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10 Best Vac-U-Lock Attachments Reviewed

10 Best Vac-U-Lock Attachments Reviewed

Editorial Team |

Welcome to the exciting world of Vac-U-Lock attachments! From realistic dildos to vibrating harnesses and even fully automated sex machines, you have a fantastic lot to discover.

The one thing you need to worry about is the stuff that you enjoy during sex. In this guide, we will review 10 of the best Vac-U-Lock attachments. Each review will give you a better idea about the best features of each attachment, telling you the pros and cons you should consider.

Best Overall

Best Suction Cup Plug

Best Sex Machine

1. Best Vibrating Harness & Dildo Set: Vac-U-Lock Vibrating Harness Starter Set with Remote

2. Best Hand-Held Attachment: Vac-U-Lock Handle

3. Best Pegging Set: Vac-U-Lock Silicone Pegging Set

4. Best Suction Cup Plug: Vac-U-Lock Deluxe Suction Cup Plug

5. Best Overall: Vac-U-Lock Dual Density Experienced Set

6. Best Vac-U-Lock Sex Machine: Kink Power Banger Vac-U-Lock Fucking Machine

7. Best Dildo & Harness Set: Vac-U-Lock Ultraskyn Cock with Ultra Harness

8. Best Harness with Wireless Vibrating Plug: Vac-U-Lock Supreme Harness with Wireless Vibrating Plug

9. Best Harness with Plug: Vac-U-Lock Strap On Harness with Plug

10. Best Vibrating Set for G-Spot Stimulation: Vac-U-Lock G Spot Vibrating Pleasure Set

Things to Consider When Shopping for Vac-U-Lock Attachments

The Vac-U-Lock system is fantastic because it ensures universal compatibility. You can experiment with all kinds of pleasure attachments when you have the core pieces. Speaking of which, here’s how to choose the right ones:

  • Material: We’ll never get tired of repeating how important the material sex toys are made from is. The original range of Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock attachments is crafted from PVC and other thermoplastic materials meant to realistically approximate human flesh. Many people enjoy these materials because of the way they feel. However, if you want the ultimate quality and ease of sanitization, opt for medical-grade silicone. Vac-U-Lock attachments made of dual-density silicone are available. This is the most high-end line of Vac-U-Lock sex toys. Not only are these attachments completely non-porous, but they also feel super realistic. While you will spend more on such high-quality materials, they will last long and deliver an excellent return on investment.
  • Size: Because the Vac-U-Lock range is so popular, you’ll find dildos and probes in all shapes and sizes. Choose dimensions that match your experience level and the intended use. For example, a newbie to pegging will benefit from a more streamlined and thinner design. Bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to artificial materials. No matter how flesh-like, these still have a bit of stiffness. Thus, start smaller and move up as you get more comfortable. Regarding dimensions, girth is the more important measure to determine how manageable and pleasurable a Vac-U-Lock attachment will be.
  • Compatibility: As already mentioned, Vac-U-Lock is a Doc Johnson development. To ensure compatibility with the base you own, ensure that the attachments you get are original. Some other brands may have toys that are supposedly compatible with Vac-U-Lock based. However, you may run into some issues if you choose such products.
  • Extra features: A realistic dildo is always a solid choice, but Vac-U-Lock attachments can offer much more. A vibrating attachment is a way to go if you need extra power to get to your O. Some can also rotate, and a sex machine attachment delivers fully automated pleasure. There is a massive variety in the functions and features of Vac-U-Lock branches. Check for multiple speeds and vibration patterns, especially if you enjoy type and intensity.
  • When in doubt, choose a kit: Are you concerned about getting the proper attachment? If you find it challenging to pick just one piece, get an entire kit. Pegging kits, anal training sets, and other collections of different attachments are excellent for those who intend to use the system in the long run. A kit also gives you variety and excellent value for money. Doc Johnson has great sets that feature everything required for progressively intensified sex sessions. Those who want to make the most of the system should consider getting an entire kit with all the essentials.

Note: If you do some online research, you’ll find that DIY guides suggest turning any dildo into a Vac-U-Lock attachment. There are detailed instructions, but we don’t recommend choosing the route. For a start, you risk ruining one of your favorite dildos. Also, creating the Vac-U-Lock hole on your own can result in the toy slipping off the base or harness. Such experiments are not worth it, especially if maximum pleasure and safety are your main goals. With such a massive range of attachments, there is no need to carry out such experiments that often yield mediocre results.

