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Experience the Perfect Thrust Solo with a Thrusting Dildo

Sometimes we need a good pounding, and we simply don’t have the means to get it. Or do we…

Introducing the thrusting dildo – the dildo that’s ready to give it to you anytime, anywhere. While most of us are familiar with traditional dildos and vibrators, the thrusting dildo is the perfect hybrid of the two that take stimulation to the next level. They’re vibrating dildos that are packed with gears and gadgets that mimic the thrusting motions of a penis, offering a unique sensation that massages your G-spot in a smoother, gentler way. Many of them are also packed with a clitoral stimulator too, for double the pleasure!

Browse our wide selection of thrusting dildos that will stimulate you in the most unique ways. To help you learn a bit more about thrusting dildos, we’ve addressed some commonly asked questions:

Thrusting Dildos FAQ

Can I use a thrusting dildo with a partner?

Certainly! Thrusting dildos usually have the reputation of being solely for solo masturbation, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Have your partner perform oral while using the thruster, and experience the most intense orgasm you could ever dream of.

What does it feel like?

Having a thrusting dildo inside of you feels as though a partner is penetrating you – it’s a similar feeling.

Should I get one that’s handheld or suction cup? Which is better?

It truly depends on preference. Some prefer the ones with ergonomic handles because of comfort, but others love the option of being able to ride the thrusting dildo, or have it pound you from the back. Picture the situations in which you imagine you’ll be using it, and choose accordingly. If your fantasy involves a threesome, and you want to suction cup your thrusting dildo to the wall while you perform oral on your partner, go with the suction cup! Either way, they’ll both fulfill and please you in their own way.