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Blush Temptasia Twist Small - BlackBlush Temptasia Twist Small - Black
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Blush X5 Basic 5 Vibrating DildoBlush X5 Basic 5 Vibrating Dildo
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Pride Dildo Silicone Suction Cup DildoPride Dildo Silicone Suction Cup Dildo
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King Cock 9 Inch Realistic DildoKing Cock 9 Inch Realistic Dildo
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Blush Temptasia Jezebel Silicone DildoBlush Temptasia Jezebel Silicone Dildo
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King Cock 9 Inch DildoKing Cock 9 Inch Dildo
Save 39%
Loverboy The Boxer 9 Inch Vibrating DildoLoverboy The Boxer 9 Inch Vibrating Dildo
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Blush X5 Realistic Small DildoBlush X5 Realistic Small Dildo
Save 34%
Addiction Brad 7.5 Inch Suction Cup DildoAddiction Brad 7.5 Inch Suction Cup Dildo
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Silk Silicone DildoSilk Silicone Dildo
Silk Silicone Dildo
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ColourSoft Silicone DildoColourSoft Silicone Dildo
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Icicles No. 60 Glass DildoIcicles No. 60 Glass Dildo
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Blush Ruse Juicy Realistic DildoBlush Ruse Juicy Realistic Dildo
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Tommy Pistol ULTRASKYN 7.5" Vac-U-Lock CockTommy Pistol ULTRASKYN 7.5" Vac-U-Lock Cock
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Signature Cocks JJ Knight Ultraskyn 8.5 Inch DildoSignature Cocks JJ Knight Ultraskyn 8.5 Inch Dildo
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Home Grown 9 Bioskin DildoHome Grown 9 Bioskin Dildo
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Jeff Stryker 10 Inch DildoJeff Stryker 10 Inch Dildo
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Willy's 6.5 Inch Curved Realistic Suction Cup DildoWilly's 6.5 Inch Curved Realistic Suction Cup Dildo
Blush Jet 8 Inch Realistic Dildo - BlackBlush Jet 8 Inch Realistic Dildo - Black
Save 28%
Blush Avant D16 Silicone DildoBlush Avant D16 Silicone Dildo
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Adam & Eve Universal Vibrating Hollow Strap OnAdam & Eve Universal Vibrating Hollow Strap On

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Reach the G-spot or the P-spot with a Curved Dildo

The beauty in a curved dildo is exactly what you’d think – the delivery of perfect aim to the G-spot, or even the P-spot. Many people find these spots hard to target, and these orgasms hard to achieve based on a difficulty in locating and directly stimulating the sensitive area. With the help of a curved dildo, you can better massage that hard-to-reach spot and feel maximum arousal and pleasure.

These dildos are offered in a variety of different styles to best please personal taste. From glass toys with swirling ribbons of texture to smooth, rubber styles, we carry a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials.

Browse our wide selection of curved dildos that will be in the perfect position to massage your most sensitive erogenous zone. To help you learn a bit more about curved dildos, we’ve addressed some commonly asked questions:

Flexible Dildos FAQ

What are other benefits of curved dildos other than G-spot or P-spot stimulation?

There are plenty of other benefits to curved dildos. Bendable and flexible dildos stay in the angle you like best to fully customize the angle of entry. They’re also great as a strap-on because it’s easier to penetrate your partner in doggy-style position!

Can I use them a bendable dildo alone?

Absolutely! These curved and flexible dildos are a hot commodity due to their ease of use, whether it’s with a partner or solo. These dildos have a flexible spine inside the realistic shaft that bends and allows you to curve it to your desired angle of penetration. That’s what makes them ideal for customization and effective reach of your G-spot or P-spot.

Where is the G-spot located?

The G-spot is generally located 2-3 inches inside the vagina, facing the front of the body. It’s a small gland of highly concentrated nerve endings embedded in the tissue, inside the anterior vaginal wall.

Where is the P-spot located?

Similarly to the G-spot, the P-spot is located 2 inches deep, however in this case it’s in the rectum.