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Metal Chastity Cages

Let Go of Gender Norms with a Metal Chastity Cage

The chastity kink holds immense appeal for people who want to let go of societal pressures and stereotypes. Becoming submissive and experiencing some degree of desire deprivation can be incredibly liberating. That’s why metal chastity cages have dedicated fans.

The function of a metal chastity cage is easy to understand. When the restraint is worn, it keeps a person from experiencing an erection. Arousal can be challenging to enjoy physiologically, even painful.

A metal chastity cage is an excellent addition to a power play or a role-reversal scenario. Metal ones are considered the norm in terms of quality and hygienic standards. If you want to take a more submissive role during sex, try one of the HotCherry chastity cages. Smooth, hefty, and functional, these pieces of fetish gear are easy to put on and incorporate into almost any erotic scenario. Some are streamlined enough for prolonged wear, even underneath clothes.