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How to Use Anal Beads for Better Anal Play

How to Use Anal Beads for Better Anal Play

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It's human nature to experiment and seek pleasure, and what better way to explore your sexual desires than with sex toys? While vaginal play has been essentially hacked and out of the stigma, the same cannot be said about anal play. Many anal sex toys get overlooked for fear of pain, discomfort, or the unknown. And while we understand that starting off with anal dildos or butt plugs might seem intimidating, there's one toy you shouldn't skip - the glorious anal beads.

It's known that anal beads can increase sexual pleasure and intensify your orgasms. They're practical sex toys that don't need to stay inside to fulfill their purpose. You can use anal beads alone, with a partner, during foreplay, or while you're orgasming. In addition, you can explore anal sex play with them while using other sex toys such as realistic dildos and vibrators, or cock rings. Anal beads are very diverse in size, material, and added mechanisms. You can even opt for vibrating anal beads or ones with suction cups to make your solo play sessions much more pleasurable and entertaining.

If you're intrigued about how this sex toy can make anal play better, or you're ready to butt sex, keep reading our guide.

How do They Work?

Anal beads are an easy sex toy to understand - what you see is what you get. The toy usually consists of multiple balls attached to a string that gets inserted into the anus. There's usually a flare at one end of the string or a loop that you can use to pull them out and ensure they won't stay stuck in your body.

Like any other sex toy, anal beads come with many variations. For starters, you can choose anal beads with bulbs in the same size or opt for beads that increase in size towards the cord. Regarding materials, it's best to choose non-porous anal beads made from glass or stainless steel, as they are less likely to retain bacteria and are easier to maintain.

Now, you might be wondering, how will a string with bulbs influence my sexual pleasure? As the name suggests, anal beads are meant to be inserted into the anus, and that's their only purpose. Our anus has thousands of nerve endings and is extremely sensitive to any sensation; thus, inserting the anal beads is just the start of the pleasurable play. As each bulb is pushed inside, each nerve of the anus gets stimulated and creates waves of pleasure. The anal beads massage the sphincter muscle and produce a series of pleasurable stimulations that can initiate your orgasm. The biggest release of pleasure happens when you pull the cord and move the anal beads out of your body.

Experimenting with different speeds of moving the beads in and out is the best choice for stimulating anal play. The size of the bulbs and the extent to which you insert the bulbs into your rectum will also define your experience. The best thing about this sex toy is that you can use it in almost every sex position, with or without a partner. In fact, for beginners, it's best to incorporate it into your masturbating routine and try to bring your anal game to the next level.

Although they all have a similar construction, there are several types of anal beads to consider. Smooth beads are the most common and most suitable for beginners. Instead of a cord, the beads are smaller and connected by a strip. The strip keeps the bulbs in a fixed position and allows less movement while they're inside. Additionally, these anal beads are easier to clean. As your experience increases, you can try larger beads. These usually come in one size and provide a stronger simulation, especially when pulled out of the anus.

As the name suggests, corded anal beads are connected by a cord. They're more flexible inside and can quickly shift positions as you move and massage the muscles. If you want to intensify the internal pressure, you can also try rigid beads. They are usually made from softer materials, are smaller in size, and resemble ribbed dildos. Finally come the vibrating anal beads. These are particularly interesting to combine with other toys, as the added vibrating mechanism of the beads makes them extremely pleasurable while inside and when removed. The internal massage from anal beads can easily combine with vaginal penetration for explosive orgasms. Some anal beads also feature suction cups, like dildos. This means you can stick the cup to the floor, the wall, or any hard surface and pleasure yourself while dictating the pace at which each bulb pops in and out of your anus. This will leave your hands free for other sex toys or finger stimulation, making these anal beads practical for masturbation.

What Do They Feel Like?

Many people make the mistake of comparing anal beads to butt plugs, which is a mistake. These are two different sex toys, and while their design allows you to keep them inside your anus for a prolonged time, their purpose is very different.

As opposed to the fullness and consistent pressure that butt plugs provide, anal beads are designed to be moved in and out of the body. Silicone anal beads are more flexible, and their design allows you to gently massage the rectum as you move them inside and out. Instead of putting intense pressure on the rectum walls, they push and release smaller pressure on your sphincter and insides, providing a variety of stimulations.

People with penises can enjoy the sphincter muscle massage and stimulate the P-spot, even reaching prostate orgasms. Those with vaginas, on the other hand, will experience intense stimulations between their vaginal and anal canals. This allows vagina owners to experience the sensations of double penetration without the discomfort of stretching their anus too much and experiencing actual penetration. The anal beads are small enough to ensure the insertion pain is minimal to none when using a good lube, but the reward is explosive orgasms.

