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Everything You Need to Know About Big Dildos

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So, big dildos can come with all the same features as their smaller counterparts, but they are much more significant when it comes to length and girth. For new users, this type of dildo will be off limits, but for lovers of this type, there is plenty to go around, and quite literally so.

Big dildos often start at eight inches and can extend way beyond this length. Dildos of over twelve inches are not uncommon for a huge dildo, and like smaller options, they can be used in precisely the same way. That’s as long as the user or receiver can handle something that’s sure to take their breath away.

Bam Realistic 13 Inch Huge Black Dildo

Types of Big Dildos

Because these big dildos are the same as smaller ones, it’s difficult to run through the types in most areas because they offer most of the same features. However, it’s far easier to list the differences, and what you can expect. There are a couple of exceptions to this rule that will be mentioned at the end of this section.

Here is a featured list of what you can expect from big dildos:

Big dildos can come with extra large testicles – These are capable of ejaculating like a squirting dildos.

Big dildos and suction cups – For hands-free play, big dildos often come with suction cups so you can choose a variety of places or positions.

Some are made safe for anal play – With either large testicles in place or the thickness of the girth at the base, these huge dildos are safe for anal stimulation.

Tapered tips – Although the receiver might be able to handle the extreme sizes of these big dildos, many come with tapered tips for ease of initial penetration.
These are the main features that make these big dildos stand out. Now here are the ones which are very different indeed…

Inflatable dildos – These deliver a very different experience and will mold to the contours of the body when fully inflated. They lack the rigidity of other models but can provide the same sort of stimulation.

Fisting dildos – This type of big dildo is the extreme and can come in two varieties. Some have extended fingers that allow easier penetration before the full width of the hand and wrist is inserted. Or… there is a clenched fist version which offers little way in the form of easy penetration apart from a couple of extended knuckles.

As you can see, there is a huge difference between regular dildos and huge dildos. This will not only make their use very different, but the pleasure will be on an entirely different level. 

Dorcel 11 Inch Huge Pink Dildo

How to Choose the Best Big Dildo for You

Many of the requirements for choosing a giant dildo are the same as selecting a regular dildo, but some differences will affect the type you finally decide to pick.

A reliable brand – When choosing a giant dildo, it’s definitely super wise to stick with a reputable brand. Smaller dildos will not be subject to as much force as these monster dildos. The high quality of the product will be essential.

Size – It doesn’t matter who the person is who is seeking a giant dildo. There are limitations to what any person can handle. Some manufacturers might produce massive dildos to say they make the world’s largest, but in the real world, these can be unusable. Any person using a giant dildo still needs to know their limits or the enjoyable experience can quickly become a painful one. And that’s not good.
Ultimately, you can find large dildos that begin at 8-10 inches, and the largest is more than 17 inches in length. On top of this, there is girth to consider. There are some big dildos with a circumference of 7 inches, and these reach up to an eye-watering 10 inches or more.

King Cock 13 Inch Realistic Dildo

Materials – This also needs careful consideration. A lot of the big, realistic dildos will have a central core to keep some rigidity. With an excess of soft materials, these might easily be too soft and not be able to deliver the levels of satisfaction you are seeking.

Materials used will be the same as other dildos and will include PVC, silicone, cyber skin, jelly rubber, stainless steel, or even glass. It’s advisable to select a harder material rather than a softer one for durability purposes.

Shape – Finally, you’ll have the shape to choose. This will vary because huge dildos offer ease of penetration that’s curved for G-spot or prostate stimulation (also called P-spot), and lastly, the force of a fisting dildo.

Hung Rider Butch 11 Inch Huge Suction Dildo

What Are the Benefits

Giant dildos will bring pleasure to the recipient and will bring it by the bucket load. There are other benefits that other dildos can’t deliver.

Individuals who like a larger penis are well-satisfied here. Yes, there are a large number of people who love the feeling of being stretched to the limit, and although this isn’t a regular occurrence, the sense of fullness they feel when using a giant dildo is quite popular.

There are also people who find fisting an enjoyable experience too, and again, regular dildos are unable to do anything anywhere close to delivering the same feelings capable.

King Cock 13 Inch Dildo

Giant dildos are also used in kinky sex games where partners like to watch or pleasure the other person. And here, they’re only limited by their imaginations really.

Kinky sex can reach far beyond these boundaries, and the participants get the full feeling of satisfaction that they are unable to find anywhere else.

Stimulation can also be found much easier when using a giant dildo; this is either the G-spot for women or the P-spot for the prostate in men. These experiences can also relieve the need for searching because as soon as the giant dildo is inserted, it will be reaching the most sensitive spots where the erogenous zones are.

