Anni Magnetic Princess Anal Plug

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Size: 25 Mm
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Product Overview

  • Made in Paris by Diogol, renowned for quality and premium materials/workmanship
  • Petite-sized plug has two colors of Swarovski crystals which can be interchanged via the magnetic base
  • Lets users mix and match colored stones to match outfits, lingerie or mood/setting
  • Surgical quality, solid stainless steel is body safe, hypoallergenic and easiest to clean/maintain
  • Ideal for wear during oral or intercourse, and heightens arousal and boosts self-confidence/playfulness when worn under daily outfit!

Product Description

A luxurious and stunning accessory that gives you a silent thrill as well as looking great, with a choice of interchangeable Swarovski crystals, the princess anal plug can be worn for pleasure, a special occasion, or just because you’re beautiful! Digiol is a famous Paris manufacturer of luxury accessories, with this being no exception to their high quality and visually-appealing, body safe, stainless and jeweled accessories range.

Petite, but with presence, the princess anal plug adds a visual accent to your personal and private dress, as well as adding to private shows, arousal and excitement in the bedroom and beyond, as the dainty plug offers extreme anal and internal stimulation during oral and intercourse, that punches well above its weight for the size.

Beautifully presented, the brushed stainless finish features two diamond-cut Swarovski crystal (base) jewels that are magnetized and held securely and stunningly to the base, letting you have two choices of stone for the price of one!

Ideal for any gender and skill level, this is the perfect introduction to plugs and erotic accessories, without stretching the budget or imagination too far, while still also delivering maximum effect and sensual pleasure. The thrill of wearing the princess anal plug all day under clothing, or when out on the town or at the gym, even swimming, is quite a thrill. It can boost confidence; playfulness and help individuals get in touch with their sexual self in a positive and gorgeously-stunning way…

Product Details


Total Length: 0.98 inches or 1.18 inches
Insertable Length: 0.8 inches or 1 inch
Width: 0.75 inches
Weights: 3.84 oz.


Flexibility: Fixed
Material: Stainless steel, Swarovski crystals
Color: Clear, red, silver
Texture: Smooth, diamond cut crystals
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual plug, magnetic base
Shape: Bulb, diamond cut jewels
Power Type: Manual, magnetic base
Features: Interchangeable stones on base, made in Paris, brushed, solid stainless steel, gorgeous
Powerful: Visually appealing

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