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10 Best Male Chastity Devices (Cock Cages)

10 Best Male Chastity Devices (Cock Cages)

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A male chastity device is a versatile toy that can be used for short-term or long-term wear, BDSM games, premature ejaculation control, long-distance relationships, stamina training, and so much more. They can have varying shapes and designs accompanied by a lock that restricts the penis inside the cage and prevents full erection or ejaculation. They are a great and versatile toy anyone with a penis can use, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, or relationship status.

Out of the many different models of male chastity products, we’ve separated a few devices we consider best of the best. Based on their features, performance, and price, we rated them to bring your a list of the top 10 best male chastity devices.

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Our Top 10 Male Chastity Devices

10 Best Male Chastity Devices

Superb 9.8

#1 CB-6000 Clear Male Chastity Device

CB-6000 is one of the most popular male chastity devices on the market. With a clear plastic cage, your cock can be imprisoned comfortably regardless of your size. Three separate locking pins and adjusters help you adjust the gap between the base ring and the cage for a perfect fit, while a selection of base rings allows comfortable wear around the base.

The transparent cage gives things a whole different level of fun, while the ventilated form molds to the natural lines of your cock to provide accessible, breathable wear. Polycarbonate plastic is a body-safe material, so users can wear this device for more extended periods without experiencing any discomfort. This material is also as sturdy as metal and glass without being as heavy or difficult to maintain.


  • Three locking pins and adjuster for a perfect fit
  • Made of thick, medical-grade polycarbonate plastic
  • The material is easy to wear and maintain


  • Not fit for chastity device newbies
  • Polycarbonate plastic can break if you’re not careful

Superb 9.7

#2 CellMate Chastity Device - Long

As the world’s first app-controlled chastity device, CellMate offers you the power to lock and unlock the device from anywhere. The mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, with an option to choose who will be the wearer and who will be the key master and add multiple devices on one account. Plus, thanks to the real-time geo location feature will allow you to know where the wearer is at all times, so you can tease your submissive remotely and add a speck of fun to your sex life.

Finally, long-lasting battery life will guarantee you can use it for up to a year without having to buy a new set of batteries.


  • The world's first app-controlled chastity device
  • Includes two cock rings with 1.85" and 2" size
  • Long battery life lasting up to 12 months


  • Bulky in size
  • Only two cock rings
  • More expensive than other devices

Superb 9.5

#3 The Vice Male Chastity Device

With a patented “Anti-Pullout” system, The Vice is a fully lockable and completely impenetrable chastity device. Because of the textured tabs of the anti-pullouts, it becomes more secure the longer it’s worn, so after two days of constant wear, the device becomes basically inescapable!

The package comes with everything you may need for a custom fit, including four different-sized, hinged cock rings, four locking pins, four spacers, a padlock with two keys, and a handy velvet carrying case.

Three sizes of the device (Mini, Standard, and Plus) give you the option to choose the most comfortable toy for their size. Four different color options allow you to find a chastity device that really speaks to you and your partner and matches your styles.


  • Patented ‘Anti-Pullout’ system makes the device inescapable
  • Comes with three different ring sizes for a custom fit
  • Available in four different colors: Clear, Pink, Purple, and Chrome


  • Polycarbonate plastic can break if you’re not careful
  • The design may not be comfortable for all penises

Superb 9.3

#4 The Curve Male Chastity Device

Designed for the larger males, The Curve has three interlocking pieces held together by pins to make the whole device extremely secure. The ergonomic design and lightweight make it easy to wear for both short and extended periods, while five different cock rings will make wearing it comfortable for anyone, regardless of their penis size.

Made from high-grade polycarbonate, a durable and hypoallergenic material, you can wear this chastity device without worrying about your health or comfort. Thanks to the breathable design and texture, the wearer can freely move and go about their day while still being under the keyholder’s control.


  • Three interlocking pieces make the device extremely durable
  • Comes with five different ring sizes for a custom fit


  • Designed for larger penises
  • Polycarbonate plastic can break if you’re not careful

Superb 9.0

#5 World Cage Vegas Male Chastity Kit - Medium

Perfect for kink play and obedience training, the World Cage Vegas Male Chastity Kit comes with everything you may need to turn any situation into a kinky experience.
The ergonomic and breathable design makes this toy fit for both short-term and long-term wear, while several different ring sizes will make it comfortable regardless of your package size.

Thanks to the silicone material and its flexibility, you can wear and use it easily, regardless of whether your penis is flaccid, erect, or you just need to use the bathroom. Maintenance is also pretty easy. All you need to do is run the toy under warm soapy water or wipe with a gentle toy cleaner, and it will be ready for the next round!


