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Sex Dolls Buyer Guide

Ultimate Guide to Sex Dolls

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Sex dolls went through much materialization in their day. They began in the seventeenth century and were made by Dutch sailors who were at sea for very long trips. It was during their visits to Japan that some of these sewn sex dolls were sold to the Japanese. These were quickly dubbed "Dutch wives." This name is still used in Japan when we talk about sex dolls. Nowadays, rather than being made from old fabric, these sex dolls took on a new, more realistic form. During the 1970s, materials such as vinyl, latex and silicone were the most used materials in the manufacture of sex dolls. Silicone has since grown in popularity because it adds more realism.

With more modern names that relate to the types of dolls that are called "love dolls" or "inflatable dolls," these sex dolls come in all kinds of shapes and sizes to satisfy all desires. Throughout history, sex dolls were used for male masturbation, but now things have taken a very different turn. Sex dolls are still available. And, they still have inflatable bodies and limbs, but with faces and other parts of the female genitalia too. With modern design improvements, sex dolls have a more realistic appearance and lifelike characteristics.

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Benefits of Sex Dolls

It’s true that most sex dolls are used to satisfy sexual needs and are used for masturbation purposes. They offer some advantages, so here are some that your sex doll might offer:

  • Enhanced sexual performance: Men who feel they are not a good lover can use sex dolls to improve their sexual performance. They say practice makes perfect, and using a sex doll can give many male individuals the chance to practice while under no pressure. Along with this, there can be a massive improvement in sexual stamina too.
  • Delaying ejaculation: If you suffer from premature ejaculation, then a sex doll is perfect to help you overcome this. Because there’s no partner interaction, the parts of the mind which become too excited will be somewhat subdued. You can hold back without fear of feeling embarrassed or that you are not able to please your partner.
  • Sex anytime: Modern sex dolls can come with vibrating inserts. These deliver lifelike feelings, so having intercourse with one of these sex dolls is as close as it can be to real intercourse, with the added stimulus. Most sex dolls can be put into any position so the experience can be very different. They are also available around the clock whenever you feel like great sex.
  • No commitment: There are many men who are a little timid, or feel they are unlucky in love, or that they’re not after commitment at all. They can make full use of sex dolls to perform intercourse without any fear of rejection. A sex doll can give them a great avenue for sexual release, rather than seeking out other partners who may not have their best interests (or aspects of health) at heart.

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Different Sex Doll Types

Blow Up Sex Dolls: This type of sex doll has not changed too much over the years and remains very popular. They are still made from PVC for the majority of the body, but many companies now offer them with solid heads, hands and feet. These body parts will more often be made from silicone. Inflatable dolls are still used for masturbation purposes and are the cheapest option, but they lack a lot of features which prevent them from meeting needs that other realistic sex dolls can achieve much easier.

Silicone Sex Dolls: These sex dolls deliver one of the closest to lifelike experiences possible. For realism, they are much more advanced than their blow up counterparts and now have a texture and feel which replicates human skin. These come in a vast array of designs, styles and skin colors, as well as an internal skeleton that allows them to be posed in a number of different sexual positions. Many silicone sex dolls have interchangeable vaginal inserts so you can custom fit the feeling from the vagina, anus or mouth to your desired liking.

Stuffed or Cloth Sex Dolls: These stuffed dolls are a far cry from the Dutch wives of old, and are now built to resemble anime-styled females. Like other sex dolls, these have an insertable and interchangeable vaginal insert, so not only will the fabric not be damaged, it will also allow you to choose who the persona you are making love to. Additionally, these dolls are ideal for any person who has a fabric fetish, and also for users of sex dolls who are not so keen on using other materials. The most significant downside to this is that these dolls don’t possess any inner skeleton, so they can’t be bent into any sexual positions. With this in mind, they do weigh in lighter and can be easier to care for while in storage.

TPE Sex Dolls: This material is very similar to silicone, but with one major downside. It is a porous material so it can absorb moisture. One other downside is that the dolls can become deformed if they rest against something hard for an extended period. TPE has a human-like feel to it once it has been warmed, and they are able to mold to the user's body shape.

Male Sex Dolls: Sex dolls were originally strictly for men, and used as a masturbation tool. But now, there are sex dolls that are being made and have the resemblance of men too. These can either be used in the gay community, or they can be suitable for women to use for a more lifelike experience.

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Part Body Sex Dolls: There are some sex dolls which are not a full representation of the female form. These can be the middle part of the torso and contain the vagina and the anus. They can come in either a ‘face up’ position as if a partner’s legs were raised over their body, or they might come as if they were on all fours.

