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Everything You Need to Know About Double Dildos

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Double dildos are unlike any other dildo on the adult market. They’re designed for double penetration in one form or another. And what makes these double dildos different is that they comprise two ends that can be used.

Some models can be used for double penetration between partners, while some can be used for double penetration on yourself. This means there are a couple of different designs of double dildos, but the end result is still the same.

Slim Jim 17 Inch Double Ended Dildo

Double ended dildos dish up double the fun. In fact, this type of dildo will be very much longer than a conventional dildo because it needs to reach across the divide between two partners, or for the flexible model, they need bending almost double to enter the anus as well as the vagina, in solo play.

Because of the nature of double dildos, most come in soft rubber or silicone coatings. However, double dildos that are designed with double penetration in mind can also come in a more rigid form and can be made from stainless steel too.

The double dildo was first used between lesbians. However, things have moved on much further, and these adult sex toys are taking on a much more versatile role. Now, there is a vast majority of straight or gay couples who have found these double dildos ideal for dual anal stimulation too.

Dillio Double Dildo

Different Types

Double dildos mainly come in two varieties, but with different uses. Here is a rundown of each variation on the double dildo…

Double ended dildos

These are the ones which were designed with lesbians in mind. They are made from the same materials as regular dildos but now have a much longer shaft and consist of two heads. In some cases, one is thinner than the other which makes anal penetration more comfortable. These double ended dildos can reach up to eighteen inches in length. This makes them more than long enough to reach between female partners so they can grind against each other, or they can be bent in the middle for solo double penetration.

Double headed dildos

These are very different in design and are commonly found as two penises of different sizes. These are designed purely for double penetration inside one person. Again, these are made to look realistic, or they can be smooth silicone models that don’t look like a penis and are soft and curved.

Doc Johnson 12 Inch Double Sided Dildo

Strap-on or strapless double headed dildos

The strap-on variety of this dildo will be the same as the double headed dildos. Strap-ons are worn by a female in a harness where they can perform double penetration on their partner.

Newer strapless dildos take on a very different approach. These are used for a woman who wants to take the male role. They can be used for female penetration, or they can be used for male anal play. What makes these different is that the one end of the double headed dildo sits inside the vagina to be held in place. She can then thrust and receive vaginal stimulation at the same time.

How to Choose the Best Double Dildos for You

Double dildos are unique, so choosing the right one will be a very different experience than selecting another type of dildo. Although there are a variety of different models available, they fall into three main brackets.

A double dildo for use with a partner – These are designed as sex toys for couples and are intended for simultaneous penetration. This can be female to female, male to female or even male to male. These are available in soft, jelly-like materials, but depending upon the anatomy of partners, it might be wise to opt for a firmer model.

Double headed dildo for solo play – These double headed dildos come in two forms. They are either the variety that is shaped like two separate penises, so both shafts are used for penetration, or they come in a rigid ‘C’ shape where the shaft has two penis heads. These form a handle that can make it much easier to control than other more flexible double ended dildos.

Double dildos for role reversal – This is the type which has an attachment that sits inside the vagina. In some cases, these are not molded like a penis and are made just to hold this strapless strap-on in place, while still delivering stimulation to the wearer.

When choosing, it is crucial that both partners who will be involved are not allergic to any of the materials. After this, there is a question of the size that needs consideration too. Double ended dildos are often on the large side, so be aware of that when purchasing. When choosing these for anal play, some models come with one tapered end and one larger end, but in the case of double anal play, a double ended dildo with two tapered ends will be essential. Check the guidelines from the seller.

Dorcel Silicone Double Ended Dildo

What Are the Benefits

All the benefits of double dildos center on the pleasure factor. For partners, there has never been a toy where they can feel penetration at the same time, and this goes for female and male partners, as well as members of both sides of the gay community.

Additionally, it’s possible for a person to feel the experience of double penetration while they are alone, and this was never possible unless two separate dildos were used, in past times.

Other benefits are in a role reversal for a woman. She can now take on a masculine role to perform intercourse with another female partner, or if her male partner is more submissive or wants to experience anal toys without being with another man, then she can take over and perform this act on him as well.

With such a brilliantly performing sex toy, it’s a two-way experience between partners so it can bring them closer together, rather than each person receiving singular stimulation while the other sits out the experience. Sex lives can be significantly enhanced when these toys are shared, and they are an excellent way of spicing things up in the bedroom.

