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Everything You Need to Know About Glass Butt Plugs

Everything You Need to Know About Glass Butt Plugs

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It’s a well-known fact that the anus is tighter than the vagina, and it’s for this reason that there are vast numbers of people who are drawn to anal intercourse. However, there are also a lot of individuals who tend to shy away from anal sex too. It really is a matter of choice.

Although some individuals might not be interested in anal play, it’s generally the anal sex part they tend not to be keen on. With this in mind, the butt plug was introduced. These are intended to be used as a means of preparation leading to anal sex, or they can be left in place to receive additional stimulation while playing solo, or with a partner. Just for fun!

While steel and silicone are two of the primary materials used in the construction of butt plugs, why would anyone want to choose ones made from glass? Well, glass butt plugs combine a toy that’s aesthetically pleasing, and something that is very pleasurable in function too. Glass is actually smoother than silicone, so there is all manner of areas these can be better for, from insertion to how they move inside the rectum.

Glass butt plugs are not only transparent; they can come in a myriad of colors, which makes them look more like ornaments than adult toys. That’s a big plus as well, discretion.

Chrystalino Seed Glass Butt Plug

Types of Glass Butt Plugs

There are countless designs and sizes when it comes to glass butt plugs. However, you can find these tend to be on the medium to large size for safety reasons.

Transparent glass butt plugs – These clear glass butt plugs come in many shapes, but they are often more bulbous in shape and they intend to give any viewer the chance to look inside their partner's anus as the butt plug is being worn.

Large glass butt plugs – These slabs of glass are intended for more advanced users. They can come with finely tapered tips, or they may be created with more rounded options to deliver full force as they are being inserted.

Small glass butt plugs – These kinky butt plugs are more than tough enough to be worn for extended periods.

Beaded glass butt plugs – These resemble anal beads but in a much shorter length. The widest part of the glass butt plug will be made up of more than one bulb. This can give bursts of stimulation when they are being inserted or removed.

Glass butt plugs with tail – These tail butt plugs are an ideal way to add some spice or kinkiness to any location they are used. You could parade around with soft fur brushing your legs, or let your partner’s animal-like instincts take over. Pet role play has never been so much fun!

Twisted glass butt plugs – No one ever said butt plugs only had to be one shape and smooth. Twisted glass butt plugs can add more stimulation as they twist inside your body. 

Crystal Glass Butt Plug - Medium

How to Choose Glass Anal Plugs for You

There is a large number of glass butt plugs for any user to choose from, and it can appear daunting in the beginning. Because of the butt plug neck, and how thin it can be, there may be fewer options for smaller glass butt plugs, but there are still options, you just need to shop around.

It’s also the opinion of users of glass butt plugs that larger ones are more favorable. Although this doesn’t mean you should opt for a larger one immediately, you do need one which meets your requirements.

Size will always be the most significant factor for any butt plug. And even if the glass is one of the smoothest material there is, this doesn’t mean you can accommodate a larger one inside your anus if your anus can’t fit that size.

When looking at glass butt plug size, consider the following:

  • For beginners or inexperienced, start off small in circumference and length
  • For partners, be sure to talk it through. This is vital if you are purchasing it with the intention of using it on them
  • Never just use online reviews as a guide. Not everyone is the same, and what is right for them might be horrible for you
  • Buy a few sizes and start practicing with the smallest first, you’ll soon know which one feels right for you

No matter which design you use in a glass butt plug, they will always have smooth, sweeping curves. Even something like bobbles or nodules will be smooth with no rough edges. Glass is such an awesome material used in the creation of butt plugs.

The circumference will be vital to consider because this is the size that the anus needs to contend with. The neck of glass butt plugs may be a little thicker than other materials, or it could end up like the stem of a wine glass. The circumference can start at around 1 inch and go all the way to 3 or 4 inches and above.

If you like the idea of colored glass butt plugs, you might find you are limited in the design choice. Not all designs are available in stained glass. However, there are glass butt plugs that come in blues or pinks, and some are even transparent in the main body and have colored glass which is only used as decoration. Bases also need thinking about, and while round or the anchor type are the two more common, there are some that come with a flower pattern as the base.

Glas Amethyst Rain Glass Anal Butt Plug

What Are the Benefits

Glass butt plugs are made from one of the most body safe materials there is. They are nonporous so they can be used in wet or dry situations with no worry of them becoming wet on the inside.

Glass butt plugs are super easy to clean, and won’t let any bacteria into the surface.

In use, many users find glass more beneficial because of its sleek lines. They can be easier to insert, and once they are all the way in, they deliver the intensity of stainless steel butt plugs. Glass can also be a heavy material depending on the size of your butt plug. While not as heavy as stainless, they can provide some weight which pulls down on the rim of the anus to deliver other unique sensations.

Small glass butt plugs are ideal to wear under clothes, especially if being worn for extended periods. And there is no chance of panties or thicker material like denim scoring the surface.

