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Couples Toys

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Sex toys for couples come in all shapes and sizes – from penis toys and strap-ons to sex swings and interactive sex toys. If you’re interested in spicing your sex life, you'll find many options for couples on our store.

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It’s Playtime with a Sex Toy for Couples

Solo use sex toys are fun, sex toys for couples are two times the fun. Some toys created for masturbation like dildos can also be added to partnered activities. There are also specialized toy that are designed for use by two people. Not only do such toys intensify sensations, they can help for more powerful orgasms and build incredible intimate experiences.

Sex toys for couples come in all shapes and sizes – from penis toys to strap-ons, vibrators for couples, anal toys, massagers, sex swings, prostate stimulation kits, finger vibes, toys that can be controlled remotely and many others. If you’re interested in spicing your sex life, seek these options for couples at HotCherry.

Sex Toys for Couples Builds Intimacy and Pleasure

It takes trust and excellent communication to bring a sex toy to the bedroom. Buying one together is an intimate activity that will build anticipation and result in a deliciously exciting new experience once the package is delivered. Many couples are turning to sex toys in an attempt to feel something new. Sex has so many facets and some of those simply cannot be enjoyed without a bit of assistance.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a straight or a queer relationship, if you’ve been with your partner for years or you have multiple lovers. A couple of sex toys meant to be used during sex will expand your repertoire significantly and show you just how diverse intimacy is meant to be. By looking at all of the choices, you may feel a bit lost. We get it! The sex toy world has expanded so much and that’s a great thing. For a newbie, however, all of the options could feel somewhat intimidating.

To make a choice you’ll be happy with, think about the things you enjoy the most during sex. Is it clitoral stimulation? Anal penetration? Full-body massages? Exploring different positions? Intense, heavy foreplay? A sex toy is created to enhance each one of those.

It’s a good idea to start with the basics like a clitoral vibrator, a dildo or a set of butt plugs. You’ll get a good feeling of what sex toy use is like and you’ll decide more confidently on the acquisition of more advanced sex toys for couples.

Such advanced options do exist. Some of them can be customized in shape and fit to match your preferences and ensure usability during all kinds of sex. Some vibrate intensely while also guaranteeing some G-spot or prostate massaging action. Some can be controlled remotely via a smartphone to get the party started before the two of you even get together.

All of these choices are worth trying if you want more from sex. Talk to your partner, browse through the choices and see what both of you like the most. After you try your first toy for couples, you can easily move on to growing your collection in a way both of you will be happy with.

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