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How to Choose a Portable Sex Machine?

How to Choose a Portable Sex Machine

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A sex machine is a tool that is guaranteed to bring you intense pleasure and powerful Os! While most sex machines are large and bulky, we have another model for you which allows you more versatility and easy portability – the portable sex machine.

The portable sex machine is fun to use; we have models for you that are easy to set up, are travel-friendly, are durable, and come with versatile settings. Before we talk about how to use one of these, we’ll first discuss how to choose a portable sex machine and highlight the key features that make a fantastic portable sex machine.

What Is a Portable Sex Machine?

A portable sex machine is a sex machine designed to be easily transportable. It combines the features of the bulkier fuck machines and the travel-friendliness of handheld sex toys like vibrators and dildos. The result is a sex machine that is easy to carry anywhere with you while still having all the powerful features.

Most of these have vibrating and thrusting features and are battery-powered for convenient use. Below we’ll outline the main factors when choosing one and talk about some of the available portable fuck machine models.

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Portable Fuck Machines Models

The portable sex machines have a more straightforward design and usually come with vibrating and thrusting functionalities. Some of these can also be considered thrusting dildos, as there are many similarities between these sex toy models.

Another portable sex machine model is the reciprocating saw sex machine. It is precisely as you imagine it: a reciprocating saw that has a dildo attachment where you can attach a compatible dildo and enjoy intense pounding with some modes reaching up to 2000 strokes per minute.

How to Choose a Portable Sex Machine?

Here we discuss the features that you need to be mindful of when you select a portable sex machine:

  • Size – the size is important for a portable sex machine and is a deciding factor for selection. These are relatively compatible and easily portable so you can choose a model based on the features.
  • Material – we are talking about the material of the sex machine and the insertable probe here. Most portable sex machines are made from durable plastic like ABS or PVC, and the dildo attachments can be from TPE, PVC, or silicone, which is the best body-safe option.
  • Power – because of their more compact size, the portable sex machines are most often battery-powered and come with a rechargeable battery. These can’t measure up with their plug-and-play thrusting fuck machines or riding sex machines, but still, high-quality models pack a mighty punch and come with satisfactory power.
  • Features – the features here include vibrations, rotations, thrusting, and, in some cases, even heating. Choose a feature that appeals to you the most, and note that often, you don’t need to make compromises, as quality portable fuck machines bring a variety of features, including suction cup bases for hands-free use.
  • Controls – the controls are either on the handle or the base of the portable sex machine or via a wireless remote controller. We suggest you consider how you plan to use your sex machine; if you play with a partner, a wireless remote is always a better option for more exciting play.
  • Attachments – you can get a portable sex machine with a single dildo attachment. Still, some models allow you to change the sex machine attachments and use various dildos with your chosen model. Talk about variety and versatility!

Portable Sex Machine Care & Maintenance

The portable sex machines are straightforward to clean and maintain, as this is a feature incorporated into the toy’s design. Some models are fully waterproof or splashproof, and you can quickly rinse these with soap and water or your preferred sex toy cleaner.

On the other side, the non-waterproof models require more careful cleaning. In such a case, remove the insertable dildo from the machine and wash it as you would any other dildo. Using a lint-free cloth and a household disinfectant, carefully wipe your portable sex machine, removing lube and other residue.

Once everything it is dry, store it in its place, like a dedicated sex toy storage bag or case for the insertable dildo and a protective bag for the machine that will keep it safe.

We wrote this short guide on how to choose a portable sex machine that we believe covers the bases and is a good starting point. However, we have plenty of other guides on choosing and using various sex toys, including sex machines. Browse the sex toy store as we’ve selected high-quality products for you, like sex machines, sex furniture, dildos, vibrators, male toys, etc.

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