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Everything You Need to Know About Tail Butt Plugs

Everything You Need to Know About Tail Butt Plugs

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Tail butt plugs, in essence, are like any other butt plug, but they come with the addition of an animal tail fastened to them. These can add a lot of variety and spice to a couple’s sex life, and can be used in all manner of situations when individuals are looking for something a little different.

Tail butt plugs are often seen as a way to take part in pet play role playing, or women love to cuddle to soft fur as they take part in some solo play.

Unicorn Tails Butt Plug

These tail butt plugs cry out that the wearer wants to be dominated and needs a master. The BDSM world has never been the same since these tail butt plugs were released, and now there are even more individuals of both sexes choosing ones which they can relate to.

While many butt plugs have a focus on the plug itself, with a tail butt plug, the focus is definitely on the tail hanging between your legs. When you become a lover of a tail butt plug, you might hear the term “furries,” but these tailed butt plugs aren’t just for people who want to wear animal costumes and go all the way. In fact, they add some soft sensuality to any bedroom action or role playing.

Master Series Fox Tail XL Butt Plug

Different Types & Styles

Because the focus is more on the tail than the butt plug itself, these are often mainly very similar in construction. But there are variants which come in different materials and shapes and sizes. Most tail butt plugs are metal, glass or silicone, and the tail part can be made from faux fur or in more expensive tails, they can even be made from real animal furs.

Tailz Pony Tail Butt Plug

There is a vast number of tail butt plugs available, so here is a quick rundown of the types you might find:

Bunny tail plugs – These are short, fluffy, tailed butt plugs and are often worn by a submissive to give a cute appearance of a rabbit. They are commonly used for power exchange scenarios or for sexual humiliation.

Cat tail plugs – These are based on a cat’s tail and are highly arousing with their soft fur brushing the inside of the thighs and against your partner.

Pony tail plugs – These resemble the tail of a small pony and hang down the back of the wearer's legs, or when they are on all fours, they can almost touch the floor. These are used in submission to the point where the wearer can be ridden like a real pony.

Fox tail plugs – This is the most common type of tailed butt plug. They deliver high levels of kinky and erotic foreplay when the master inserts the butt plug so the wearer can wag the tail on demand.

These are just some of the more popular tailed butt plugs, yet there are still plenty of other animals that are hugely popular, depending on taste. These can include a dog, a pig, be rainbow-colored, looking like a raccoon tail or even the more exotic types, like dragons or the devil tailed butt plug.

Neon Luv Bunny Tail Butt Plug

How to Choose Anal Tails & Furry Plugs 

Choosing an anal tail can be difficult in some situations because it depends on the use of it. If you are submissive, then it will be the more dominant partner who will dictate what sort of furry butt plug they desire you to wear, for role play or BDSM.

If it’s for solo play, then you can go through the more conventional decision criterion to make sure you have the right anal tail that meets your needs.

The brand will be important when choosing a furry butt plug. There are a lot of manufacturers who make these products and the users all too often find them falling apart after one or two uses. Buy a great brand or something awesome from a reputable seller.

Price will be an indicator, and with anal toys, you do get what you pay for, especially if they are made from real hair or fur. Synthetic materials will be much cheaper, but they don’t offer the same sort of realism.

Size will be crucial because anal tails are not for a few minutes of wearing. They are often intended for long bouts of ‘pet play’ or sub-dom scenarios that can last a while. For comfort, you’ll need a furry butt plug which has a neck that will be comfortable. You can get anal tails that insert up to 6 inches or more, and come with a circumference of around 3 inches, but to enjoy your anal tail, you might be better off sticking with something smaller.

The material is vital. The anus doesn’t create its own lubrication, so the softer and smoother the material of your anal tail, the better. The more common choices are steel or glass. These warm to the body and also require less lube than some other materials.

When it comes to the tailed part, these often come with different textures depending on the materials in use. They can come in hilly, smooth or rippled textures, depending upon the animal the tail is representing. This decision can be down to the dominant, or if you are buying one for solo play, it depends on your kink and how soft you want the anal tail to feel.

Tailz Butt Plug - Fox Tail

What Are the Benefits

The benefits of tail butt plugs can be for two partners who are taking part in ‘pet play’ or for the individual who is seeking added stimulation from the wearing of a butt plug and also wants to feel the softness of fur or hair against their body.

In a role playing scenario, these tail butt plugs add another depth to the adventure, where the wearer becomes totally submissive and the tail sets this role off totally. The more dominant of the two can do as they wish and can enact their fantasies, and thus get satisfaction from their tail fetish. As long as there is consent from both parties, it can be super fun!

