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Everything You Need to Know About Jewel Butt Plugs

Ultimate Guide to Jewel Butt Plugs

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For all anal enthusiasts, jeweled butt plugs are the ultimate kink. When you feel the tightness of the anus clamping around the neck of a butt plug, it can be a dream come true, sensually so. This is the same for both males and females, and with men they deliver some unique sensations as they push against the prostate. And in women, it’s the pelvic floor muscles which receive very similar pressure.

The use of a butt plug can be highly fulfilling when the challenges are overcome, but once users have tried all the usual suspects of regular butt plugs, tail butt plugs and vibrating wands, they may think their journey is over, but there is more…

It is said that butt plugs are the ultimate anal toy, but not everyone wants to take things to the extreme, although, they do still want to feel the tightness of the anus around something stimulating.

Princess plugs are ideal for this scenario and can be used both males and females with no gender bias. These are known as little ‘sisters’ to jewel butt plugs and can be a great introduction to anal play, or they can be worn for extended periods for some naughty sensations.

Frisky Pleasure 3pc Sexy Butt Plug Set


These sparkling beauties deliver where it is needed, and with the encrusted base, the jewels glitter at all the right times.

Discretion is the number one focus, and users can comfortably wear these crowned princess plugs at work or at play, with no discomfort and with pleasure as the ultimate goal. They are great to be used for temperature play or used with a partner, especially if you want to put a twinkle in their eye. Pardon the pun.

Jeweled plugs can deliver just enough fullness to make the user feel great, speaking.

Different Types

Jewel butt plugs are a fantastic fashion statement, and many users often decide to have more than one, and this is generally because of the colors and designs of the stones that are securely fixed in the base.

Frisky Chrome Hearts Princess Anal Plug


It doesn’t matter if you feel like a ‘bitch on heat’ or an ‘angelic princess,’ actually, there are jewels of all colors to show what you are feeling inside. It doesn’t matter if you are planning on being demanding, or if you want to submit yourself to your partner, there are princess plugs that match everyone’s personality.

Here are some of the common types of princess plugs:

Vibrating plugs – Not every princess plug is tiny, and you can get models which are for the user who needs added stimulation. With the addition of a bullet these plugs can really hit the right spots.

Birthstone plugs – These are for of birth lovers. While they still any other princess plug, you can get one with the color of your birthstone. This can really set you apart, and it can be a reminder to a partner not to forget your birthday too.

Beaded plugs – These little rippled beauties have ribbed stems that keep the sleek and smooth lines intact, but add in some curves to increase anal stimulation for that naughty little princess. 

Silicone plugs – Soft to the touch, but able to deliver when needed. These little silicone butt plugs are fantastic for solo DP (deep penetration) simulation, or you can wear one around the home for the afternoon.

Round based – These are the traditionally styled princess plugs. The base is round, and what it lacks in size it makes up for in sparkles.

Heart shaped plugs – These are for the romantic type who want to show a little of their naughty side. Let a partner feast their eyes on the small heart that is covered in glittering stones, and there is no way they will be able to keep their hands off you. We can definitely enjoy while still being fashionable!

Princess plugs can make a great gift. They are a little smaller, so there are no worries that they will be too large for beginners. With a small princess plug firmly positioned, every adult can enjoy great anal pleasure.

BootySparks Pink Heart Gem Anal Plug Set


How to Choose The Best Princess Anal Plug for You

These little gems come with all the same features that larger models come with, but packaged up in a smaller size. They are like miniature versions of their bigger brothers and sisters, but they still manage to deliver a knockout punch when it comes to stimulation.

Choosing a princess plug is like selecting any other butt plug, but you now have to decide on the aesthetics, and how they will look when you are wearing them. Not everyone will see that you have a glittering diamond or between your legs, and that’s half the fun of wearing a princess butt plug throughout the day.

Most butt plugs are made from either silicone or steel for safety, and for the feel when they’re inserted. So when checking for the ideal plug, be sure to check customer reviews to make sure the manufacturer has used high quality materials. This can be more important when you choose a gold-colored butt plug, and these won’t be real only gold in color, and so cheaper products might begin to fade after some anal play.

