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How To Store Sex Toys: Tips, Storage Options and Everything in Between

How To Store Sex Toys: Tips, Storage Options and Everything in Between

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Sex toy storage is a serious matter that is commonly overlooked. Once your sex toys show signs of damage and smell, they must be thrown away; if not, you risk an infection or a severe injury for a moment of pleasure. As a result, your sex toy has a shorter life span. Additionally, without proper care, the materials of the sex toy may deteriorate, thus making them unsafe.

Whether we're talking requisites for outer-body use or sex toys, you insert them into your orifices and touch your genitalia, ensuring they're adequately cleaned will protect your health and save you from many worries in the long run.Learning to care for your sex toys properly might sound complicated, but our guide simplifies the process. Keep reading to find out the different storage options for sex toys from different materials and how much storage space you might need.

How to store your sex toys

Proper storing ensures your sex toy will stay in the same condition while you're not using it. Of course, you shouldn't store a toy before you properly clean it.

How you store your sex toys largely depends on the materials they're made of. However, you should factor in their size and the degree to which you use them. The place you use for storage also plays a significant role, given that most sex toys shouldn't be exposed to direct sunlight or kept in a room with much humidity. However, remember that some toys are more flexible to store than others, and you should always store each separately.

Storage bags

Sex toy storage bags are the most convenient choice. They're efficient for oddly-shaped toys, such as rabbit vibrators, and can be easily packed when you travel.

When you purchase your toy, you can check if the manufacturer has included a storage bag in the packing. If not, many sex toy brands specially designed sex toy storage bags.

These feature special linings on the inside that ensure the environment is improper for developing bacteria or yeast.

Any cotton or polyester drawstring bag would work for those who prefer the DIY approach or want a cheaper option. These bags don't produce lint, and their materials are breathable enough to create an optimal environment for sex toys made from any material.

Keep in mind that plastic bags are not an option. They can release smell, and if your toy is made from porous materials or silicone, the plastic environment may cause it to smell or deteriorate over time.

Storage boxes

If you have a more extensive collection of sex toys, investing in storage boxes is a great option. You can keep all your toys in one place and ensure they're always within your hand's reach.

You can choose any regular box as long as you make sure that your sex toys and adequately sealed in bags before you place them inside. Since toys shouldn't be exposed in your drawer or under your pillow because of the threat of bacteria and viruses, they shouldn't be touching each other. This promotes good sex toy hygiene and longevity.

It's wise to store your sex toys in the same box as other sex-related things such as condoms, lubes, batteries, sex-toy-chargers, etc.; purchasing a bigger case ahead of time would be wise.

If you feel like spending a few bucks, purchase specially designed storage boxes for your bedroom playmates. These feature special compartments for toys of different shapes and sizes that can be removed or adjusted, USB ports for charging toys before you use them, and antimicrobial lining on the inside. For bigger safety, you can choose boxes with added locks and ensure no one takes a peek into your pleasure compartment.

Once you ensure the separate bags and the storage box are perfectly sealed, you can place them wherever you want.

UV light sanitizers

If you want storage boxes that can also sanitize your sex toys, UV light sanitizers are a perfect choice. These boxes come in different shapes and sizes. They all utilize UV lights to eradicate up to 99% of the germs from your sex toys and ensure they're stored correctly in the long run.

Since they have a dual function, they are more expensive than your run-of-the-mill cotton storing bags. However, their practical and tasteful design makes them easy to hide in plain sight, allowing you to keep your toys beneath your bed or on the nightstand without anyone noticing what it contains.

Additionally, these UV light sanitizers are great for traveling. Depending on the size, they can store three to five toys and are USB charged.

Keep in mind that sanitizing your toys isn't the same as cleaning. The UV light sanitizers can't remove excess dirt and fluids from your sex toy, so before storing it in the box, you should properly clean it.

How much storage do you need?

How much space for storage you need depends on how many sex toys you have and their sizes. If you have only a few sex toys, you probably don't need a storage box. Instead, you can purchase a few storage bags. If you own multiple vibrators, harnesses, or other sex-related requisites, buying a bigger container is the better option.

Moreover, your collection could grow over months or years, so it's best to plan even if you don't need that much space. You can measure the capacity you'll need based on your current collection, add the space for any extra lube, chargers, and accessories you might want to keep together and add a little extra room for future purchases. The result you'll get will answer your question.

Apart from storing boxes and bags, the storage you need for sex toys also pertains to the part of your living space. For example, many people place their storage boxes under the bed; however, according to sex toy experts, this isn't recommended. A lot of dust and other bacteria settle on the floor, and even if your sex toys are adequately sealed, you shouldn't risk it.

Storing them on closet shelves or keeping them in decorative boxes open is much more practical and hygienic.

Things to keep in mind when you store your sex toys

While the options for storing are plenty, the essential step to keeping your sex toys body-safe is ensuring they're in optimal condition before you pack them away. Follow our guide and utilize our tips below for perfect sex toy storage.

Clean and dry your sex toys

Before storing your sex toys, proper cleaning is a must. While some people prefer to clean their toys only after use, no matter how adequately they're stored, we recommend doing it twice - before and after they touch any intimate part of your body.

Properly cleaning your toys largely depends on the materials they're made of. For example, dildos made from metal or silicone are much easier to clean, and you can use multiple products to ease the whole process. You can apply special cleaning sprays and chemical solutions to sterilize excess waste. You can fully dunk them in warm water, rinse them with cloths or special brushes, use cleaning solutions, boil them or even put them in the dishwasher.