Other benefits will be from the butt plug itself, and depending on the gender of the wearer and the size, there can be some prostate stimulation if it’s a male, although this won’t be for health reasons, and will be more for sexual gratification if a tail is used.

Butt plugs can also help the anus adjust, becoming ready for further anal play, and will help the muscles relax. So either the next toy or in the case of full anal sex, they will be able to accept the penis or toy without any unnecessary force.

Tail butt plugs benefit users to live out their kinks or fetishes, whatever they may be, and they open up all kinds of avenues for a spicier time for wearers and dominants too. Bonding between partners as well as trust are two more benefits here.

Tailz Cat Tail Butt Plug

Some Safety Considerations

Butt plugs do need to be designed in a specific way; this is because they can be sucked into the anus if they don’t have a sufficient base to prevent this. Most tail butt plugs are of this design because of the way the fur fastens to the end, however, not all manufacturers are reliable. Be aware of this flaw when buying.

Some tail plugs are advertised as being able to be pulled. Some dominant parties might be tempted to do so, but this shouldn’t be allowed because of the shape of the butt plug. As they are wider when inserted, they can cause severe pain if the tail is pulled with force. Additionally, choosing a tail that is too long when you are on all fours and crawling around, well, this might catch under your leg and give you a nasty surprise.

Because of the fur aspect, be it natural or synthetic, there can be a case of allergic reactions. If you suspect you may have an allergy to any animal, then you should either select another, or choose one of the synthetics to avoid this problem.

The synthetic versions will be in softer fibers than the more coarse. Some manufacturers use materials which bind compounds together to make them softer, and many of these are not body safe and can cause allergic reactions. Be choosy when you buy and opt for body safe materials, always.

Tailz Extra Long Mink Tail Butt Plug

Where Can You Use Your Tail Butt Plugs?

Almost everyone has heard of butt plugs, and in some cases, they can appear dull as they do as they are designed for without adding any visual stimulation. Butt plugs do deliver in the stimulation department, and now with tail plugs, there is a very visual element to these simple devices.

It is often the case that these tailed butt plugs are used in BDSM, the tail is sported by the wearer where they can resemble a pet or another animal. This form of BDSM is in the way of more consensual dominant and submissive relationships. They can be saucy and very adventurous. In fact, this is a hugely popular sexual pastime between couples of all genders, and these tail butt plugs can be worn as a warm up to further anal play. Alternatively, they are left in place to add more stimulation when regular sex is taking place. Here, there will be added stimulus in the anal nerve endings, and also the male partner can feel added pressure as he penetrates too. Visually, they are very exciting!

Tailed butt plugs can also be used in solo play where they add the feel of either real or faux fur against the wearer's legs as they tease and play with other body parts during masturbation. Sounds fun, right?

Tailz Fox Tail Butt Plug

Cleaning and Storage Tips

It’s advisable to purchase a tail plug which consists of a harder material or is made from silicone only. These make it much easier to clean. However, here are guides to clean all types…

Porous materials – Any tail plug that is made from cyber skin, rubber or neoprene will be porous. This means they’ll let water into the surface. These need cleaning with mild soap and warm water, immediately after use.

Nonporous materials – These are made from silicone, steel or glass. These can be washed after use, and then to sterilize they can be boiled briefly in hot water or run through a dishwasher as long as you remove the tail piece.

Butt plug with tails – The care of these will depend upon if it’s real fur or synthetic. If you have a real fur tail, then these should never be submerged in water, and should only be wiped down with mild soap and a damp cloth. These need drying with a hair dryer on cool, instead of via air drying.

If you have a tail made from faux fur, you can submerge these under water to clean with a mild soap or antibacterial dishwashing liquid. This should be carefully hung to air dry.

Both types of tail should be gently brushed, once dry, just to fluff them up a little.

When storing, the butt plug part should be placed in a protective bag, and the tail part should never be bent or folded. They should also be locked away, so other pets don’t take a liking to them. That might be awkward!


Tailz Grey Fox Tail Butt PlugCommon Questions People Ask

How long can I wear my tailed butt plug for?

Some individuals wear tailed butt plugs for a few hours. As long as you choose a butt plug that has a smooth surface and is of a comfortable size, there is no reason why you can’t wear one for up to three or four hours. Just note; you will still need to add lube during this time.

Which is the best lube for my tailed butt plug?

This can differ depending upon how long you want to wear your tailed butt plug for. Water based lubes dry up when inside the body and can make the plug hard to remove. Silicone lubes react with silicone materials, so for long-time wear; you can use an oil-based lube. This shouldn’t dry out as quickly as water-based types. One thing to note is: if you are planning to have anal sex and want to use a condom, these can be ruined from oil-based lubes. At least you have a wealth of information before you get adventurous.

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