Top 10 Vac-U-Lock Attachments


  • Really powerful, orgasmic vibrations
  • Great variety of attachments
  • Harness is very secure and sturdy
  • Good variety of dildo sizes


  • Harness can be a bit difficult to adjust
  • Dildos could have been a bit firmer

Don’t know how to pick the perfect Vac-U-Lock attachment? This set gives you everything needed to get started and then some more. You’ll get three beautiful, ultra-real dual density dildos. One of the designs is super realistic, you’ll also get a spiral dildo and a thinner one. All of those are provided with an adjustable unisex harness that can fit waists of up to 69 inches. And if you crave some added intensity, you’ll get it with the seven-function vibrating plug that will turn each of the dildos and any other Vac-U-Lock attachment into a powerful vibrator. Apart from these essentials, the kit also contains a 360-degree swivel suction cup base, wireless remote for the vibe, water-based lube, Vac-U-Lock powder, ultraskyn refresh powder, a specialized toy cleaner and three O-rings.


  • A practical sex accessory
  • Excellent price-to-quality ratio
  • Sturdy and easy to use
  • Allows you to use sex toys in a new way


  • Does not flare out, can get slippery with lube
  • A slight synthetic smell

The Vac-U-Lock handle is a nifty accessory that gives you more usage options. Whether you’re enjoying a Vac-U-Lock dildo on your own or pleasuring a partner, the handle will provide you with more control over the toy and the way it’s inserted. As with all other Vac-U-Lock products, this handle is compatible with all accessories within the system. Sturdy and ergonomic, it’s easy to grip firmly. The handle is also textured to give you extra grip when things get slippery. You’ll get a product that’s inflexible, and that puts you in charge. At the same time, the handle is crafted from high-quality, phthalate-free materials. Its minimalistic design turns the handle into the perfect travel companion that’s also effortless to store.


  • Sleek silicone probes
  • Great range of sizes
  • Excellent price-to-quality ratio
  • Everything required for cleaning/maintenance is included


  • Some people didn’t find the harness comfortable enough
  • A bit expensive

Pegging opens exciting new sexual opportunities, and our Vac-U-Lock set is great for your first steps. With three progressively bigger probes, the kit is an ideal choice for beginners who want to explore new facets of their sexuality. Apart from the attachments crafted from high-quality silicone, the kit also contains an adjustable unisex harness that can fit waists of up to 69 inches, Vac-U-Plug suction cup base, three O-rings, water-based lube, toy cleaner, Vac-U-Powder and renewal powder to ensure the perfect condition of your kit. Every single element is phthalate-free and body-safe for worry-free pleasure. As always, the plug is compatible with all other Vac-U-Lock attachments, giving you ideal opportunities to expand the range of uses beyond just pegging.


  • Minimalist, user-friendly design
  • Great for bathroom use
  • Perfect for solo hands-free play
  • Sturdy design, great materials


  • Can be difficult to stick to materials other than glass and tile

With the Vac-U-Lock Deluxe Suction Cup Plug, you can enjoy hands-free fun without ever worrying about your toy coming undone. This is a very sturdy item that will stay in place no matter how heated things get. Just choose a smooth horizontal or vertical surface you’d like to test out. The suction cup system will hold the biggest of dildos and support their weight. The clever design also incorporates a lever release system that is foolproof and very rapid to employ. With an adjustable arm that swivels and bends, the suction cup plug allows you to adjust the angle of penetration and try something new each time. Once you find your favorite position, you can lock it and maintain the angle throughout your sexy session. If you are looking for exceptional hands-free fun, this is the Vac-U-Lock attachment to test out.


  • Very realistic dildo design
  • Versatile, comprehensive kit
  • Harness is very easy to use, sturdy


  • A bit expensive
  • Not suitable for beginners

For those who have enough experience with dildos and vibes, Doc Johnson has an amazing and highly satisfying set. The larger probes featured in it will accommodate the tastes of the most insatiable users. Ranging in length from eight to 10 inches and having an impressive girth of two inches each, the dildos are crafted from realistic ultraskyn. The dual-density construction adds even further realism. Apart from the dildos, the kit also features an adjustable unisex harness that will fit waists of up to 69 inches, Vac-U-Lock plug, a suction cup base, three O-rings for added versatility, lube, toy cleaner, Vac-U-Powder, and renewal powder. The harness and plug are compatible with all other Vac-U-Lock attachments, as well as with standard O-ring dildos.


