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Everything You Need to Know About Vibrating Panties


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Vibrating panties are sex toys that can be worn all day with no significant downsides, apart from having orgasm after orgasm in public or at home. If you can handle that, then these are the one sex toy that every woman should own…

Vibrating panties are ideal for solo stimulation or fun between couples. They get their name from the fact that they are a piece of women’s underwear with vibrating attachments. These are predominantly for women, although there are some men’s vibrating panties around too.

In essence, they deliver vibrations to stimulate the vagina and clitoris, and manufacturers do all they can to put another twist on the design’s effectiveness of these amazing vibrating panties.

While most types are designed to look sexy, there is a wide range of panties available that can be used for other situations. The main thing to remember is: that wearing a pair of vibrating panties that are remote controlled will change grocery shopping forever…

Club Vibe Wireless Vibrating Panties

Different Types & Styles

While there are lots of variations of vibrating panties around, they do fall in to specific groups by the way they interact with the body. Not all just rest against the clitoris and vulva by buzzing away, and they can quickly become more intimate to stimulate every wearer to orgasm.

Here are some of the group types you can find:

Panty vibrators – The majority of panties come in this design. They are made from lace or other material and have a discreet pocket where you can slide a bullet vibrator. This will be well positioned against the vaginal and clitoral region.

Thong/C-string – These are designed like a G-string but come with no side straps to hold them around the waist. These are made from plastic but covered in fabric to give a softer feel. This type, unfortunately, doesn’t stay in place as well as the regular panties might. They also come with a small pouch where a vibrating unit sits inside and pushes against the clitoris and vulva.

Panty teasers – These have the advantage of being worn with your own regular underwear. They don’t come with a pouch, but rather, they come with a small nub that’s inserted into the vagina and contains a small buzzing unit that is more often, remote controlled.

Hip strap vibrators – While not exactly being panties, they are worn in much the same way, so they are included here. These border on being a pure sex toy and can come in rabbit/butterfly options. These will strap around the hips and the end of the unit sits inside the vagina.

Wireless vibrating panties – These can fall into any of the above panty styles, but they are remote controlled. These can often be used up to 50 feet away from the wearer of the panties. Unsuspecting orgasms can hit you when your partner is in control. There are even a few options that can be controlled via phone apps, and these give control from any location on the planet.

Vibrating stroker beads G-string – These are another type that are not precisely vibrating panties. These come in the form of a G-string, but at the front, there are two rows of beads which sit either side of the labia. A vibrating device buzzes away while couples use these for intercourse. The beads deliver sensations into the labia while at the same time giving sensations to the partner's penis.

Dr. Laura Berman Vibrating Panty

How to Choose a Remote Control Vibrating Panty for You

You might be wondering how much variation there can be when it comes to choosing a pair of vibrating panties? There can be more than you think, so there is more than enough choice to satisfy every wearer.

You can choose from panties with small built-in vibrators, panties with removable vibrators, external panty stimulators, or panties with internal stimulators. Not forgetting though, these can come in remote controlled panties or without the remote.

Vibrating Crotchless Panty

There are a few things to think about including the following:

  • Make sure you select a pair that’s the right size
  • Do the vibrating panty designs fill your desires and needs?
  • What color do you want?
  • Are they for solo wear or do you want a stimulating color/design for your partner to enjoy?
  • Will your partner be included in the decision?

Choosing the right size is like choosing any new sexy lingerie, and every woman knows, if it doesn’t fit right, it won’t deliver the pleasant feeling they are looking for. Vibrating panties are no different.

There are plenty of sizes available from suppliers; however, because these might be manufactured in another country, caution does need to be taken because not all the sizes are an accurate reflection of what you might receive. This is where a reliable supplier pays dividends. Their sizing charts are reflective of what can be purchased from your local lingerie store. An easy way to find out is to read customer reviews, you will very quickly see if the sizes stated are correct.

Material and shape also need some extra thought. You can find cotton panties with silicone stimulators that attach, or you can find styles that fall under G-string types and are made from silk or nylon. A lot of this will vary depending on the supplier.

Because most of the varieties are similar in design, you should check for the panty style first and then the vibrating unit second. It’s the panties which will be delivering comfort, and if these don’t deliver on that side of things, it doesn’t matter how much your stimulator will provide. One final thing to remember is: the smaller the vibrating motor, the weaker the vibrations. On the other hand, the larger the device, the more uncomfortable it could be to wear all day long.

Hustler Vibrating Panties with Hidden Vibe Pocket

What Are the Benefits

Vibrating panties are very discreet. No one apart from the wearer will know that there’s a sex toy in their midst.

