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Icicles No. 82 Glass Sex Toy

Icicles  |  UPC: 603912747560

$44.99 $61.99
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Product Overview

  • Hand blown, borosilicate glass construction is shatterproof, temperature friendly and easy to clean/maintain
  • Sleek and super smooth head allows ease of penetration, with the spiral ribbed shaft accelerating the sensations as well as the pulse rate!
  • Modest dimensions and flared base, plus ergonomic retrieval handle make it ideal for an anal plug, for short or long term wear
  • Naturally hypoallergenic, nonporous and anti-microbial, glass is easy to maintain and keep clean
  • An elegant and higher class introduction to the delights of anal play, or just a beautiful massage to enjoy yourself, or introduce during partnered play

Product Description

The luxurious glass sex toy features all the best textured and stimulating aspects of the perfect massager, artfully handcrafted and stunningly executed in the medium of shatterproof, temperature friendly, borosilicate glass. Modest dimensions make for a compact and convenient plaything, as well as making the experience perfect for anal or vaginal play. Commanding for any gender or couple, with an exciting array of textures, shapes and sensations to be explored with every use.

A truly multi-functional massager, the non-vibrating, solid glass sex toy has a beautifully sculpted head for ease of entry or delighting the outer erogenous zones, and an incredibly detailed, spiral patterned and ribbed shaft. Therefore adding immense pleasure to the user, or wearer, should this glass sex toy be employed as a butt plug for short or long term wear. Easily pulling off either function, the base features a flared finish, with an ergonomically shaped end for easy retrieval, and for ensuring the device doesn’t travel too far.

Glass is naturally waterproof, nonporous and easier to maintain and keep clean/sterile when compared to some other materials. It’s also ideal for temperature based sensations. Running the piece under warm water, or heating gently in the microwave warms it quickly and evenly. Doing the same with cold water, then placing into the freezer gives you an icicle that won’t melt, taking some time to come back down to body temperature.

Non-threatening dimensions, the glass sex toy is an ideal introduction to anal play, solo or with a partner. Wonderful on a hot night to trace cooled over the body, or heated on a cold night, it can become an instrumental and sensual part of the erotic arousal stage of lovemaking, as well as a handsome and exquisite piece on its own, to savor, enjoy and appreciate as a singular piece of art that serves a higher function.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Practical and easy to maintain

If you want a toy that requires very little maintenance, get this one. I love the appearance, the heftiness and the feel of solid glass. In addition, glass toys are practically indestructible. I have a couple of those and every single one surpasses expectations.

Temperature play is my new favorite thing

I got the wand to try out temperature play with my boyfriend. We’re always looking for ways to make things more interesting and this was something new to us. The wand is perfect for the purpose. It’s very easy to heat up or cool down and it holds temperature well. This adds a new dimension to foreplay and I can honestly say that temperature play has become my new favorite thing.

Beautiful and fun

I have never used glass toys before and I can say that I’m pleasantly surprised. Is this the most versatile toy in the world? No. is it high tech? no. Is it amazing fun? Yes!

The glass wand feels amazing when going in because of the heaviness, its temperature and ribbing. I’ve only used it a couple of times by now but I can honestly say it gets me going. I’ve also used it in combination with a clit vibe and the orgasms are mind-blowing.

Stunning, just stunning

I cannot recommend this toy enough! Obviously, it’s beautiful to look at. It looks like a piece of art. But let’s not focus on appearances alone. The texture and the bulb on top make penetration tremendous. The sensation is very stimulating and fulfilling. I’ve also experimented with a bit of temperature play and it adds another dimension to the sexual experience. This is a must-try toy, even if you don’t believe that glass wands are your thing.

Icicles No. 82 Glass Sex Toy

Icicles No. 82 Glass Sex Toy

$44.99 $61.99






5" - 7"

Insertable Length

0 - 5"


1" - 2"



Power Type



Hypoallergenic, Smooth Surface, Waterproof
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