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How To Use Sex Machines for Powerful Hands-Free Orgasm

How To Use Sex Machines for Powerful Hands-Free Orgasm

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When discussing sex toys, people usually think about vibrators and small items they can use for extended pleasure. However, those ready for bigger purchases and want to spice up their sex lives with a significant purchase shouldn't overlook the power of sex machines! Also referred to as fucking machines, these are a bigger and can be used in multiple ways. While their primary function usually is to stimulate thrusting, these can come with various attachments that expand their possibilities.

Sex machines can provide an elevated experience in the bedroom and ensure fantastic orgasms from the first try. Some models are even adapted for long-distance use, allowing you to establish intimacy with your partner even when miles apart Our guide goes over all the different types of sex machines you could find, but we also cover how to use sex machines and much more!

What Is a Sex Machine?

A sex machine is a mechanical device that stimulates sexual intercourse, usually featuring a dildo or a silicone vagina attachment. Depending on the size, sex machines can have different trusting powers. Most sex machines feature a mechanized part that stimulates thrusting; however, the more modern types also include a saddle you can ride.

The first sex machine can be consudered the vibrator nvented by Joseph Mortimer Granville; however, it looked nothing like the vibrators we know today. The first vibraotr sex machine was big and powered by electricity, handled by physicians who used it to treat 'hysteria' in women.

Things have changed significantly since then, and now there are different sex machines with multiple features like thrust, rotate, throb, suck, and even pulsate. You can ride them as a saddle, use them to simulate thrusting motions, and more. There's a great variety of sex machines available; you only need to decide which features and attachments you prefer to spice up your sex sessions.

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Why Try Sex Machines?

Now, let’s dive deep into the reasons why sex machines can be beneficial for both men and women. As the ultimate form of sex toys, sex machines give a sense of control over your sexuality, can be used to recreate multiple sex positions, and even allow you to explore different fantasies. Here are a few things that may convince you to try them:

Hands-free Sex

Elevate your masturbation sessions and opt for powerful hands-free orgasms! You can turn on the machine, control it through the remote and enjoy the fucking, while using your hands to stimulate other body parts.

Squirting Orgasms

We all know men's stamina is definitive, but a power-operated sex machine will never have that problem. Some sex machines can deliver up to 100 thrusts in a minute, resulting in powerful G-spot stimulation and inducing a coveted squirting orgasm.

Solo Time

Do you enjoy being trusted hard but don't have anyone to share sexy time with? Sex machines are designed precisely for that purpose - you get all the pleasure, and there's no need for reciprocity!

Help with ED

If you struggle with erectile dysfunction but want to satisfy your partner to the max, all you need is a trusting sex machine to keep them going through the night. You can still be included in the sex and focus on your other erogenous zones while letting the sex machine do all the hard work.

Double Penetration

Those who desire the sweet pleasure of vaginal and anal fullness but don't want a third person in their bedroom can easily meet their needs with a sex machine. The machine allows more control over the thrusting process, and you can switch attachments every time for diverse types of pleasure.

Robot Fetish

If the idea of having sex with a machine or robot is turning you on, this is the perfect sex toy to make those fantasies come true! You can even opt for bigger, more intimidating sex machines to indulge your kink and explore different positions.

Help for People with Disability

There are very few sex toys that allow access for disabled people, and sex machines are part of that group. Whether you feel pain when positioning your hands in certain ways or have some other disability, this sex toy ensures you get satisfying sex and experience pleasure from masturbation.

Types of Sex Machines

You can find multiple types of sex machines on the market, made from materials such as metal, PVC, hard plastic, or silicone, with extra attachments, vibrating and rotating features, etc. We divided the sex machines into several categories to give you a better understanding of their purpose:

Thrusting Sex Machines

As the name suggests, the main purpose of these thrusting sex machines is to stimulate sex. They usually feature a dildo or vibrator at the end of the stick, which can also be attached and switched with another model. The mechanism of the sex toy can also allow different thrusting lengths and speeds which are usually adjustable through a remote controller.

Milking Sex Machines

Suction or milking sex machines are designed to stimulate the feeling of oral sex and extract bodily fluids. They typically use pulsating air to create a vacuum-like sensation on your erogenous zones while featuring different intensity levels and pulsating rhythms to allow you to customize the experience. Depending on the model, you can find suction sex machines with extra features such as heat control, tongue-like sensations, vibrations, etc.

