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Collar with Nipple Clamps

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Enjoy Pleasure, Pain, and Submission with a Collar with Nipple Clamps

BDSM collars are an essential piece of power play gear but can also be functional. A collar and nipple clamp combo allows more than an aesthetic display. The set is an excellent choice if you want a simultaneous introduction to the worlds of submission and erotic pain.

Attached via chains, the two pieces are an excellent choice for a submissive. Sometimes, the set can feature additional elements like handcuffs or a ring/ball gag. Other clamps can also be used to focus on sensitive spots and deliver an intense level of stimulation.

HotCherry’s collection of BDSM gear features a good range of collar and nipple clamp combos. The clamps are coated, and the tension is adjustable to make the pressure pleasurable and changeable. The same applies to the collars. Sufficient padding and lush materials give the wearer the most exquisite sensation.

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