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How Much Are Anal Beads?

How Much Are Anal Beads?

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Anal toys are fun and exciting and can be a great way to explore your sexuality and open new avenues of pleasure. Here we’ll talk about the price of anal beads, as we find these to be fun, exciting, and very interactive anal toys.

What are Anal Beads?

Anal sex is exciting, and many enjoy the overwhelming sensations it brings. There are various anal toys for different anal play; one of the many is the anal beads. Anal beads are a string on which many balls of incremental sizes are placed and meant to be moved up and down to increase the sensations on the anal muscles.

Anal beads are a safe option for anal play, as they are specifically designed with a flared base that lets you hold them firmly so they don’t slip inside. Unlike these, some dildos not intended for anal play don’t have a flared base and can get stuck inside the bum.

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Anal Beads Price

The market is full of various models of anal beads, and their prices range from $10 to $200. The price depends on the model, the materials, the features and the manufacturer. For example, some anal beads have a vibrating feature, which is more expensive than regular anal beads. The higher quality materials used, the higher the price of the anal beads: the best ones are made from silicone, glass, and metal.

There are various models of anal beads; models with smaller size balls are for novice users. The beginner models are usually silicone as they are flexible and won’t hurt sensitive places. Experienced users can also use larger silicone models or use glass or metal anal beads. There are vibrating anal beads for ultimate pleasure, but they are recommended for experienced users of anal toys. We also have app-controlled anal beads that allow extra customizations.

Please note that you must add a fair amount of lube when playing with anal beads. Depending on the type of material, you can use a water-based lube with silicone anal toys. If you opt for glass or metal anal beads, then you can use any type of lube you want.

Anal beads were refined through the years, and you’ll be impressed with the available options on the market now. We have an excellent selection of anal beads in our store, as well as a broad range of other exciting sex toys to spice up anyone’s sex life.

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