Lux Fetish Collar & Nipple Clamps

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Product Overview

  • Connect your playthings’ sensitive areas together while adorned with a seductive chain collar
  • Boasting 2 clamps in total, you or your sub’s nipples or clitoris are in for a delicious night of fun fetish play!
  • Includes blindfold for sensory deprivation fun
  • Devious set can be used on male anatomy as well
  • Clamps feature vinyl-coated ends and will provide constant stimulation

Product Description

Experience the exhilaration of nipple play with this sexy collar with nipple clamps, which are adjustable to offer a tailored sensation. Additionally, the fully adjustable collar will fit most users to ensure a comfortable fit while you focus on the stimulation of your nipples as they're erotically pinched to your liking. A D-ring and clips secure the clamps to the collar. This set also comes with a blindfold to further enhance the experience, and for some deliciously good sensory deprivation fun.

Circling their/your neck, the collar looks great, but also offers up a sturdy connection point for a leash or tether, if you're in the mood. Two classic adjustable alligator clamps tipped in smooth black rubber dangle from the ends nice long chains - connect them to an O-ring at the front of the collar, or set them free and use alone. If you DO decide to wear them together, the clamps will tug and pinch along with movement, another deterrent (or not) against sexy struggles. In polyester and nickel-free metal, the Collar and Nipple Clamps should be spot cleaned as needed.  

Product Details


Length (Collar): Adjusts up to 11 inches
Length (Nipple Chain): 12 inches
Product Weight: 0.4 lbs.


Flexibility: Slight to firm
Material: Metal, vinyl
Color: Silver
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual handheld use
Features: Nipple clamp, clit clamp, collar, fetish play, BDSM, phthalate-free, waterproof, luxury design, free satin blindfold included

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