These types are purely for masturbation as there is no way to have further interaction with the doll. Some varieties expand on the vaginal area and are merely a torso with a head. These come with no arms or legs.

Material Options

When it comes to the materials used for sex dolls, you have three standouts. The fabric dolls are quite specialist and will come with a vaginal insert which is either silicone or TPE. With this in mind, we will just look at these two materials.

TPE: TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) is made up of polyvinyl chloride and a mixture of silicone which is better known as cyber skin and gives a very smooth feel to sex dolls. This material is free of phthalates, but it is porous so it can absorb moisture and, as a result, cannot be sterilized. This material also comes with an odor, regardless of how much you clean it. Sex dolls made from this type of material, like other sex toys, should never be shared. To make cleaning more viable, it is advisable to wear a condom, but not a silicone-based one as this can degrade the vaginal orifice.

Silicone: Medical grade silicone is the most commonly used, and in some cases, it may be called platinum silicone. It is a material that is non-porous and can withstand high or cold temperatures. Silicone can be easily sterilized by boiling it in water. Silicone can be made in soft or rigid forms and also warms to body temperature, so this is ideal for posing a sex doll into various positions. Like any silicone sex toy, there should be no silicone lube used, and so it is advisable that the user sticks with water-based so that the material isn’t broken down.

Out of the two, silicone can be much easier to care for and is more durable. TPE can also become sticky after cleaning with warm water. This does mean you will need to cover the parts of your sex doll you washed with the renewal powder you can purchase for this distinct purpose.

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How to Choose the Right Sex Doll for You

Choosing sex dolls is nothing like deciding on another type of sex toy. For one, they are very much larger, and there is a lot more to think about with their care. Choosing the right one can start with their hair or eye color because this all comes down to the type of person you would be drawn to, sexually speaking, and as an example. Sex dolls come in all manner of skin colors and replicate a large number of nationalities too. These can be fair, dark-skinned, or any other type you might like.

Second of all, you can choose almost any kind of body you wish. These can be athletic, large breasted, big butted, or anything in between.

One of the other most significant decision choices is budget --because sex dolls aren’t cheap. While you can still get blow up dolls or the part-bodied sex doll types, these may not deliver the full experience you are looking for. Prices can range from the inexpensive to some sex dolls which cost tens of thousands, so choosing the right type is vital here.

After this, you can also look at body size, as not all sex dolls are a standard size. This can also affect how you store them, because this (in itself) isn’t as easy as you might think.

Next, you’ll need to decide on the orifices you want to use. Not all come with mouths that can be penetrated, like the ones with a suitable anus, for example. Luckily, sex dolls can come with just the vagina or with the other two orifices usable as well. This will give much more choice and can make any experience very unique.

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Additional Things to Consider

The material will be the ultimate thing you’ll need to consider. This isn’t only for feel; it will also affect how you care for your sex doll as well. As silicone is the primary material, this is much easier to clean than most other materials. When you purchase a love doll, you need to be sure you can sterilize the vagina of it, and any other orifices it has. If these are removable, then this is as straightforward as cleaning fleshlights or pocket pussies. These can be removed and rinsed before being sterilized in hot water.

For models which have a vagina, or any other orifice that is fixed, then these need the use of a vaginal irrigator (anal douches) to squirt water inside to rinse out the vagina. This does need to be done in an area where it’s safe to have running water, so keep that in mind during cleaning time.

Other materials are not as easy to care for, and any doll that is made from PTE can only be wiped down with warm soapy water.

Only the insertable orifices need regular cleaning, but once per month, a sex doll does need a thorough cleaning all over. Both silicone and TPE will attract lint and dust. This not only ruins the experience, but it can also accumulate and ruin the doll’s skin-like surface. Store them as instructed to negate these occurrences.

Storage is next, and this can be one of the biggest things which gets overlooked. Sex dolls can’t be stored under the bed, and ones which come with internal skeletons need hanging. If they rest on anything, the skin can deform, or in a worst case scenario, they can tear irreparably. This will also be something to consider at the time of purchase. Sex dolls might be made from durable materials, but when these are on an inner frame, this can push through the soft fabric if the doll is exposed to rough treatment. 

Aside from the doll itself, you also need to consider clothing for the doll. Some come with lingerie, while others are in different stages of undress. Additionally, some have blouses and skirts which need to be chosen (as well as cleaned regularly).

The same can be said for the wig. These will be synthetic and will need caring for in the same manner as any other wig of this nature. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines to be sure.

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