On the other hand, dildos and butt plugs made from porous materials, such as TPE and PVC, are easy to clean but more limited in terms of cleaning options. Most of the time, you'll only be advised to use warm water, antibacterial soap, and a damp cloth. Putting them in hot water or the dishwasher may instantly damage the toy's materials and make it unsafe for subsequent use.

Additionally, the mechanization of sex toys plays a significant role in keeping them sterilized. Even if a toy is made from non-porous material such as silicone, if it has a vibrating mechanism, it cannot be freely dipped into the water if it's not marked as water-safe.

To ensure the toy stays clean in the bag or box you store it in, you must ensure it is completely dried; since, apart from cleaning, drying plays just as big of a role in the longevity and storage of your sex toy. Air drying is the best option, although, for some toys, such as metal butt plugs, you can also use a hair dryer.

If you mistakenly store your sex toy in a bag before it is adequately dried, you risk the development of mold, yeast, and other bacteria while the toy is sealed. This will damage the toy's appearance and functionality, making it unusable after some time.

Use satin bags

Cotton bags are most commonly used for storing sex toys since they can be found in almost every store on the market. However, the safest option that will keep your sex toy hygienic while in storage is satin bags. The material is breathable enough to ensure the sex toy doesn't develop any smells but is enclosed enough to keep dust and germs away from its insides.

Satin bags are usually provided by sex toy manufacturers and come with the original packaging. However, they can also be bought separately at almost any brick-and-mortar and online sex shop. They come in different sizes and colors, making them great for storing all sex toys, even in plain sight.

Silk bags are a great alternative to sating bags, but they're much harder to find and rarely produced by sex-toy manufacturers. Moreover, they're a bit pricey but still have the same functionalities as the satin ones.

Store sex toys separately based on material

As we said, the materials of the sex toy influence the cleaning process and storage. While satin bags are generally good storage tips, you may need to apply additional products and assess the hygiene of the toys differently if they're made from porous materials.

For example, TPE dildos are susceptible to heat. Even keeping them in direct sunlight can cause deterioration of the materials. Instead, they should be sealed in a proper bag and placed in a dark and cold place.

Jelly, rubber, and latex sex toys are more flexible when it comes to where you store them, but their materials can easily reach one another if they're held together. Additionally, sex toys shouldn't be close to any silicone toys. Instead, you need to store each in a separate bag and prevent the toys from ever touching.

Speaking of silicone, sex toys made from this material are the most durable and easiest to clean. This makes them easy to store, as long as they're not put together with toys from porous materials. It is claimed that silicone sex toys can be placed together and won't deteriorate if they're touching; however, we do not recommend it. For safety purposes, primarily hygiene, it's best to store them separately, just as sex toys from porous materials.

As opposed to silicone, ABS sex toys are not heat resistant. This means you can leave the former out in the open but should place the latter in a cold and dark room with sex toys from porous materials.

Last but not least are Pyrex glass dildos. They're easy to clean and can be stored in almost every environment, but they're much more prone to damage, such as cracking or chipping. To ensure your glass sex toy wouldn't be damaged while rolling away in a storage box, invest in cushioned pouches. Even if it falls off your shelf, chances are it won't break.

Remove the batteries

Most manufacturers and sex toy companies will advise you to remove the batteries while not using their sex toys. While the apparent reason is to save the batteries' life and avoid changing them too often, it also prevents damage to the sex toy.

Batteries melt and break down over time. If they're left in the battery compartment of your vibrating sex toy, they can easily compromise the whole mechanization. Moreover, depending on how long they've been disintegrating, the sex toy could be fully damaged and unsafe to use, even as a dildo.

Instead, make it a habit to add and remove batteries from your mechanized sex toy with every use.

Storing charging cables

Very often, mechanized sex toys come with charging cables instead of regular battery compartments. While most sex toys utilize USB ports and can be easily charged with a single charger, others make stuff more challenging and require unique parts for each functionality.

Charging cables don't need special storage; you can place them in the same storage box alongside other sex toys and gadgets. This ensures they're at arm's length whenever you want to recharge your toy. At least, nothing's worse than craving an orgasm with your favorite vibrator and not having the charger to give it enough power to please you.

Final thoughts

Purchasing sex toys is a lot of fun, whether for solo or couple play, but making them last over a more extended period and ensuring countless orgasms is the primary goal.

You wouldn't want to discover your perfect dildo to discover you'll have to give it up because of the quick deterioration of the materials. And this is where storing sex toys comes into play.

The storing and cleaning processes are handy, as one without the other is entirely ineffective. Depending on their materials, your sex toys may be sensitive to light, heat, coldness, or humidity, ultimately defining how they're disinfected and stored.

In terms of cleaning, there are a few options, although the easiest way is to wash off the toys with unscented antibacterial soap and leave them out in the open until fully dry. The air drying can take up to a couple of hours, but you must thoroughly dry the sex toy unless you want to risk bacteria, infections, viruses, mold, or other fungal developing while the sex toy is stored.

Storage bags are the most convenient and versatile option, as they can be found in different sizes in almost every store. Cotton is the most common choice in the sex toy community because of its durability and price. However, satin or even silk bags are even better options

Storing boxes are great for categorizing all things related to sex, however even in them, sex toys shouldn't be touching one another and must be sealed in their proper bags,

Both the cleaning and storing processes are relatively simple, and even if you have an extensive sex toy collection, it won't take you that long to prepare your toys for subsequent use. After all, keeping the toys in their initial state and body safe is the biggest priority. Use our tips and tricks to store sex toys and ensure they'll keep pleasuring you for a long time.

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