Vibrating anal beads are also an option if you're feeling extra adventurous. The electrical mechanism allows the vibrations to intensify your anal massage and relax your insides.

Our Top Picks for Anal Beads


Tips For Using Anal Beads for The First Time

If you are new to anal play, anal beads are a great way to start. Playing with anal beads is relatively straightforward. However, you can use a few of our tips and tricks to get the best experience possible and ensure pleasure awaits at the end.

Quality Over Price

Many manufacturers provide cheaper options for anal beads, usually made from PVC. However, since this toy goes inside your body, you need to make sure it's body-safe and it will sustain the pressure of the rectum while moving inside and out. Thus, it's better to focus on quality and choose pricier but safer options.

Opt for Starter Kits

Choosing suitable anal beads can be a challenging task that requires a lot of research and experimentation. The diversity of sizes and materials alone is enough to get you confused. An excellent alternative for beginners is simply sticking to starter kits and buying a few diverse toys. There are kits specially designed for beginners, which usually feature silicone anal beads varying in sizes and designs. These will allow you to adapt more quickly to different sensations and easily find what works best.

Get In the Right Mindset And Prep

When preparing for anal play, it's best to set the mood before you begin. The insertion of the anal beads may seem uncomfortable initially, but most people are more concerned about their removal. It's important to remember that the pooping sensation you get when you remove the anal beads is normal. Since the primary purpose of the anus is to flush the waste out of our body, dirt and debris may bind with your anal beads. A simple towel on your bed will help you regulate the messiness and avoid staining your sheets. Additionally, it's best to have wipes within your arm's reach and use them to remove the dirt on the anal beads before inserting them again.

Masturbation Is Your Starting Point

First-time anal beads users may be tempted to experiment with their partners from the start. However, that way, you'll be missing out on a lot of fun measuring up the anal beads alone. Since anal play is a delicate matter, inspecting how the bulbs feel, at which speed they're inserted, and how to time them for better orgasms is easier. Once you understand how they complement your masturbation and feel inside your body, you can move on to couples play and allow someone else to control them with your guidance.

Make Them a Supporting Role In Your Sexcapades

We saved the best for last: combining anal beads with other sex toys! Unlike butt plugs and anal dildos, anal beads are much easier to mix and match. While the former creates a sense of fullness, and many women use them as stand-alone toys during sex, anal beads allow the space and comfort for vaginal penetration and combinations with vibrators and dildos.

Which Materials Are Best For Anal Beads?

Anal beads come in many shapes and sizes, usually dictated by their material. There's somewhat diversity in the materials used for this sex toy, allowing experimentation with different sensations. However, while generally, anal beads made from silicone are recognized as the best choice for beginners because of their flexibility, the reality is that everything comes down to your taste.

As a non-porous material, silicone is convenient and hinders the growth of bacteria, thus decreasing the chances of infections and STIs. The material allows the most variety in anal beads designs and is the easiest to upkeep. Silicone anal beads can withstand higher temperatures, so disinfecting them with hot water won't be an issue. They're more flexible and easily adaptable to the pressure inside the anus, creating the sensation of gentle massage against your inner walls. The only thing to mind is the lube you use to experiment with silicone anal beads. Avoid silicone lube at all costs, as it can damage your beads and make them more susceptible to bacteria.

In terms of body safety, stainless steel anal beads are the best option. Steel is also a non-porous material, and its rugged surface allows for the most manageable upkeep and sterilization. On the other hand, steel anal beads offer a hard structure and lack flexibility both in the bulbs and on the cord. This makes them harder to insert, so you'll need to use more lube, but the pulling-out sensation will be stronger and can cause even more extensive simulations when timed adequately with your orgasm. There's also the added benefit of temperature play since you can experiment with hot and cold sensations; remember not to go overboard.

Glass anal beads are another great option, but you should always go for borosilicate glass instead of lime soda glass. The former is more durable and will last you longer. Like steel, anal beads made of glass offer less flexibility but more pressure. As a non-porous material, they're practical for lazy users and can be washed with only soap and water.

Most vibrating anal beads are made of hard plastic. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is the most common type, and it also falls under non-porous materials. Although you can sterilize these anal beads, they're still easy to upkeep, and their material is both odorless and tasteless.

If you expand your search enough, you'll probably come across latex anal beads. Their flexibility may trick you into thinking these beads can be a great option; however, this material is not recommended due to safety concerns. Latex is both a porous material and a known allergen, so that it may harm people with severe allergies. Additionally, it comes with a strong odor that may be a turn-off to many users.