Ride-on Sex Machines

The ride-on sex machines are designed to be ridden, providing intense pleasure through rotating features and adjustable vibrations. The ride-on sex machines provide a full saddle you can easily sit on, usually made from leather or similar high-quality materials. This is also the closest sex toy that reenacts the sensation of riding a real man, as it allows you to control the thrusting while comfortably sitting on top. The attached dildo or vibrator is usually made from silicone, giving it an extra realistic feel.

Remote-controlled Sex Machines

Any sex machine controlled by a separate controller belongs in this category. As an extra advancement, you can find sex machines that can be controlled by Bluetooth or a special app. These are particularly popular among couples with long-distance relationships who want to experience sexual intimacy on a deeper level. The app allows your partner to control the machine from anywhere in the world and stimulate you as if you're physically together.

Kink/BDSM Sex Machines

If you're up for some kinky sex, opt for special BDSM sex machines. While they may sound somewhat scary, these specialized sex toys are often very practical for couples who enjoy switching power dynamics in the relationship and desire extra sensations during sex. BDSM sex machines often feature restraints and bondage elements or contain extra attachments like floggers, nipple clamps, spanking paddles, etc.

Handheld Dildo Drills

Those who don't want to give up their masturbation buddy when traveling or prefer bigger control during sex can opt for handheld sex machines. Typically smaller in size, these sex toys can be easily transported, and best of all, they can feature just as many vibrating patterns and thrusting power as the larger models. Another perk is their quiet setting, allowing you to use the sex machine even in hotel rooms with thin walls and not disturbing the neighbors.

How to Use Sex Machines: Step-By-Step Guide

Using a sex machine doesn't have to be any more complicated than using your favorite vibrator. However, you can take a few steps to ensure the experience is as pleasurable as possible; we'll discuss them below!

Step 1: Set The Mood

Just as regular sex becomes more enjoyable with foreplay, you need to get in a sexy mood before turning on the sex machine. Putting on some music and dimming the lights is always a great choice. You can also take things further and start touching yourself before thinking about penetration; whether playing with your breasts, exploring your body with ice cubes for little temperature play, or stimulating the clit, a little foreplay goes a long way. If you're playing around with a partner, it is even better since you can enjoy light kissing and touching before letting the sex machine fulfill its purpose.

Step 2: Position the sex machine

Once you feel ready for thrusting, you need to set the sex machine in the right position. You may need to switch it on and off a couple of times to ensure you are comfortable with the position; nonetheless, these sex machines are easily adjustable, so you can explore multiple sex poses one after the other. Another thing to note is the power of the sex machine; make sure it is fully charged and ready for action before you start using it, like the Pistol Pounder Thrusting Vibrator that is battery-powered and needs a full charge to work

Step 3: Don't Skip The Lube

While you might be wet from all the foreplay, this is no reason not to use a lubricant when engaging with your sex machine. The lube will make the thrusting more slippery and comfortable, especially if you aren't used to using sex toys or if you've chosen a dildo attachment that is bigger than your average penis. Apply the lube both on yourself and the sex toy to ensure there won't be any unnecessary injuries, incidents, or discomfort involved. We recommend you use a quality water-based lube that works with all materials.

Step 4: Start With The Slowest Thrusting Setting

While most sex machines are extremely powerful, that doesn't mean you should go straight for the fastest or deepest setting. Allow your body some time to get adjusted to the material and the position by starting from the slowest possible setting and building up the rhythm. The same goes for the penetration depth and intensity of the vibrations; less is more at the beginning. You can start with a thrusting dildo, like the Evolved Love Thrust Vibe, as it has more beginner-friendly features.

Step 5: Enjoy The Process & Continue Exploring

When everything is set into place, and you've gotten used to the sensation of the sex machine, you can take things further and explore different sex positions or add other sex toys to the mix. Restraints and nipple clamps are not reserved only for the BDSM community, but if you prefer to include toys that offer internal pleasure, you can play around with anal plugs or beads.

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Ways to Use Sex Machines

Although they have a somewhat static form, modern sex machines can easily be transformed and positioned to satisfy you in multiple sex poses, whether you're practicing them alone or with a partner. You can easily include them in your masturbation sessions or use them to explore BDSM fantasies and kinky couple sex. Below, you'll find a few ideas on how to organically incorporate sex machines into your erotic plays.

Take Masturbation to the Next Level

While vibrators and dildos are amazing, there's something to be said about the autonomous, hands-free thrusting sex machines that can make your every orgasm an explosion of pleasure. The sex machine doesn't tire out, and you can enjoy multiple thrusting speeds and depths and vibrational patterns that you cannot recreate by using your own hands. Many women find sex machines great for continuous G-spot stimulation and even achieving squirting orgasms. You can try Athenas Ultimate Sex Machine, and fulfill your DP fantasies while playing solo!

