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Nipple Suckers

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Perkier, More Sensitive Nipples with a Nipple Sucker

A nipple sucker is an incredibly versatile piece of foreplay gear. The function is self-explanatory, but the name doesn’t do this little fellow justice. A nipple sucker can be used on any sensitive body part. It is excellent for the nipples, clit, labia, neck, back of the knee, or any other spot you’d like to arouse.

Nipple suckers can be specially designed to stimulate that erogenous zone or have a more universal appearance. Both designs have merits and are featured in the HotCherry nipple sucker collection.

Our products are crafted by some of the most renowned manufacturers in the adult market. Variable speeds and suction intensities allow for effortless personalization. Some of the suckers are also manual rather than automatic. The feature makes them readily usable anywhere, anytime.

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