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Everything You Need to Know About Inflatable Butt Plugs

Everything You Need to Know About Inflatable Butt Plugs

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Regular butt plugs work on the premise that you slide them into the rectum and they are held around the neck by the sphincter muscles. They deliver that full feeling and remain in place until the time comes for your anal nerves to ‘explode,’ delivering some mind-shattering sensations. This is what can happen, while other times, you follow the same procedure, but the experience is far from pleasing, and this is where a lot of people think butt plugs are dull.

There’s good news and bad news when this happens, and the bad news is that you might have become too used to using butt plugs, and now the stimulation is far less because your anus isn’t now as tight as it used to be. This does lead to two pieces of good news though, and that means you can progress to anal sex or the use of other anal toys without as much discomfort. The other good news is; you can try an inflatable anal plug. These are the big boys of the anal plugs world and can deliver that fuller feeling like no other toy really can.

Inflatable butt plugs can be used on yourself, or on a partner. These can be used to stretch the anus more, or they can be set up for delivering the most intense pressure and stimulation you never thought was even a possibility. But guess what? It totally is!

Malesation Large Inflatable Butt Plug

Types of Inflatable Butt Plugs

While hollow butt plugs are limited on their types, there are a few more variations on the inflatable plug design. Here are some of the types you can find when searching for inflatable butt plugs:

Silicone inflatable plugs – These are the regular, pear-shaped or tapered end butt plugs, but they differ because they have a tube attached that connects to a small balloon pump.

Beaded silicone inflatable plugs – These are similar to beaded plugs and have two or three bulbs down the shaft. They are also a little longer than regular anal plugs so they can penetrate deeper before being inflated.

Flesh-colored rubber inflatable plugs – These begin to resemble the flesh colored dildos, while still retaining their shape. Some are made to resemble the male penis and can come in longer lengths too.

Vibrating inflatable plugs – These are the ultimate and come with a built-in vibrating core. These can swell as well as shake your anal world to the very foundations!

Large inflatable plugs – These are the ultimate for stretching the wearer, no matter how experienced. They often have a diameter of larger than 10 inches, so there isn’t much further to go after using these types.

Colt Large Inflatable Dilator

How to Choose The Best Inflatable Butt Plug for You

It can be challenging to decide which inflatable butt plug to choose. They are like the chameleon of the anal world, and quickly change to their surroundings in the case of the inflatable type.

A lot of how to choose the best is down to preference, and how experienced you are in anal play. But, the good thing with these inflatable butt plugs is: they are adaptable.

Any user can choose the primary size their body can accommodate. But, in essence, they know they can quickly give them a pump or two to change the size to receive extra fuller feelings and stimulation.

Many reviews show the more popular inflatable butt plugs are ones that are limited to 8 inches, but this doesn’t mean this is the only size range available.

New users can opt for inflatable butt plugs around 5 inches in length. These have an adjustable diameter of between 2 to 3 inches. Once you get past this range, you can find inflatable diameters of 7 to 8 inches, and then for the large inflatable butt plugs, these can reach 12 inches.

Many inflatable butt plugs don’t really focus on texture, because as soon as you inflate, this need will vanish. And all you will be left with is the balloon filling your insides. It’s more about that full feeling as opposed to the texture giving pleasure to the wearer.

Material choice can be very similar once these inflatable butt plugs are inflated, but if you use them as a regular butt plug, you might find one material better than another. You can choose from TPE, rubber or silicone. Some might include a combination of these materials.

Always make sure that you purchase from a reputable supplier because not all manufacturers list all of the materials used.

Once you have gone through all of these choices, you are left with the option of a vibrating butt plug or a non-vibrating butt plug. Both deliver sensations and are versatile. However, a vibrating plug will provide more unique sensations than the non-vibrating choice.

Colt Inflatable Butt Plug

What Are the Benefits of Inflatable Anal Plugs

Inflatable anal plugs can be an excellent way for users to be introduced to the world of anal play more comfortably, rather than having an intense experience with a harder type of anal plug that hasn’t got the capacity to change size.

These inflatable anal plugs can be purchased in a smaller size, so there is no discomfort when inserting. And then, when the user is relaxed, they can pump a couple of times. With these, the wearer is entirely in control of the sensations received and also of any discomfort they might feel.

Inflatable anal plugs can also deliver the maximum stimulation for more advanced users who are unable to get this from any other toy. This can be from the size of the inflation to the duration of the inflation. This differs from large anal plugs though, mostly because they remain the same size for the duration of play. Inflatable anal plugs can be inflated and deflated to change sensations all the way through the anal play period.

This type of inflatable sex toy is easier to use when playing solo. They will be much easier to insert by yourself, and then they can be adapted, depending on how you wish to continue receiving the stimulation.

Colt Huge Inflatable Butt Plug

Some Safety Considerations

Choosing the wrong size is one of the prime safety considerations when choosing inflatable butt plugs. Many users purchase one that is too large in its deflated state, and they think it will fit. They tend to forget the inflated size during the purchase.

