Fetish Fantasy Metal Ben Wa Balls

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Product Overview

  • Stunning, gold tone accessory that won’t tarnish or fade
  • Made from premium metal alloy and designed for weight, size and complete satisfaction
  • Smaller 3/4 inch size is ideal for beginner’s, or those who want to incorporate the balls into other play as an accessory to accent the heightened experience of orgasm, while enjoying other stimulation
  • Sleek and naturally nonporous, they are easy to insert and retain, with a weight suitable for almost every body type and shape
  • Can be worn short or for longer term, allowing perpetual strengthening of core (pelvic floor) muscle groups
  • Beautiful and striking gold finish, definitely a must-have accessory for lovers of gold, or for those who use gold in BDSM, fantasy or role play action

Product Description

Bringing the bling of gold into your life, the fetish fantasy, gold finished, metal ben wa balls give you a glamorous and sexy accessory to help you tighten and tone your pelvic floor, increase internal control, and intensify the frequency, length and strength of your orgasms! 

With regular use, like any group of muscles, the pelvic floor can strengthen and tone, giving you an edge in the bedroom, as well as in your own self-pleasure. Utilize the simple yet incredible technology of the ancient geisha with these nicely weighted, 3/4 inch, gold metal ben wa balls.

This perfect accessory for lovers of anything gold. These smaller sized metal ben wa balls make the ideal accompaniment to gold themed bondage, BDSM, or cosplay, and even though they might be unseen inside you, the feeling they give from both internal movement and the knowledge you are wearing such a luxurious item is worth its weight in gold.

The stunning (gold tone) metal ben wa balls use kinetic movement, your own internal energy and activity, to make them move inside you as you move. At rest, reading, or going about your day, they can be easily inserted and worn for extended periods, allowing you to work on your pelvic floor as an unconscious habit. They can also be used singurarly, or for shorter periods to begin with.

Using the metal ben wa balls in conjunction with other stimulating play or activity, such as clitoral massage or anal/penetrative sex, will allow you to experience a fuller, more satisfying experience as your own erotic contractions encompass the balls, making arousal, action and climax something truly extraordinary…

Product Details


Ball Circumference: 0.75 inch each
Product Weight: 3.25 oz.


Flexibility: Fixed
Material: Gold finish metal
Color: Gold
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Waterproof

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual retention
Shape: Spheres, balls
Power Type: Manual contraction, kinetic energy
Vibrating: No
Multi-function: No
Powerful: Yes

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