They are known for being all about stimulation, and in this department, they can really, truly deliver. The vibrating unit (in most cases) either sits against the clitoris, or there are vibrating panties that have an insertable portion. With the remote safely tucked away in a pocket, or in the hand of a partner, you can receive some mind-blowing and surprising stimulation you never even thought possible.

There’s nothing quite like having something buzzing between your legs in public. All your senses will be heightened, and it can be a perfect lead up to foreplay too.

Using vibrating panties to the point of orgasm through the day can lift the mood dramatically. You will be chock full of endorphins that are released, and everyone will be wondering why you have such a glowing complexion. But, the best part is; only you’ll know why!

Vibrating panties also offer hands free stimulation. Now there’s no need to wait for the bedroom before you can grab your favorite vibrator. The urges may have worn off by that time, but now you have your vibrator well positioned for the times when you’re feeling a little frisky, and when you want some much needed stimulation.

Hustler Vibrating Panties

Some Safety Considerations

When wearing vibrating panties throughout the day, you might think you need high intensity vibrations. But, although there may not be any long term damage, you can find the areas around the clitoris feeling numb from excessive use. Remote control vibrating panties can alleviate this problem, and it’s actually the non-remote variety that can lead to this problem.

Battery type is another thing that users need to be careful of, and this is why it’s even more important to find a reputable manufacturer. In fact, because some of these devices are rechargeable, the batteries can’t be removed. If the inbuilt battery leaks for any reason, you might find a stinging sensation from battery acid on your private parts. It’s rare, but it is possible. Checking this each time you clean is a must, and also, unless the manufacturer states that your vibrating panties are waterproof, you should not use them around water.

Too much of a good thing can also be bad. It might feel really nice having your vibrating panties on all the time, but you do need to restrict use to give your body parts a rest. “Everything in moderation,” as they say.

Plus Size Remote Control Quiet Panty Vibrator

Where Can You Use Your Them

Vibrating panties can be used anywhere where panties can be worn. It all comes down to the imagination and how adventurous you are. Much of where you can use them also depends on when or what you have planned.

Some of the places you can use them are as follows:

  • Coffee shops – This can be an exciting place, the busier the better, and although the vibrations might be quiet, the thought of people noticing can prevent you from enjoying the sensations. So pick a corner facing away from people.
  • Movie theater – As long as you have vibrating panties which are quiet, then watching a movie can be one of the best places to lean back and enjoy your clitoral stimulation in comfort. You can tilt your hips and push against your panties with no one becoming any the wiser. If you are with your partner, they can time the remote to ensure the buzzing with the actions on the screen.
  • Restaurants – Another great place to use vibrating panties. Sit at the table and try fumbling with the remote. This adds a real sense of being naughty. Lights are dimmed, and the atmosphere adds to what is happening down below. Choose your restaurant wisely; one that is brightly lit will ruin the experience.
  • Nightclubs – If there was one sexy place designed to get the most from a vibrating pair of panties, it’s the dance floor. Your partner can time the remote to the music, and they also have the chance to have their arm around you and hold you tight too. Straddle their thigh in a seductive clench, and you can push as hard as you like against your clitoral stimulator.

Screaming O Remote Control Vibrating Panty

Cleaning & Storage Tips

There is hardly a pair of vibrating panties on the market where you can’t remove the vibrating attachment. This makes them very easy to clean, but you do need to follow some fundamental hygiene rules.

The panties can be washed in the washing machine or by hand. These are the same as regular underwear, and so the same conditions apply. You do need to check on the manufacturer's recommendations for using a dryer though, as their materials might not stand up to extreme heat.

The vibrating units are very different. If they are rechargeable, then the cover needs to be closed before you wipe them down with a cloth and antibacterial soap. If they come with batteries, these need removing between use so they won’t be tempted to leak, or you could accidentally leave your vibrating unit turned on. On occasion, you can find a battery compartment is destroyed from batteries sitting inside for extended periods.

Most of the vibrating motors won’t be waterproof, so these shouldn’t be submerged, ever.

You should store both your panties and your vibrating motor in a separate protective bag and keep them in a cool, dry area that’s away from direct sunlight.

Sensuelle Remote Control Vibrating Panty

Common Questions People Ask

Do I need to use lube with my vibrating panties?

A smearing of lube never hurt anyone, but you don’t want to use too much as it can make your panties soggy. The only real time you may need lube for sure, is if you have vibrating panties where there is an insertable part for pleasure.

I’m a guy and want to wear vibrating panties. Are there male options available?

There are some male options available, but these are very limited. It also depends on the type of feeling you want to receive. You may prefer testicle stimulation, or if it’s for anal pleasure, then this is something different altogether. You’ll need to search a little harder to find these, until their popularity grows further.

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