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Bareskin Soft & Firm DildoBareskin Soft & Firm Dildo
Bareskin Soft & Firm Dildo
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Real Skin Realistic DildoReal Skin Realistic Dildo
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Blush X5 Hard On Real Feel DildoBlush X5 Hard On Real Feel Dildo
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King Cock 9 Inch Realistic DildoKing Cock 9 Inch Realistic Dildo
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Real Skin Double Head DildoReal Skin Double Head Dildo
Real Skin Double Head Dildo
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Lifelikes Dong with Suction CupLifelikes Dong with Suction Cup
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Natural Realskin Squirting PenisNatural Realskin Squirting Penis
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Blush X5 Basic 5 Vibrating DildoBlush X5 Basic 5 Vibrating Dildo
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Addiction Brad 7.5 Inch Suction Cup DildoAddiction Brad 7.5 Inch Suction Cup Dildo

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Get Visual and Erotic Stimulation in One with a Real Feel Dildo

Sight does contribute a lot to arousal. We’re visual creatures and we get turned on whenever we see something that we like. This is the simple reason why realistic feel dildos are such a popular sex toy category.

A good real skin dildo feels like an actual penis and it looks like one too. You’ll see the delineation between the tip and the shaft, the veins, the little skin imperfections. It’s the exact opposite of a glass dildo. In a sense, a realistic dildo is similar to a product like the tongue vibrator, for example, because it’s supposed to give you a sensation experienced during sex with a partner.

Real Skin Dildos FAQ

What Are Realistic Feeling Dildos Made of?

Some of them are crafted from rubber, some are made from medical-grade silicone. One of the best and most exciting materials used is cyber skin – a proprietary elastomer blend that has a texture and feel very reminiscent to those of skin. If you want an HD realistic experience, cyber skin is the material to pursue.

Can a Life Like Dildo Be Used Alongside Other Sex Toys?

Absolutely and you’re limited only by your imagination. You can use it after some other toys like a bullet vibrator or you can have it in your body alongside another item like an anal vibrator. A large part of the sex toy fun stems from experimentation. If you already have a couple of items in your collection, do mix and match those to find out what the combinations feel like.

What Size Is Right for Me?

Is bigger always better in the world of sex? Not necessarily!

Start with smaller toys so that your body can get used to the experience. Eventually, you can move on to longer dildos and those having a thicker girth.

One characteristic that could matter more for your arousal than size is texture. Textured surfaces will rub better against your vagina and clit, which means you’ll be having a lot more fun. If you know the size of the dildo you are looking for, you might want to check out our toys by size:

5 Inch
6 Inch
7 Inch
8 Inch
9 Inch
10 Inch
12 Inch +

What Are Some Characteristics to Look for in a Realistic Skin Dildo?

Getting a real skin dildo with a suction cup will enable you to have some hands-free fun. The suction cup allows for the secure attachment of the dildo to a horizontal or a vertical surface. Not only will your hands be free, you’ll also get to explore a bigger number of positions.

If you plan to have some shower fun, make sure that your realistic dildo is completely waterproof.

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