Choosing a butt plug that is too large will be hard to insert, and as soon as you start to pump, you can find the muscles are not relaxed, and the skin around the anus can crack or tear slightly. Purchasing a size smaller is the best choice because it will still inflate more than enough for most users.

Purchasing from a reliable company also needs considering. Any user who inflates an inflatable plug inside themselves doesn’t need any unnecessary occurrences. An inflatable plug that explodes wouldn’t be very nice, or even having one where the release valve sticks, because this would cause a very tricky situation. A butt plug that stays inflated would mean a trip to the emergency room. Buy quality toys from a reputable seller, always.

Although an inflatable butt plug will end up more substantial than its original size, they do need a flared base to stop them from going further than anticipated. After this is the choice of material. Because these are like balloons, the materials need to be very flexible. Most will ensure their products will give them their elasticity.

Phthalates are one of the compounds that aren’t body safe and can cause irritation or rashes in lots of people. You might see these are not used in silicone products, but for rubber varieties, they could be included. TPE materials are very similar to silicone, but they do have drawbacks when used in these types of toys. Be aware of the materials, before purchasing.

Booty Call Inflatable Anal Toy

Where Can You Use Your Inflatable Anal Plugs

Inflatable anal plugs are versatile and can be used in many situations where a regular butt plug can be used. These are intended for delivering that maximum fullness feeling and enjoyable stimulation.

When used in solo play they can be used to simulate double penetration when used in conjunction with a vibrator or a dildo. A female can also pump as required to reproduce a larger penis in the anus while her second vibrator or dildo is used for vaginal stimulation. This can also help with G-spot stimulation as the inflated anal plug will push against the vaginal walls.

If used with a male partner, this is another scenario where double penetrative sex can be simulated, but this time, the male partner will also be receiving the benefits of his penis pushing against the firm balloon that is pushing at the vaginal walls. If a vibrating inflatable anal plug is used, this will deliver more enhanced sensations and stimulation to both partners.

These inflatable anal plugs can be used for a warm up session before anal sex follows, or they can be used in a BDSM scenario where the dominant party has the more submissive partner restrained. They can then insert the anal plug and inflate as much as they want to deliver discomfort and humiliation to the submissive party. This play can happen (as long as it’s consensual) in homosexual and/or heterosexual fun.

Depending on the length of the inflatable anal plug, men might be able to receive prostate massage too. These inflatable devices will give continual pressure that can remain there throughout masturbation, sexual intercourse or the giving/receiving of oral sex.

Anal Balloon Inflatable Butt Plug

Cleaning & Storage Tips

Inflatable butt plugs take a little bit of different care than regular butt plugs. Because they might have a vibrating unit attached, these need to be removed before any cleaning occurs.

If no motors or batteries are remaining in the butt plug, you can then remove the bulb and the tube. These need cleaning in the same way as the section which is inserted.

Holding all parts under warm water while washing them with antibacterial soap is recommended, and if they are made from silicone, they can be placed in a dishwashing machine to sterilize. Butt plugs made from TPE react differently when under heat, so it might not be possible to sterilize these in the same way. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for your unique toy.

Silicone inflatable butt plugs can be boiled for a few minutes to sterilize before drying them. They’ll need to thoroughly air dry before being placed in a sealed plastic pouch. If any component feels sticky to the touch, cover in renewal powder before storage.

You can add a couple of lint-free tissues with the tube and the pump too, because these will soak up any extra moisture. Also, store any inflatable butt plugs in a cool, dry area and not touching any other sex toys.

One final thing to do is: not store batteries or vibrating units with your toy. If they start to leak, it can damage your butt plug quite quickly, and it can also cause irritation or burning the next time you use it.

Common Questions People Ask

1. My inflatable butt plug won’t stay in when inflated, can you help?

This can happen from lower quality butt plugs. When you pump, the butt plug loses the neck, and the inflated portion begins to push against the body. This eases it from the rectum. Buy great quality from a reputable seller to avoid this occurrence.

2. My inflatable butt plug is a funny shape when inflated, why is that happening?

This is common. It can be hard for manufacturers to get the material even, especially all of the way around the inflated part. This is another reason that buyers should stick to a reputable seller who buys from great manufacturers. They will always use better quality materials, and they should inflate symmetrically. This may or may not affect your experience, but what you can do if it doesn’t feel right is; rotate your butt plug so the bulging side goes where there is more space.

3. My wife loves her inflatable butt plug, but it balloons half inside and half outside. Do you know what’s causing this?

This might be one of those inflatable butt plugs where you need to have it fully inserted before inflating it. You can get the same when blowing up a balloon and holding it between your fingers. Some go on one side, and some go on the others. Insert the butt plug further and try again. Again, buying from a great seller helps. If there are instructions given, follow these to the letter for your toy.

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