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Weighted Nipple Clamps

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Amp It Up with Weighted Nipple Clamps

Weighted nipple clamps give you next-level erotic stimulation. Once you’ve gotten used to regular clamps, you’d probably want to try something different. The heft of weighted clamps, combined with the pressure and the squeeze, will give you a sensation you’ve never felt before.

While weighted clamps work like regular ones to increase sensitivity, the hanging element produces a specific kind of arousal while the clamp is in place. Not only are they incredibly erotic to wear, but the appearance of weighted clamps can also be visually stimulating to your partner.

Our collection features exceptionally functional and user-friendly nipple clamps, including weighted sets. Body-safe materials and customizable designs deliver effectiveness and safety. The tension is easy to adjust, and the clamps have enough coating to guarantee comfort during prolonged sessions. The weight can often be removed by turning the piece in a regular nipple clamp.

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