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How to Choose a Riding Sex Machine?

How to Choose a Riding Sex Machine

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We love discussing sex toys and sharing advice on how to choose and use various sex toys, and today, we’ll talk about riding sex machines. Made famous by the Sybian at the end of the 1980s, the riding sex machine has evolved and is now one of the most enjoyable sex machines for women. So, read on as we talk about riding sex machines and how to choose a riding sex machine that you’ll be happy to ride!

What Is a Riding Sex Machine?

A riding sex machine is a saddle-like sex machine that you straddle and utilize the attached mats that can vibrate, rotate, or thrust. The saddle-like machine is comfortable and highly popular among women who love to masturbate and reach the big O while in the famous Cowgirl position. Most riding sex machines have a plug-and-play design that means you will never lose power, and they come with wired or wireless remote controllers that let you control the features.

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Riding Sex Machines Types

Because of its shape, the riding sex machines come in a very similar design – a saddle. The key differences between these are the features and the materials they’re made from. Some are made from high-quality materials like leather and come with one or more pure silicone attachments.

Others are made from plastic and come with a single attachment, and you may need to get extra attachments for them. There are differences in the controller types, as some come with wired remote controllers, but the highest quality riding sex machines come with app compatibility and wireless control.

How to Choose a Riding Sex Machine?

Since the sex machines come with a hefty price tag, you need to be diligent when selecting a quality riding sex machine. Consider some key characteristics of the riding sex machines and note that there are very few differences regarding the shape and size of the riding sex machine, so you can’t really use this metric when choosing your saddle fuck machine. Thus, we compiled the following factors you must consider when shopping for a saddle fuck machine:

  • Features – consider what you expect from your riding sex machine in terms of vibrations, rotations, and thrusting, and choose accordingly. Our product descriptions clearly outline all the available features every product provides, and you can make an informed decision.
  • Power & Intensity – consider how powerful the machine is, and check if the machine has low and high power options. While it may seem attractive to enjoy high-powered vibrations, grinding down while the saddle buzzes on a low setting can be quite arousing and satisfying.
  • Weight Capacity – check and see what the weight capacity of the saddle fuck machine you are considering is. Knowing beforehand if it is designed to withstand your body weight is critical for satisfactory use.
  • Attachments – check what types of attachments the saddle sex machine comes with, as it will determine how you can use it. Don’t forget to check for compatible attachments, which you can purchase later.
  • Care & Maintenance – having a saddle sex machine that is easy to clean is vital, and we suggest you select riding sex machines that are easy to clean and maintain. Get a model that comes with silicone attachments and has a saddle made from waterproof materials that you can wipe down with antibacterial wipes and disinfectant.

Saddle Sex Machine Care & Maintenance

The riding sex machine’s design makes this sex tool simple to clean. The working end of most riding sex machines is the attachment that you place on the top and ride it. It is easily removable, and because most quality saddle sex machines come with a silicone attachment, you can easily wash this with soap and water or your preferred sex toy cleaner.

As for the saddle itself, it only needs a good wipe-down with a damp cloth. We recommend you use a lint-free cloth and a mild household disinfectant (like glass cleaner) to wipe the entire saddle, remove lube and possible residue, and then leave it to dry well.

Quality saddle sex machines come with a suitable cover. However, if yours does not come with a cover, then we suggest you fashion a cover and find an appropriate storage place for it. We advise you not to store the silicone attachments on the saddle as they may get deformed. Instead, get a dedicated sex toy storage bag or case and keep these safe, away from heat and direct sunlight.

Well, there you have it, our expert guide on how to choose a riding sex machine. We covered the basics, and we also prepared another guide on how to use a riding sex machine, as well as a variety of other helpful guides on choosing and using various sex toys. Our sex toy store carries a fantastic selection of riding sex machines, sex furniture, dildos, vibrators, and much more.

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