Anni R Cat's Eye Princess Anal Plug

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Color: Purple
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Product Overview

  • Modest sizing, gentle taper and slender neck/flared base, makes it the perfect-sized plug for first time users
  • Metallic red is further accented by the stunning Swarovski effect crystal, with eye and diamond cut design
  • Lightweight, waterproof and fully water resistant
  • Hypoallergenic, smooth and gentle to wear, perfect for long term insertion
  • Enjoy on your own, or share the visual and aesthetic appeal, heightening your own arousal and climax during oral or intercourse fun!
  • Compliments your favorite outfit, costume or occasion…
  • A romantic touch, or surprise for your partner to give a ‘green light’ signal for anal fun

Product Description

This princess anal plug with stunning cat’s eye Swarovski crystal base is a beautiful, handcrafted example of excellence and style from Diogol, Parisian makers of only the highest quality accessories. The petite dimensions lend themselves to special occasions or everyday wear, suiting first time wearer’s with ease, and highlighting the natural beauty of any ‘behind.’ For any gender, any day or every day, it’s always a pleasure with Swarowski!

Seamless and durable construction gives an ultra-smooth, tapered and sleek finish, making insertion, wear and extraction a pleasing experience. The highlight of the piece is in the clear and elegant sparkling Swarovski crystal that’s set in the base, with a deep and mesmerizing eye design that can give a cheeky wink to yourself, partner or audience as you flash your tooshie with this gem securely and pleasantly in place…

The metallic finish gives a luxuriant depth and romantic theme, with this compact plug featuring a fully waterproof and hypoallergenic design and materials, it can be worn short or long term, on show, or even under clothing. And even during your most active days, like going to the gym, jogging or even swimming, if that’s a thing you’d like to entertain. It’s in those quiet, personal moments when the treasure truly shines, accenting personal and shared arousal, with oral, solo and penetrating pleasure that’s intensified with the plug inserted, taking your orgasms to new and memorable heights! Let’s go!

Product Details


Size: 0.98 inches
Weights: 3.04 oz.


Flexibility: Fixed
Material: Polished /colored silver plated aluminum, Swarovski crystal (cat’s eye design)
Color: Purple, clear, blue, red, silver
Texture: Smooth, diamond cut crystal gemstone
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual plug
Shape: Bulb, diamond cut crystals
Power Type: Manual
Features: Premium quality, made in Paris, Swarovski crystal accents, stunning color and design
Powerful: Visually appealing

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