Glass butt plugs can be found to be more comfortable because they warm inside the body, and additionally (when they move) they tend to glide over the walls of the rectum more than sliding.

One final benefit is how intense the stimulation can be, they are hard like steel, and for users who find silicone too soft, then glass butt plugs can be the ideal way to deliver prostate stimulation for men.

Glas Glass Anal Plug

Some Safety Considerations

While glass butt plugs are safe, there is a difference in the type of glass used in their construction. This is one of the more crucial safety considerations, and it can affect your purchase decisions too.

There are two glass types used in glass butt plug construction. These are borosilicate and Pyrex. Pyrex isn’t actually a type of glass, it is a brand name, but not all Pyrex glass is the same, unfortunately.

In Europe, Pyrex is made from borosilicate glass, but, in the USA soda-lime glass is used to make Pyrex, and this isn’t able to withstand as much punishment as European-made Pyrex. Many glass butt plugs are marketed as Pyrex, but when you look at the difference in the glass composition, this equates to not a lot.

When checking the type of glass, you do need to make sure it is borosilicate glass, and then you will know it can withstand boiling when sterilizing.

Another crucial safety concern is the neck of the butt plug, and regardless of the glass type, this is the weak point, and with repetitive use, this can become weak and snap. Hence, this is the reason glass butt plugs are more frequently on the larger side. In fact, many large butt plugs are made of glass.

Colored glass is not always colored glass, and the not-so-reputable manufacturers actually use other methods for coating the glass, which in turn, gives it the color. These can be toxic, and you can spot this because these eventually wear off. Glass decorations can be the same, and if you do choose a decorated glass butt plug, make sure any decoration is inside the glass, and there are no signs of pieces being glued together.

Icicles No. 47 Hand Blown Glass Butt Plug - Clear

Where Can You Use Your Glass Butt Plugs?

Glass butt plugs can be used in almost any situation or scenario, and because of the material, they can even add another couple to the mix.
Like regular butt plugs, these can be used as preparation for anal sex or anal play with larger sex toys. In many cases, this is the primary use and users have chosen glass because of how smooth it is against the body. Some users just enjoy that fuller anal feeling.

There are other scenarios where glass butt plugs can be used. Wearing for extended periods is one such area, and as long as you wear the right size to be worn for long periods, glass butt plugs can be one of the best to use. Anchor type bases are recommended because they can sit between the butt cheeks without excessive rubbing, they will though; need lube addition just like other material types would do.

There are a few butt plugs which are not suitable for use in the shower, but glass is one of the few materials that is naturally waterproof and can be used in any scenario around water.

On the kinkier side of things, glass butt plugs deliver one thing that only hollow butt plugs can do, and that is to give a viewer an inside look of the rectum. Although this isn’t for everyone, plenty of users and partners enjoy this front row view, because it isn’t often you get to see from this angle.

Glass butt plugs are also ideal for male prostate stimulation and for women to wear when having sexual intercourse or making use of a dildo. When they use the larger sized glass butt plugs, they will find their vagina is tighter, and they’ll usually receive enhanced stimulation during sex and during orgasm.

Icicles No. 48 Butt Plug - Pink

Cleaning & Storage Tips

When you have a glass butt plug and it’s made from the correct type of glass, then it will be highly durable and will give numerous years of service. One thing to note is: if you drop your glass butt plug, or it slips through your fingers (during it being inserted or removed from the anus), be sure to check it thoroughly for signs of any cracks or chips. If it is compromised, you will need to purchase a new one.

After use, glass butt plugs can be wiped with wet wipes before thoroughly washing. If you have any beaded type, be sure to check each indent to make sure there are no bits of feces stuck in the corners.

After washing with warm water and antibacterial soap (careful not to drop your butt plug), you can boil them in hot water. This is why it is essential to select borosilicate (European Pyrex) glass as it can withstand high heat. Additionally, you may run it through the dishwasher on the top shelf to sterilize.

After this, dry it well and place it in the original packaging. This should be a protective pouch supplied by the manufacturer. After this, you can store them in a cool and dry place until you are ready to use your glass butt plug again.

Prisms Erotic Glass Dosha 3pc Butt Plug Set

Common Questions People Ask

1. Is it possible to get vibrating glass butt plugs?

You might see some somewhere, but because of the nature of glass, it isn’t recommended to have a vibrating glass butt plug. With use, it will only weaken, and you don’t want it to crack while it’s inside you. If you do want to purchase one, make sure the seller has awesome reviews and is reputable.

2. Which lube is best for glass butt plugs?

Any lube is suitable for glass butt plugs, but because they will be inserted into the anus, a thicker lube is recommended here. One recommendation is: to try and avoid water based lubricants, mostly because these tend to dry out much quicker. Glass butt plugs can also be used with coconut oil instead of purchasing lube. But, with any lube, be careful when handling your butt plug because glass and oils don’t mix too well and they will be slippery when wet.

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