  • Made from comfortable, body-safe silicone
  • Silicone is flexible and provides maximum comfort
  • Easy to maintain


  • The silicone material may not be restricting enough for some
  • No size or color options

Fabulous 8.8

#6 Mystim Pubic Enemy No 1 Cock Cage

Thanks to a sturdy metal lock and hard transparent shell, Mystim’s Pubic Enemy No 1 will keep your penis pent up and unable to get stiff until it’s released from its cage.
With mobile joints and adjustable length and diameter, it will fit perfectly around your penis, holding it tightly and comfortably in its shell until you or your master decide to release it. Made from high-grade, body-safe silicone, this cock cage is comfortable and flexible to wear, making it perfect for both short-term and long-term wear.

Because of its transparent and ergonomic design, you can carry or store it discreetly without anyone knowing you own it.


  • Restrictive with a sturdy metal padlock and hard transparent shell
  • The dimeter can be set up in six different sizes
  • Mobile joints and adjustable length


  • The silicone material may not be restricting enough for some
  • Cleaning it may be complex

Fabulous 8.7

#7 Fetish Fantasy Extreme Chastity Belt

Coming from the renowned sex toy company Fetish Fantasy, the Extreme Chastity Belt is another toy in their line of high-quality products. Carefully crafted from medical-grade stainless steel, this cock cage has ergonomic curves and adjustable wear for a perfect fit. A spring-like jail cell features a mini padlock for extra security while still providing the ventilation needed for comfortable wear during extended periods. The superior shape and design provide the level of restriction and a slight tinge of pain upon erection expected from a pro-series toy.

You will get this chastity belt with three metal keys for the padlock for an added level of safety and intimate play. Thanks to its attractive design and lightweight construction, it’s aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for long-term wear.


  • Made of medical-grade stainless steel
  • Curved and ventilated for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable leather length for comfortable wear
  • Attractive look and design


  • Almost impossible to take off without a padlock key
  • Properly cleaning and maintenance can be a challenge

Fabulous 8.6

#8 ManCage Chastity 3.5" Cock Cage

Coming in two color varieties (transparent and black), ManCage’s chastity cage can do its job and satisfy your kink effortlessly.

While it comes at a highly affordable price compared to similar models, it doesn’t lack functionality and features. Four rings allow you to adjust the size for a perfect fit, while the breathable design provides comfortable wear for extended periods. The device is made of high-grade polycarbonate plastic, a body-safe and hypoallergenic material that is light and durable, so you will be safe regardless of how long you will wear it.

The package includes everything needed to set up the chastity device for a perfect fit, including four different sized base rings, connector pin unit, connector pins, spacers, a metal padlock, and five plastic tie-wrap locks.


  • Comes with four different ring sizes for a custom fit
  • Offered in two different color options: black and transparent
  • The package has everything needed for a perfect fit
  • More affordable than similar models


  • Cleaning the device can be a challenge
  • Polycarbonate plastic can break if you’re not careful

Fabulous 8.5

#9 Malesation Silicone Penis Chastity Cage

Malesation Silicone Penis Chastity Cage is made with utmost comfort and security in mind. It’s a fully lockable, fully adjustable device with two flexible silicone rings that allow every user to adjust it to a perfect fit. Offered in two colors and two size options, users can customize the look and feel of their cock ring so it can look and feel great at the same time.

Made of body-safe silicone, Malesation’s cock cage is flexible and comfortable for both short-term and long-term wear. Setting it up requires only seconds, and you don’t have to be an engineer to do it. All you need to do is attach the cage, interlock them with the included belt, and then lock things down with the included padlock.


  • Offered in two sizes: large and small
  • Comes with two different ring sizes for a custom fit
  • Offered in two different color options: brown and red


  • The silicone material may not be restricting enough for some
  • More expensive than similar devices

Fabulous 8.2

#10 Fetish Fantasy Extreme The Prisoner Steel Cock Cage

Designed for those that enjoy something more extreme, Fetish Fantasy’s Extreme The Prisoner Steel Cock Cage is a BDSM dream. By combining faux leather and steel, this device brings users the best of both worlds: an attractive design rarely found in chastity devices and the extreme restriction that keeps the penis locked tightly for as long as needed.

Setting it up is simple. The thin, comfortable neoprene-backed leather straps fit over the wearer’s hips, holding a large steel ring in place. The penis is inserted through the ring and locked inside the cage. Although its bulky size is not the most discreet on the market, it provides the restriction and appearance required by kink play.


