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King Cock 10 Inch Vibrating DildoKing Cock 10 Inch Vibrating Dildo
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Doc Johnson 12 Inch Realistic DildoDoc Johnson 12 Inch Realistic Dildo
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Translucence 18 Inch Double Pleasure DildoTranslucence 18 Inch Double Pleasure Dildo
Voodoo Get Lucky 10 Inch Real Skin DildoVoodoo Get Lucky 10 Inch Real Skin Dildo
B Yours Huge Strap On DildoB Yours Huge Strap On Dildo
Jock 18 Inch Double Ended DildoJock 18 Inch Double Ended Dildo
Save 41%
Art Deco Double Anal DildoArt Deco Double Anal Dildo
Dorcel 11 Inch Huge Pink DildoDorcel 11 Inch Huge Pink Dildo
Jet Dark Steel 14 Inch Thick Black DildoJet Dark Steel 14 Inch Thick Black Dildo
Doc Johnson The D 16 Inch Double DildoDoc Johnson The D 16 Inch Double Dildo
King Cock 12 Inch Slim Double DildoKing Cock 12 Inch Slim Double Dildo

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Stretch Out Your Imagination with a Big & Large Dildo

A huge dildo looks quite intimidating and that’s 100 percent a part of its appeal. Whether you’re enjoying a bit of a domination fantasy or you’d like to take the sexual play to the next level, a large dildo isn’t one to ignore (and how could you with that size!).

Big dildos are not for beginners, but they’re yet another fun item to add to the collection if you already own a regular realistic dildo, a classic vibrator or a butt plug. While there are several user essentials to master, you’ll quickly discover that the sensation a big dildo gives you cannot be replicated by anything else.

Huge Dildos FAQ

Is a Large Dildo Safe?

The answer is yes if you’re cautious and patient when using it.

The use of a large dildo can be painful if you’re not properly aroused or you’re in too much hurry to get off. Taking the time to get aroused, getting to know your body and starting slow with such a sex toy will all maximize safety.

Other than that, modern dildos are crafted out of high-quality materials that feel good and that don’t cause allergic reactions or intolerances.

What Are the Most Important Things to Know When Using Large Dildos?

We have two essentials to share – always use another toy first and be generous with the lubricant.

Using another toy for penetration before going for the large dildo is a must (or you can have penetrative sex with your partner). Try a small dildo and then move on to something like a black dildo or a rabbit vibrator. Feeling comfortable with this kind of penetration means you’re ready to move to the next level.

Finally, do take it slow. Your body will gradually adjust to the dildo, giving you full enjoyment during the process.

What’s the Best Position for Using a Fat Dildo?

Start out in bed and on your back. Put a pillow under your butt for better access. Elevating your pelvis a bit more or removing the pillow will change the penetration angle for added fun. Some far dildos have a suction cup and they can be attached to a wall or the floor. This way, you’ll enjoy a lot more sex position variety.

Could I Ever Dream of Incorporating a Huge Dildo in Partner Play?

If you worry that your partner may feel threatened by such a massive toy, talk to them! Chances are that they’re a lot more adventurous than you give them credit for.

A long and big dildo can really spice things up in partnered sex. It’s a great choice for everyone who enjoys penetration, especially for those in need of that extra something to orgasm.

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