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How to Use a Riding Sex Machine?

How to Use a Riding Sex Machine

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The riding sex machine is designed to provide stimulation when you ride it – hence the name riding sex machine. The general design of the various riding sex machines is very similar, but the attachments different models come with make all the difference. But when it comes to using a saddle sex machine, things are relatively straightforward: you straddle the saddle and ride away. Read on as we discuss the particulars of using a riding sex machine!

What Is a Riding Sex Machine?

The riding sex machine is designed as a saddle that you attach various mats to and use for sexual pleasure. The riding sex machine can vibrate rotate, and some models can thrust; and it is most often controlled by a wired or, in some cases, wireless controller. We love that riding sex machines usually allow you to change the attachments and explore different ways to pleasure yourself.

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How to Use a Riding Sex Machines: Step-By-Step Guide

Riding a saddle sex machine is fun and relatively straightforward, but there are some key aspects to note. The critical thing to note when using this fantastic sex tool is to position it on a suitable surface and start slow. That said, here are the key aspects that can help you utilize a riding sex machine and reach those coveted powerful orgasms:

Set Up and Position

The initial step is to position and set up the saddle sex machine. We suggest you place it on a soft surface (read: your bed, thick carpet, or a duvet) so it will be more comfortable for your knees. It will also help absorb the vibrations and reduce the noise. Although the saddle sex machine is relatively quiet, if you place it on a hard surface, it may amplify the vibrations, and the buzzing may ruin your mood.

Get in the Mood and Enjoy Foreplay

The saddle sex machine is an excellent addition for foreplay, as you can use the lowest vibrating setting and get a sensual massage on your vagina. We recommend you do other things that excite you and ramp up your sexy mood. But before you do this, try out the controller and learn what he commands so you don’t accidentally click the wrong button and ruin your fun.

Always Use Lube

We always suggest you have lube handy when you use a sex machine. Even though you may get very wet when aroused, lube helps with friction and makes the whole experience more pleasurable. Our recommendation is a quality water-based lube that works with all sex toy materials, especially with the silicone attachments most saddle fuck machines come with.

Test Out Attachments

The saddle sex machines may look similar in design, but these come with various saddle sex machine attachments designed to hit special places. Some are designed for external stimulation, like grinding and clitoral play, while others have insertable probes designed for G-spot targeting or providing a sense of fullness. There are saddle sex machine attachments with vaginal and anal probes for the more adventurous users.

Best Sex Positions to Try with a Saddle Sex Machine

The most straightforward sex position to try with your saddle sex machine is the cowgirl, as the initial riding sex machine was designed for this exact purpose. For this pose, you need to straddle the riding sex machine, like you would an actual saddle, and position your knees in a comfortable pose. Then, you use your legs to bounce up and down as you like, and enjoy the vibrations on your vagina and anus, depending on the type of attachment you use.

You can also squat over the saddle sex machine, as this pose opens up your anatomy more, allowing the vibrating attachments to reach more of your body. Please note that this pose requires you to use your leg muscles, so you’ll also be working out your glutes and gams on top of reaching a powerful orgasm.

Additionally, you can also try the saddle sex machine for double penetration. For this, you can get a special sex machine attachment with dual probes, or you can use a butt plug and ride the saddle.

You can also use the saddle sex machine with a partner, and they can penetrate you anally while you ride the saddle attachment. If you can stand it, ramp up the vibrations higher so you both will feel them and get your mind blown!

Riding Fuck Machine Care & Maintenance

Taking care of a saddle sex machine is simple, as these come with detachable riding attachments and waterproof saddles. Unplug it from the outlet and start cleaning. That said, you need to remove the attachment and wash it separately, using soap and water or a sex toy cleaner. Rinse it well, leave it to air-dry, and then store it in a suitable sex toy storage bag or case.

As for the saddle, take a lint-free cloth and a household disinfectant and wipe it down. Wipe the remote, remove all lube and other residue, and leave it to dry. Once it is fully dry, store your saddle sex machine in a proper place, like your closet, or use a protective cover and place it under the bed.

We hope we have covered the basics of how to use a riding sex machine. Still, we have a broad selection of sex toy guides where we provide help on choosing and using sex toys. Check out our sex toy store, where we offer an incredible selection of sex machines, BDSM gear, and so much more!


Why is a riding sex machine expensive?

Most riding or saddle sex machines are large and powerful and are built to last. That means they use high-quality parts, and some are even hand-finished for a special touch. Higher-quality brands also provide attachments made from quality silicone, which affects the price.

Can I use a saddle sex machine for anal penetration?

You can use a saddle sex machine for grinding, for vaginal and for anal play. You can also use it for double penetration either alone with suitable toys, or with a partner. We recommend you take it slow, learn the machine and your body, and do what feels right.

Can a man use a saddle sex machine?

Yes, a man can use a saddle sex machine. One way is to use it for anal penetration with a suitable attachment. The other way is to use a butt plug or a prostate massager and ride the saddle sex machine with a bumpy grinding attachment that will provide perineal stimulation.

How do I change the settings on my saddle sex machine?

Most riding sex machines have adjustable settings and come with wired or wireless remote controllers. Made to be used one-handed, these are easy to learn, as most often, you get a twist-dial controller to fine-tune the vibration settings on your saddle sex machine.

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