  • Perfect for BDSM play
  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable cost
  • Attractive look and design


  • Not fit for newbie users
  • No sizing options
  • The steel material can be rough on the skin

Things You Should Pay Attention to When Shopping for a Male Chastity Cage

A chastity device can help define the boundaries and set the mood at the right level when used properly. These things have been used and tested by millions of couples and have been considered top-of-the-line kinky toys. Several factors have been listed as the main ones when it comes to picking a good male chastity cage:

Size: When we’re talking about size, we don’t mean just the device size. The size of your penis and your ballas are also important. The chastity device is intended to restrict your penis and/or balls, so they need to fit inside without being squished or too loose. Before you buy a chastity device, measure your penis when it’s flaccid and erect and the circumference of your balls before the semen is drained.

Design: Chastity cages can have several designs. Mainly, there are models with leather belts, locks and rings, and recently, remote-controlled chastity devices. Chastity devices with leather belts are similar to strap-ons, with the front having the cock cage instead of another toy. Models with locks have a small, usually metal lock to set up or take off the chastity cage. On the other hand, new chastity devices are controlled via a mobile app where the app user can lock and unlock the device remotely. The type of device you buy depends entirely on your preferences and the way you want to use the device.

Material: While cock cages can be made of all kinds of materials, the most common three used are silicone, polycarbonate plastic, and steel/metal. Each of these materials satisfies different needs and preferences but also has its pros and cons. Silicone, the staple material of sex toys, is a flexible material that is very lightweight and comfortable to wear but doesn’t provide the restriction many expect from these devices. Polycarbonate feels restrictive and is a rigid material, but it is still plastic, so it can break if not handled properly. Finally, steel is the strongest material that is basically indestructible and gives the strongest, impenetrable restriction enjoyed by those that want something more extreme. However, they may be hard to wear, uncomfortable, or rough for newbie users or those that don’t like full restriction.

User-friendliness: Chastity cages aren’t the simplest devices to use, but they shouldn’t be the most complicated either. There are several parts of the chastity devices: a ring that sits around the base of the penis behind the scrotum and a cage that holds the penis. These two parts are held together by a hinge or a pin and can have a lock that prevents releasing the penis. Some models also have interlocking pieces and features you can swap and adjust. A poorly made cock cage will be a challenge to manipulate, even for professionals. Furthermore, if the device is complicated, maintenance will be a challenge to clean and maintain.

Security: Cock cages are designed to restrict and keep the penis secured tightly in the cage. When things get steamy, many men will want to take off the device in the same instance, but the whole point of caging it is to keep the penis inside. The device has to be made to prevent the wearer from taking it off without assistance or a key. This means a strong lock with a key and sturdy shell are needed to restrict the penis and stop anyone attempting to get their penis away from it. However, regardless of the materials, the design, and the level of restriction, the device should still be safe and have an “emergency exit” in case something unpredictable happens.

Why Should You Buy a Good Male Chastity Cage

Having a quality chastity device made of sturdy but lightweight materials will allow you to wear it comfortably for at least 24 hours without feeling any pain, pinching, or excessive pressure.

You should be able to wear your cock cage without it preventing you from doing your regular daily activities and even at night while you sleep. However, the chastity device should still be restrictive enough to prevent you from achieving a full-blown erection, and the design plays a significant role in this. It should have cushioned openings and rounded edges to give the penis some “breathing” room, at the same time restricting its free movement.

Cheap chastity devices have one major flaw. Wearers can take it off (or break it) without a key, which ruins the whole purpose of the device. On the other hand, higher-quality models provide a certain level of security, which means they make it difficult for the wearer to take their penis out of the cage without the key. Although they are challenging to take off without a key, renowned chastity devices will still allow the wearer to take them off in case of an emergency.

A good chastity cage can be very fun to use, but only if the toy does what it’s designed to do. Because it’s designed to prevent a full-blown erection, it can teach men how to achieve a satisfying orgasm in different, creative ways. However, to do this, it should be simple to use and operate. You shouldn’t have a degree in engineering to operate your new chastity cage, so look for something that is simple to operate but still does its job effectively. On top of that, if the device has a complex design, cleaning and maintaining it after each use can be a challenge. Most chastity devices fail at this category miserably, but some high-end models will come with cleaning kits and instructions on maintaining them.

Final Words

When the time comes to pick your chastity device, there is no need to feel intimidated. There are so many models, materials, and designs on the market that you will certainly find one that will match all your needs and expectations. The most important thing is to find a model that gives you and/or your partner a safe and satisfying sexual experience, and you will find out the rest once you start using it.

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