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How to Choose Anal Dildos for Deep Anal Pleasure

How to Choose Anal Dildos for Deep Anal Pleasure

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The best way to enhance your anal sex play is to add anal dildos that feature a unique design for this exact purpose. No rule prevents you from using a regular dildo for anal play, but anal dildos come with a flared base that increases safety when using these toys. Here we’ll discuss the particular on choosing and using anal dildo, and we’ll also share some invaluable tips for enhancing your anal dildo playtime.

What Is an Anal Dildo?

Anal dildos are usually smooth and may resemble an actual penis. However, it is more often that these are smooth, made from body-safe materials, and are shaped for easier, more comfortable anal use.

The anal dildos for beginners will often be slimmer and come with less girth, so they are more comfortable when inserted. There are other exciting models with additional features, but one common feature of all anal dildos is a rigid structure that is needed for easier insertion and more satisfaction.

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Different Types of Anal Dildos

To a certain extent, butt plugs can be classed as anal dildos. However, these are designed for leaving in place rather than for repeated ‘in and out’ penetration. That is where other types of anal dildos come in, and we can also divide these into male and female anal dildos.

Most anal dildos are made from silicone because the material is nonporous, body-safe, and waterproof. The designs can be smooth and non-realistic, or more realistic, with veins or bumps for extra realism.

Male anal dildos have a curved shaft for prostate stimulation and have a broad base. There are special prostate managers that are designed for much more than this and come in a variety of designs that contain ribs, bumps, and even beaded sections for targeted stimulation.

Some types of anal dildos look like anal beads, but rather than being beads on a string, they are fixed in position and have the same length as a dildo. These are capable of heightening the sensations when pushed in and out and are suited for both male and female anal fun.

How to Choose the Best Anal Dildo for You

Selecting an anal dildo is somewhat different than choosing a regular dildo. We must note that you should not use the vaginal and anal dildo interchangeably, as these vary in design and features. If a man has an anal dildo designed for women, they won’t receive the same stimulation. Secondly, dildos intended for the vagina usually don’t have a flared base which is a big issue concerning safety.

The size and length of the dildo also matter, and you need to select a dildo size that you can safely take. Don’t be overzealous, but always be reasonable with your choices. One way to choose a size you can safely manage is to compare the anal dildo size to your partner’s penis – if they’ve satisfied you during anal sex, then select a size similar to that. To be on the safe side, it is always better to go with a smaller size anal dildo until you gain enough experience and boost your confidence.

Next should be the material and the design; we mentioned a smooth or realistic design, and this relies on personal preference. However, there is no compromise with safety, so the material selection is vital. Anal dildos come in various materials, and each has its pros and cons:

  • Silicone – body-safe and comfortable to use
  • Cyber Skin – body-safe material that provides the most lifelike sensation
  • Metal – body-safe and exquisite, metal anal toys are some of the safest anal toys
  • Glass - rigid and classy, glass anal toys provide a heightened sensation
  • Latex – good choice material, but too soft for anal dildos
  • Jelly rubber – not the safest option for anal toys

One of the final things to consider is if you want to choose an anal dildo with a suction cup. It can deliver more solo fun in very different places and positions. It’s worth considering if you like masturbating with less of a hands-on experience.

Anal Dildo Selection Tips

Please read the following tips and tricks that can help you select an anal dildo that will rock your world. These tips come from our experts, who are constantly working on testing various sex toys and exploring all the possible uses, allowing them in-depth knowledge on using anal dildos for incredible sexual pleasure:

  • Choose a suitable size – the size matters for anal dildos, and we suggest you stick to a smaller size if you have limited experience with anal play;
  • Choose a body-safe material – we suggest you select anal dildos made from silicone, metal, or glass, as these are the safest materials for internal use;
  • Choose a suitable design – always opt for an anal dildo that has a flared base that acts as a stopper. Plus, make sure your anal dildo is compatible with a strap-on harness, as it will allow you versatile use;
  • Choose a model with extra features – when we say additional features, we mean a suction cup base, a vibrating mechanism, or a set of balls.

Anal Dildo Benefits

The benefits of using anal dildos depend on if the recipient is male or female. Female users can experience double penetration when they add an anal dildo to their sexy time, all without having to invite a third person into the bedroom.

Males can use anal dildos for solo exploration, or they can share the fun with their partners and use a suitable strap-on with their anal dildo and enhance sexual pleasure. Males can also utilize the anal dildo for prostate stimulation – prostate milking is a fun way to improve prostate health and functioning.

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Anal Dildo Safety Considerations

While anal dildos can very pleasurable when used appropriately, there are still some safety considerations to know. The first one we must note is that anal sex can be uncomfortable and even downright painful. If you don’t add enough lube or are not relaxed enough, then you are practically forcing the anal dildo into the anus, which can cause harm. Here are the main reasons why anal play can hurt:

  • The anal dildo is used roughly, or you tense your muscles
  • Penetration is too fast
  • There’s not enough lubrication

The anus is packed with sensitive nerve endings, and although it’s this reason people turn to anal sex; it is easy to cause abrasions and micro tears. So, to avoid any possible issue, always use a clean anal dildo, devote enough time to foreplay, use plenty of compatible lube, and go slow and easy. There should be no rushing into things, and as we always note, start low and go slow.

Check out our sex toy store and our varied range of anal toys; we promise you that you’ll feel aroused and ready for some intense, sexy action and will find an anal dildo to satisfy your cravings.


Will my anal dildo make me have an orgasm?

This has a two-part answer. Men who use an anal dildo for prostate massage can experience full-body orgasms. These are entirely different from penis-induced orgasms. That said, when they are experienced close together, it can be overwhelming and leave the man drained of energy: in a good way, of course.

In women, it’s possible to have an orgasm while using an anal dildo. But, these are not necessarily as stimulating as a vibrator-induced one. This means reaching your peak might take a little more time and stimulation.

Can I use an anal dildo during foreplay and intercourse?

Yes, both situations are possible. Nothing is stopping the use of an anal dildo during foreplay, and this can be for both women and men. You can also use your anal dildo during sexual intercourse, and it is only limited by your imagination.

Can I use an anal dildo with a harness?

Depending on the design of your chosen anal dildo, you can use it with a suitable harness to either peg your male partner or penetrate your female partner. Please note that not all anal dildos are harness-compatible, so if this is your thing, look for a model that will fit your desires.

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