John Holmes Realistic Dildo With Suction Cup

Some Safety Considerations

Because huge dildos are often used in kinky sex games, there is a tendency to share adult toys. With this in mind, if possible, the use of a condom should be stuck to, if it is possible to find one large enough.

The most significant safety concern is to make sure the recipient can take the size of the giant dildo being used. These are extreme toys and can stretch body parts to the very limit. If they are forced, it can cause tearing of sensitive skin. That’s not fun, so be careful. This not only leaves the recipient in lots of pain, but it leaves them wide open to infection too.

Huge dildos come in all manner of materials, and although they are unlikely to become stuck once inserted, it is wise to use plenty of lubrication, just in case. This not only makes it safer and more comfortable for penetration, but when attempting to remove the huge dildo, users don’t want to find they are too dry or that it rubs too much.

Materials used are also another area that can cause problems. If there is an allergic reaction, this can be worse because there will be a larger skin contact area than with a regularly sized dildo. Additionally, if these huge dildos are used for anal play, there will be some force used, and it can cause the soft material to tear much easier than expected.

Lastly, the same advice goes for sharing toys. This needs to be negated so that the chance of STIs or STDs (sexually transmitted infections or sexually transmitted diseases) being passed around will be unfounded.

King Cock 10 Inch Big Ejaculating Dildo

Cleaning & Storage Tips

The care of a huge dildo is the same as a regular sized dildo that is made from the same materials. It will take extra washing and more careful inspection of the material, and this is because the surface area is somewhat larger than regular toys.

After using antibacterial soap for washing, any toy that has a porous surface needs to be thoroughly dried before storing. Softer materials will become sticky due to the amount of material used in their creation. On regular dildos, you might be able to get away with not using any renewal powder, but because of the size and weight of these monster dildos, this won’t be possible.

Storage of a huge dildo will also be very different from smaller toys. There’s little chance you will fit one in to the bedside cabinet, so you will need a secure storage box. This will need to be long enough to house your giant dildo without bending it to fit.

Before placing your dildo in the case, it will require being placed inside a protective bag. Many of these contain antibacterial surfaces on the inside, and they will stop any lint or fluff from sticking to your huge dildo.

An oversized dildo will also be susceptible to heat and humidity because of the surface area. This means you will need an area that’s away from the sun and one that’s also cool and dry.

King Cock 10 Inch Vibrating Dildo

How Can I Use My Huge Dildos?

A huge dildo can be used in any area where a regular dildo can be used. However, it might not be wise to use if you have roommates. Remember the noise factor here.

Similar to suction cup dildos, you can place a huge dildo on a chair and then use it for some straddling fun with your huge toy. This leaves your hands free to tantalize other parts of your body.

Using a huge dildo for anal sex might need to be reserved for when there is a partner with you, because it can take extreme force to penetrate the anus, no matter how much lube you use. And this is due to the sheer size.

It should be noted that these toys will require an excessive amount of lubricant during use. This will be more crucial during anal penetration as the anus doesn’t produce its own lubrication at all, unlike the vagina.

There are also many women who use a giant dildo to perfect their oral sex techniques. This might be something they do as part of their own foreplay, or as a tool for practicing.

Unless otherwise designed for water use, they should not be taken into the water because of their size. The surface is probably porous, and they will act like a big sponge if submerged under water. Check the guidelines for your particular toy.

King Cock 11 Inch Dildo

Common Questions People Ask

1. Will a big dildo hurt?

This will depend on the person using the huge dildo. Unless you are experienced, then there is the possibility of pain during penetration, but in saying this, there are people who want to experience this feeling too. It all comes down to the person, and what they want from their experience. If you are unsure but want to try a giant dildo, take it easy, start with small dildos and work your way up to larger sizes and girths.

2. Which lubes are the best for a big dildo?

First up, stick to water-based, and lots of it. After this, make sure you use a lube that doesn’t dry too fast. For vaginal penetration, this might not be so much of a problem, but for anal, you can quickly find irritation or chafing starts from a giant dildo that has dried up while it’s thrusting in and out.

3. Are huge dildos good practice for anal and oral sex?

Yes, they can be. There are lots of women and men who don’t enjoy the experience of either oral or anal. It’s the initial discomfort that turns them off. To become fully relaxed during these times, it can take a lot of practice.
This is where individuals can practice giving oral or having anal sex with a huge dildo, because the pressure on them is relieved. They become more comfortable with the feeling and with their own body too.

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