  • Machine is compact and easy to store
  • Well-designed, great stroke speed selection
  • Lots of variety when playing with Vac-U
  • Lock attachments


  • On the expensive side
  • Requires some getting used to

A sex machine delivers the ultimate hands-free experience. If you’d like to completely automate your sex toy use, try the Kink Power Banger. This delicious Doc Johnson creation is compatible with all Vac-U-Lock attachments. It delivers intense multi-speed strokes. With a stroke length of 2.36 inches and a capacity of 195 strokes per minute, the machine is an absolute orgasm maker. You are in full charge of the experience. An adjustable arm allows you to position the attachment exactly where you need it to be. You’ll also get a handheld controller to tweak the adjustable speed. And don’t worry about the machine moving around when things get heated – four sturdy suction cups will keep it secured properly. While described as a fetish item, the sex machine can really add a ton of spice to anyone’s intimate experiences.


  • Very realistic dildo design
  • Feels really good, ultraskyn is flesh-like
  • Lots of fine details
  • Versatile size


  • Harness could be a bit large for petite users

A realistic sex toy is appealing both visually and in terms of the sensations it delivers. Things don’t get any more realistic than the Vac-U-Lock Ultraskyn Cock. Molded from an actual erect penis, this ultraskyn masterpiece gives you textures and details beyond what many consider technologically possible. You also get two arousing sizes to choose from. The set also gives you a comfortable, fully adjustable harness that will fit waists of up to 69 inches. Perfectly unisex, the harness and dildo are a great choice for all kinds of partnered sex experimentation. As you get the patented Vac-U-Lock plug, you can use the harness with any other compatible dildo. The kit contains the proprietary Vac-U powder that is needed to snap attachments on and off in no time.


  • Powerful vibrations
  • The harness is super comfortable and soft
  • Durable, high-quality materials and construction


  • A bit expensive
  • First-time users found the harness a bit difficult to adjust

With this nifty, comfortable harness, you will turn any Vac-U-Lock dildo into a powerful vibrator. The harness gives you a seven-function vibrating plug that will send intense rumbles through any attachment. You will also get a remote to switch between the functions effortlessly. As per usual, the product has a standard Vac-U-Lock plug that guarantees universal compatibility. If that’s not enough, you will also get O-rings to extend the range of options even further. The harness is crafted from soft, tough, and moisture-wicking neoprene. The straps are adjustable to accommodate waists of up to 69 inches.


  • Very adjustable, unisex design works great\
  • Comfortable
  • Very easy to use
  • Works with Vac-U-Lock and other attachments


  • O-ring conversion can be a bit challenging in the beginning

The classic Vac-U-Lock harness has so many merits! If you’re looking for a staple piece to add to your collection, you’ll need to consider this one. The harness has an adjustable, unisex design that’s going to feel comfortable regardless of body type. Straps can be adjusted to fit waists of up to 69 inches. Both the front plate and the back of the harness are padded for extra comfort. At the same time, the design ensures stability to keep your mind away from having to think when thrusting. You can fully immerse yourself now – the harness will do its job and it will feel natural and comfortable while performing. For added versatility, you can easily convert this item into an O-ring harness and get it compatible with just about any attachment under the sun.


  • High-quality construction and materials
  • Easy to use, comfy harness
  • Works well even on plus-sized individuals
  • Powerful vibrations


  • A bit expensive
  • Silicone probe is on the shorter side

Hitting the G-spot every single time depends on a few things and the right design tops the list. With this Vac-U-Lock attachment, you’ll get the perfect angle and firmness for a proper, orgasmic G-spot massage. The probe is curved to excite and stimulate. It is crafted from high-quality, smooth silicone. The Vac-U-Lock plug delivers seven vibration functions for added intensity. And since this is a Vac-U-Lock kit, it will work with any other compatible probe. The harness in this kit is crafted from smooth, properly padded neoprene. Adjustable straps allow for unisex use and fit waists of up to 69 inches. Control-wise, you’ll get a wireless remote that allows for effortless adjustments of intensity and vibration settings.

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Final Thoughts

Vac-U-Lock attachments give you versatility. This is one of the greatest sex toy systems, which is why the exciting Doc Johnson creation has so many loyal fans. Start with the basics if you’re making your first steps in Vac-U-Lock. To begin with, a good harness and a handle or hands-free plug base will be great. These will transform every dildo, giving you numerous uses and adjustment possibilities.

Are you one of the people who don’t know how to pick, choose, and match individual pieces? If that’s the case, go for an entire kit of attachments. Vac-U-Lock has many options that can be selected based on experience level or sexual preferences. And while this costs a little more than individual pieces, the sets deliver a tremendous price-to-quality ratio and an even better return on investment.

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