Tips for Inserting and Removing

Anal play with beads is a specific activity that provides sensations like no other sex toy. Given their design and purpose, the insertion and extraction of anal beads is a delicate matter that should be approached with caution and curiosity. To avoid injuries or unnecessary discomfort when trying them on for the first time, follow our tips below.

Start With One Bulb

Best advice for beginners: don't push the anal beads in; take it one bulb at a time! Many people go rough, and their desire to speed up the process and get to the ultimate pleasure causes pain, discomfort, or even unnecessary injuries. Instead, you want to give your body time to adapt. Slowly insert each bulb and reflect on yourself how it feels before going on to the next one. Keep a slow pace when inserting and pulling the cord, especially at the beginning. Insert as many bulbs as you feel comfortable, then take the anal beads out and start again. Getting used to longer strings of beads may take longer, but the process is worth it.

Lube! Lube! Lube!

Like any other sexual play, lube is a must when experimenting with anal beads. Although the bulbs may seem small to the eye, the anus will probably disagree. Additionally, those who've tried vaginal beads may be fooled into thinking that the same process will be replicated when you insert them in the butt. However, since the anus is tight and designed to flush things out of our body instead, feeling more resistance while you push the beads in should be expected. This is where lube comes in to smooth things out. You should place lube onto the anal beads, around the anus, and inside. This will make moving the bulbs much more manageable and make them feel more comfortable inside your body. The lube should be compatible with the material of the anal beads, but generally, water-based lube is the most practical as long as you remember to reapply it often.

Don’t Keep It In for Too Long

To get the whole experience, you might want to try keeping the anal beads in for a short time. Try to feel them out and see how they move into your body as you squeeze the sphincter muscles. You can try moving while wearing them for additional stimulation. However, remember that the anus isn't self-lubricating, so if you wear the anal beads longer, you should also reapply lube to avoid painful removal.

Take Them Out Slowly

When you've inserted enough anal beads and want to start removing them, mind the speed. As a beginner, you'll want to take this step as slowly as possible. Pull on the cord and take out one bulb at a time. If you feel discomfort, add more lube, then continue pulling on the cord. Once you get comfortable and learn how your body reacts, you can start increasing the speed of removal and, with it, the intensity of the pleasure.

Cleaning Tips

The cleaning process of anal beads largely depends on the material of the sex toy. This process is easy for non-porous materials like glass and metal, which can be quickly sterilized, boiled, or even put in the dishwasher. However, the critical thing to note is the cord. Most of the time, the cord won't be made of the same material as the bulbs, and it will likely be porous. This will limit your range of cleaning products to warm water and soap, although some cord materials allow additional sterilization.

Silicone anal beads are considered non-porous; however, that isn't the entire truth. The surface of these toys can be easily damaged with improper care and allow the growth of bacteria. You can never go wrong with a mix of water and antibacterial soap or homemade cleaning solutions, but you should also read the label, as some silicone anal beads can be boiled or put in a dishwasher.

Once you're sure your anal beads are clean, let them air dry. Again, special attention should be given to the cord, as you want all parts to be completely dry, both inside and outside the bulbs. Suppose the anal beads are stored while the cord is still damp in some places. In that case, this will create an excellent environment for bacteria and fungi to develop, destroying the toy's usability and cutting its lifespan short.

Silicone anal beads may feel sticky even when thoroughly dried, so you can use cornstarch or dusting powder to restore the smooth surface.

The last step to ensuring your anal beads are hygienic is storing them properly. You want them carefully sealed in a special pouch from the manufacturer or any other lint-free bag. Avoid using plastic bags, as they produce odor over time and may damage your more porous sex toys. Also, store the anal beads in a dry, dark, and cold environment to avoid external damage.

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Final thoughts

Before jumping to butt plugs and dildos, anal beads are the first (and possibly best!) step to a pleasurable anal sex play. These seemingly small bulbs can provide enormous pressure on the insides of your rectum and continuously stimulate the thousands of nerve endings in your anus. Whether looking to activate your P-spot or want to add extra intensity to your vaginal orgasms, anal beads will spice up your sex life, both with or without a partner. Best of all, anal beads can be used in various settings! You can experiment with temperature play, wear them for a few hours beforehand as a warm-up for sex, or pop in the shower and play with them underwater.

The choice between smooth, rigid, corded, and vibrating anal beads is vast. Finding the best anal beads can be challenging, but keeping all options in mind is best. Additionally, being careful of the used materials, the manufacturer, the size, and the texture should always be your priority. Use our guide to find the perfect set of anal beads, create the right ambiance, and start exploring the world of undiscovered anal pleasures!

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