The benefit of a strapless strap-on is that the female will feel a whole new experience while performing penetration on their partner. This was never possible with a strap-on dildo, which usually just pushes against the body of the user. Now she has more control and can focus on the job at hand rather than keep adjusting her position. The dual satisfaction is out of this world kind of fun.

Glas Double Sided Glass Dildo

Some Safety Considerations

Most safety advice is based on the sharing of a double dildo. If the partners are both females, there is still a need for cleaning and not using the end your partner has.

In the case of anal penetration from a double ended dildo, or a double headed dildo, these must be cleaned before and after use.
Double ended dildos are less likely to become stuck inside the anus, but when in use it is vital there is enough lube used, and the anus end isn’t pushed in too far.

If using a flexible double ended dildo for double penetration, these are highly flexible. If they contain an inner core that will hold them in position, this might wear with frequent bending and straightening.
Before use, the surface needs checking to make sure there is no sign of sharp edges sticking out of the dildo’s surface. It may scratch and will also let moisture inside as you clean your double dildo.

Jock 13 Inch Double Ended Huge Dildo

Cleaning & Storage Tips

Because there are a few various types of double dildos, they will need extra care between uses. There is also the fact if anal play is involved, there will be a need for disinfection of the dildo.

Soft skinned or jelly type double ended dildos will only be able to be washed with antibacterial soap. This can be either one you have purchased as an adult toy cleaner, a mild dishwashing soap, or a bar of body soap which contains such properties. At this stage, you need to check for any cracks or cuts in the material. While washing, extra care needs to be taken around any realistic veins, or around the penis head.

The more rigid double ended dildos can be washed in the same way, but as it is typically fixed in this ‘C’ position, there is less chance the material will split from bending. However, it is easy to catch the material with fingernails, so a double check is still required.

Some of the strapless strap-on types are very different when it comes to cleaning. Some are adjustable and have moving parts. The one advantage with most of these types is; they are nonporous. If designed to be taken apart, then you should dismantle it to get into all the deep parts of the device.

After any of the double dildos have been cleaned, they could feel tacky, especially the jelly type material models. Renewal powder should be sprinkled on these to make the surface soft and smooth again.

Storage areas should be in cool, dry environments, and double dildos need storing in their original packing. The longer double ended dildos need a large enough place to lie flat, so these might need a more extended storage box to accommodate their full length.

Jock 18 Inch Double Ended Dildo

How Do You Use Double Headed Dildos?

The use will depend on the type of double dildo in use, and usage will vary if you are with a partner, or if you are in solo play.
Here is each area broken down and described below.
Using a double ended dildo for solo fun – Both ends should be liberally coated in lube, as should both of your orifices. Place a cushion under your hips and lay on your back. Spread your legs and ease the tapered end into your anus.

Bend the double ended dildo upward, and ease it into your vagina. This forms a bend you can use as a handle to control thrusting penetration. You can then lift yourself and squat over the dildo as you guide each end further inside. With gentle bouncing, you can feel the full pleasure of DP (double penetration).

Using a double ended dildo with your partner – This type needs to be on the firmer side. It also requires some good coordination between the two of you. One position is to both be in doggy and facing away from each other. Each partner should insert an end. This can be vagina to vagina, vagina to anus, or anus to anus. You can then rock against each other in tandem to get the full force and fullness required.

In the case of two females, you can take on the classic lesbian crab pose and insert it into both vaginas and then grind against the double dildo in tandem.

Ruse 18 Inch Silicone Double Dildo

Common Questions People Ask

1. Is anal penetration with a double dildo safe?

If you follow the correct care and cleaning instructions and safety suggestions, then yes, having anal penetration with a dildo is very safe. Both partners also need full consent and also need to keep plenty of water-based lube handy. Go slow and build momentum as you get used to the feeling. Never force it, and always use lubrication. Speak to your partner and communicate throughout the session.

2. Are there health risks using double ended dildos?

The same risks apply for the use of any sex toy/s with partners, just as it does with regular sex. Using condoms on both ends of your double ended dildo can reduce the risk of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) or STIs (sexually transmitted infections) being transmitted. Never share your end of the dildo with another party.

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