Obviously, there will be the settings of the stones, so you have either round bases or heart-shaped bases to choose from. This can make a difference too, because there could be a tendency to rub the buttocks when used for extended periods.

Rianne S Booty Plug Set of 3


Once you’re past all the glitz and glamour, it’ll be down to the more common decision factors, and first up is Although these princess anal plugs might be smaller, they can still come in sizes that might be too large for you.

Standard sizes are as follows:

  • Small anal plugs are usually 2-3 inches with a thin neck
  • Medium plugs are usually 4-5 inches with a medium-sized neck
  • Large plugs can be 6 inches or above, and have a thicker, girthed neck

While there are longer anal plugs available, for beginners (or for wearing over extended periods) it is recommended to stick to the shorter models.

For the same reasons, you’ll need to consider how you will be using your princess butt plug. If it’s a warmup for sexual anal play, then a thicker girth of the neck is advisable, while thinner necks are more comfortable when worn for extended periods, and just for sheer pleasure.


Although these small princess plugs come with a jeweled base, there is no reason why men can’t take a liking to something that sparkles. They are gender neutral and can be used by either sex, actually.

Princess butt plugs can be a great way of stimulating the prostate too. With the thicker-girthed models, these can deliver continual pleasure, and also a little prostate therapy. This makes it much more natural than using anal dildos, and there is also the fact that they can be worn while walking around to deliver this awesome stimulation.

The A-spot in women can be stimulated in the same fashion, and again, there is no requirement for staying in the bedroom to receive this That’s the naughty bonus really!

Dorcel Geisha Jewel Butt Plug


The benefits really come to women during sex, or when they are having some solo fun. Once they slide this in, they can pleasure their vagina with a dildo or vibrator and simulate double penetration as they wish. The thin walls of the vagina can be all that separates the two sex toys, and with pressure from both sides, she can push herself to a beautiful climax, or four!

Larger princess butt plugs can be used to prepare the anus for more anal fun, or they can introduce individuals to anal play if they find it hard to come to terms with the thrusting action.

Some Safety Considerations

Princess butt plugs are all glamour, but this doesn’t detract away from the precautions which need considering when using them. They might appear to be higher quality, and at the very least; more expensive, but they will still be made by the same manufacturers in many cases.

Icicles No. 79 Glass Diamond Butt Plug - Pink


One main concern about safety is: that these small butt plugs very often come with a base that’s the same size as the fattest part of the plug. This is a big no-no because they can quickly be sucked into the anus. Make sure the base is the widest part of the princess plug, or that there is some means of stopping it from vanishing.

Some manufacturers may use glass, and in large butt plugs this can be safe, but with the smaller sizes, something has to give, and on a butt plug it would be the neck. This thinner portion will be the weak spot, and any excessive force could break it. You are best advised to stick with steel or silicone princess plugs, unless you trust your seller wholeheartedly.

Some of the vibrating princess plugs have up to 5 or more settings. Because of the size, these vibrations will be of the anus. On occasion, users might feel a numbing sensation or feel nothing at all. If you experience this, you should move the butt plug around and lower the speed of the motor. Take a break after a time, too.

One last thing that is worthy of taking note of that princess plugs will be sitting between the buttocks, and may do so for a few hours. After a while, any lube will dry up, so you do need to make sure you apply during this time. Water based lubes dry up quicker, and in some cases, they dry up and make removing the princess plug quite tricky.

Cleaning & Storage Tips

Warm water and antibacterial soap are a must when cleaning princess butt plugs. But, at the very least, they might need wiping down after use and before they are washed and sterilized correctly.

Stainless steel and silicone butt plugs are super easy to clean and care for, and this is one reason these materials are the main choices for manufacturers and users alike. Additionally, they are also more durable than other types, so they will deliver years of anal pleasure if taken care of well.

Luxe Bling Plugs Training Kit With Gemstone


Once you have washed and cleaned them under warm water, you can give them a spin in the dishwasher, but be careful they don’t fall from the top shelf. Or, alternatively, you can place them in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes. In either case, be sure to check the manufacturer's guidelines in case there are some special precautions to take with the jeweled part of your butt plug.

Once they’re clean and dry, place them in a sealed protective bag and store away from other sex toys in a cool and dark place.

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