts of the body where prostate massagers are used, these need to be cleaned correctly before and after each use. Once washed, they need to be dried thoroughly before being packed away to where no lint or dust can stick to the surface.

If you dry with a towel, make sure it is wiped with a lint-free cloth and never use paper towels. The fluffy material will stick to your toy.

Prostate massagers should be stored in a cool, dry place, and if they’re not supplied with a storage bag, you can purchase ones with antibacterial coatings on the inside. A prostate massager should never be allowed to touch another sex toy. This can either pass on bacteria, or the surfaces can start to stick together.
Rechargeable, vibrating, prostate massagers should never be cleaned under water. If there is an extended period of no use, the battery should be regularly charged to prolong its life.

You can purchase specific toy cleaners which contain antibacterial properties, and renewing powder which maintains the prostate toy’s coating as well.

Svakom Primo Heating Wireless Prostate Massager

Common Questions People Ask

1. How long with my prostate massager last?

If you care for it as recommended by the manufacturer, there is no reason why a prostate massager won’t last to give years of service. The only thing to be wary of is any silicone coating or surface which is made from a similar material. Make sure it shows no signs of deterioration, otherwise bacteria can build up inside of them.

2. Will I get an erection when using a prostate massager?

This differs between men. Some experience an erection immediately, while others don’t get an erection until they finish their massage and then focus on the penile stimulation.

3. What is the best position for prostate massage?

One of the most comfortable positions when using a prostate massager is lying on your side, on a comfortable bed. This can take away any unnecessary pressure with regard to your prostate massager, allowing it to hit the right spot for you.

4. Does using a prostate massager mean I’m gay?

Using a prostate massager has nothing to do with your sexuality. These prostate toys are used and prescribed by doctors for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction problems. These are not necessarily gay men. There are also plenty of other men who want to experience the full-body orgasms prostate massagers can deliver. Feeling good is the goal, especially if it’s not a health issue problem.

5. Will prostate massage feel good?

This depends upon the person, but for many men, it is one of the best feelings they experience. The prostate isn’t called the male G-spot for no reason, and when done correctly and the spot is hit, it can rock your world like no other sexual experience can. This doesn’t mean it’s suitable for everyone, but if you don't try it, you’ll never know!

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