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Product Overview

  • Vibrant, colorful unicorn, rainbow tail with solid silicone butt plug
  • Plug is perfect size for beginners or any skill level, 3.9 inches of insertable length, easily retained and extracted
  • Solid yet flexible, silicone construction, the plug is ideal for internal stimulation of G-spot or prostate
  • Unicorn butt plug can be used by any gender with excellent results
  • Stimulates excitement and inspires cosplay or dress up sex, for solo, couples or within a group
  • 100% body safe materials with easy clean plug and washable tail (see care instructions on pack)

Product Description

Bring the magic back and feel the rainbow thrills of the delightful Unicorn butt plug! A premium grade silicone butt plug sits snug and is festooned with swishing, silky, sexy streaks of delicious unicorn color. Trace the sensual tail across yourself or your partner, and feel the thrill of the tail’s base inside you as you dance, prance or play on your own, or as you mount your partner in wild unicorn ecstasy.

This tail is certainly fun, and is screaming dress ups and cosplay, but it has a serious side. A sexy, hot and intimately fulfilling serious side. The gently tapered, solid silicone, Unicorn butt plug is designed with comfort and maximum stimulation in mind. It has a tapered tip, generous contours and a narrow neck with flared base which makes it easy to insert, enjoy and extract. The flared base ensuring it never travels further than you intend it to.

Fully unisex, it can be worn, adored and enjoyed by any gender, with the plug being the perfect size for beginners or any skill level. The stretch is great, but not hard, with the softer silicone design gently but firmly stimulating the internal erogenous zones to perfection. It also leaves you hands-free, so you can enjoy all your other unicorn fantasies, leaving your tail to take care of you in the process.

100% body safe, the Unicorn butt plug has an insertable length of 3.9 inches and is easy to clean and maintain. The tail itself is polyester and can wash up in warm, soapy water.

Product Details


Size: 12 inch long tail
Width: 2.1 inches at widest point
Length: 4 inch plug
Insertable length: up to 3.9 inches
Product Weight: 8.6 oz.


Flexibility: Flexible yet firm, fully flexible tail
Material: Silicone, polyester
Color: Black, multi-colored tail
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Waterproof

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual plug
Shape: Plug, tail
Power Type: Manual/movement
Multi-speed/Multi-vibration: No
Powerful: Yes

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