Couple's Play

Most people think that sex machines are meant to be used solo; however, that couldn't be further from the truth. Couples can easily incorporate this sex toy into their bedroom and use it to explore different sex positions, power plays, or mask the fact of sexual shortcomings. For example, sex machines are often used by couples when one partner suffers from erectile dysfunction to ensure the other person is fully satisfied sexually.

Often, couples who want to explore double penetration choose this sex toy instead of inviting another person into the bedroom. For example, you can use the sex machine to penetrate yourself vaginally while your partner thrusts your anus for the ultimate feeling of fullness. Another interesting position is giving your partner a blow job while riding or simply standing above the thrusting sex-machine. In any case, as long as you mind personal safety and use a lot of lube, you both can enjoy the sex toy and use it to explore your sexuality.


Kinky sex is the new trend among modern couples, and engaging in BDSM fantasies nowadays is more common than ever. Some sex machines are particularly designed for BDSM fun; however, you can have the same amount of fun even with a regular thrusting sex machine. For example, you can allow your partner to control your orgasm and explore your body with restraints or other sex toys while you assume the submissive role. You can also stimulate a blow job on the machine for your partner's pleasure or restrain them and make them watch how you ride a dildo and deny them the same pleasure.

Long-Distance Sex

Last but not least, using sex machines as a couple can help you shorten the distance between and enjoy pleasurable sex without being physically present. Many modern sex machines are app-controlled, allowing your partner to customize your experience in the bedroom from miles away. Many couples have reported that using these sex toys while not together has helped them maintain their intimacy and have fun even while separated. You can even try the Fetish Fantasy International Couple's Sex Machine for improved partenred play!

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Safety Tips for Using Sex Machines

Don't Position the Sex Machine Too Close to Your Genitalia

There's nothing worse than turning on a high-powered sex machine and having it thrust hard into your genitals, causing injuries or unnecessary raches. To make sure your vagina or penis is safe, always ensure the thrusting is set to the lowest speed and intensity and the tip of the dildo or the stroker is barely touching your genitalia, and then slowly ease into the movement to prevent injury

Turn off Electrical Devices When Using the Sex Machine

Most sex machines still need to be plugged in during usage to ensure maximum power and intensity while entering you. However, because they use so much power, they can easily overload the circuit, especially if other appliances are running at the same time. You should be mindful and ensure the electric circuit you use for the sex machine can handle its power consumption.

Use Only Compatible Attachments & Don't Share Them With Others

While there are ways to fashion sex machine attachments at home, the safest way is to purchase the attachments from a certified manufacturer, like the Vac-U-Lock Fucking Machine Adapter compatible with all Vac-U-Lock attach. This will ensure they are compatible with your sex machines, thus reducing the risk of malfunctions or injuries while using them. Another important thing is to not share the attachments, such as the stroker or the vibrator since this can easily lead to infections.

Maintenance & Care

As with any sex toy, it is recommended that you clean your sex machine before and after every use to be extra cautious. The insertable part needs the most attention, as it has direct contact with your body If it's made out of porous materials, such as Cyberskin, rubber, or plastic, it will be harder to clean, and over time, this part will deteriorate more easily. To make your sex toy last longer, it's best to use a condom in this situation.

If the insertable part is made from non-porous materials, such as silicone or metal, then you need to remove it from the machine and clean it with soap and water, or a toy cleaning solution. Be careful if the dildo contains any vibrating mechanism, and consult the manufacturer's guide to ensure it is waterproof before washing it with water.

The rest of the sex machine can be spot-cleaned as necessary; take a damp cloth towel and disinfect every surface that may contain bodily fluids to ensure everything is spic & span. Depending on the materials, the sex machine may need more time to dry. Only when every part of the sex toy is completely air-dried can you safely store it in a dark and dry place.

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Final Thoughts

While many people still find the sex machine somewhat intimidating, there's no doubt that this sex toy can be incredibly beneficial for solo play and couples' sex lives. The variety of features, materials, and power sources that this sex toy includes allows you to explore different types of pleasure and even opt for the ultimate hands-free masturbation sessions.

Sex machines can feature vibrating and non-vibrating parts, multiple thrusting settings, and can be positioned in multiple ways, allowing you to enjoy penetration on your back, and stomach, in doggy style or even control the depth of penetration while cowgirling the machine. Overall, the benefits of incorporating sex machines into your sex lives are plenty; you just need to decide how big the trusting part needs to be and enjoy the ride!

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