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Everything You Need to Know About Vibrators

Ultimate Guide to Vibrators

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Let's start with a little history. Many years ago, there were lots of women from the middle classes to the upper classes who were being diagnosed with ‘hysteria.’ This came from the Greek word for uterus. There are lots of symptoms associated with this, and can include the following:

  • Faintness
  • Insomnia
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feelings of being heavy in the abdomen
  • Vaginal wetness
  • Low sex drive or high sex drive
  • Loss of appetite, and many more

This, at the time, was a means of policing women’s sexuality, and in a way, it was a method for keeping women under control and keeping them quiet.

The chosen method of treatment was vulva massage, and this was performed by doctors until they fell into a state of ‘hysterical paroxysm,’ or what we now know as an orgasm. This wasn’t induced by any penetration by the doctors and was purely external stimulation, so no sexual act was performed. At the time, it was physical penetration that classed something as a ‘sexual act.’

Although this was common in these times, it did date back thousands of years before these times.

It was years later when the first electrical vibrators were developed, and made available for use in the home where they were marketed as therapeutic devices. It wasn’t long afterward; these early devices were found in pornography and with this came the decline of these devices.

Neon Small Finger Vibrator


What is a Vibrator?

Vibrators are sex toys that are used on the body to produce erotic and sensual satisfaction. Most vibrators contain a powered device which pulses or throbs, and this feature is used to stimulate erogenous zones including the vagina, vulva, clitoris, anus, penis, and/or scrotum. Some vibrators are specifically designed for couples so that they may stimulate the genitalia for both partners.

Vibrators were originally marketed for ‘home use’ in general magazines from around 1900, and were advertised together with other electrical goods for the household. The take home message from such campaigns was for their ultimately-positive health and beauty benefits.

Pretty Love Tongue Licking Vibrator



Early detection of vaginal disease: When individuals partake in masturbation, they become familiar with their genitalia. This means diseases can be spotted much earlier. Self-examination is the best form of preventative detection of some STIs (sexually transmitted infections).

Reduced anxiety and stress: It’s known that during orgasm, the body releases endorphins and feel good hormones (oxytocin). The effects of these can remain in the body for hours after, so regular masturbation with a vibrator can go a long way to reducing anxiety and stress.

Blood pressure and resting heart rate: After using a vibrator regularly, the body may be convinced it wants sex more often. With an increase in sex drive, there come additional benefits, such as an increase in higher levels of cardio activity, which is known to deliver a better overall fitness level. Along with this comes a lower resting heart rate, healthier lungs, and lower blood pressure.

Vaginal elasticity: When women go through menopause, they can begin to suffer from some symptoms, such as a decrease in estrogen, for example. With this comes a tightness/dryness of the vagina, sometimes painful sex, and ultimately, a lack of sex drive. Vibrators help improve vaginal elasticity and promote vaginal lubrication which helps with sexual intercourse.

Orgasms during intercourse: There are a lot of women who are unable to orgasm through penetrative sex. With the use of a vibrator, they can reach an orgasm while they’re having penetrative sex, along with clitoral stimulation as the needed addition.

Amour Silicone Bullet Vibrator


    Different Vibrator Types 

    Here’s a breakdown of the different types of vibrators you can find:

    Anal vibrators: Anal vibrators are designed to deliver internal stimulation and also the thousands of nerve endings around the entrance of the anus. These come in various designs, such as prostate vibrators or shorter models that are designed to sit lodged in the anus.

    Rabbit vibrators: These vibrators are designed to deliver clitoral stimulation while at the same time penetrating the vagina and stimulating the internal walls. Some models come with massaging beads/pearls in the shaft.

    Bullet vibrators: This vibrator type is usually small and discrete. These can be used on any part of the body as well as being used internally or externally on the vagina and clitoris. These bullet vibrators can be used by both sexes, so they have a broad range of uses.

    Butterfly vibrators: These wearable vibrators come with a thin strap that sits around the hips and thighs to hold the butterfly-shaped vibrator in place. They can be worn under clothing and very often come with a remote control of some variety, be it corded or wireless.

    Clitoral vibrators: These are designed with clitoral stimulation in mind. Some designs can be worn, while others are designed and shaped to sit over the pubic bone. These can be used in solo play or for couple’s foreplay.

    Quiet vibrators: Discretion is the word, and these very quiet vibrators deliver that, as well as that same, orgasm-inducing stimulation that louder versions give. These have motors that are designed to be quiet, as well as noise-reducing materials being fully utilized.

    Tongue vibrators: As the name suggests, these vibrators are tongue-shaped and can either be worn over the tongue, or they fit inside the mouth like a mouth guard. No matter what the design, these tongue vibrators make sure that oral sex and clitoral stimulation will never be the same.

    Finger vibrators: These are not only small but also very discrete and are fantastic for solo play when you need direct stimulation. They can be used for solo masturbation, or they can be used by couples. But, either way, they give direct clitoral stimulation just where it’s needed.

    G-spot vibrators: While many vibrators are long and slim, this type of vibrator is curved so they can reach the G-spot easily. For this reason, they are often shorter because they only need to reach a couple of inches inside the vagina.

    Rechargeable vibrators: While there are still corded vibrators on the market, there are a vast number which rely on batteries too. This can work out expensive, and they can quickly lose enough power to operate. Newer models that are rechargeable have more significant capacity and can last much longer. They also have the convenience of not having to replace the batteries.

      There are lots of types of vibrators you can choose from, and selecting one can be down to the use you are looking for, as well as the stimulation levels you want to achieve. Here is a rundown of each type that falls into specific categories of vibrators…

      Vedo Gee Plus Silicone G Spot Vibrator


      Clitoral stimulation:

      • Bullet vibrators – These are powerful and are an excellent choice for a first toy. They are also very discrete because they are usually very quiet. These are one of the more popular options for clitoral stimulation.
      • Clit suction vibrators – These vibrators combine suction and vibrations in one toy. While they deliver gentle vibrations to the clit, the small sucking ring teases and tugs the clitoris as if it’s being sucked.
      • Clitoral vibrators – This type of vibrator is designed not to penetrate and is purely for clitoral stimulation. These are custom designed to deliver the very best in stimulation with bumps and bobbles too.
      • Magic wand vibrators – Although designed on the template of one of the original vibrators, these are designed specifically for clitoral stimulation and making sure that any woman who uses one will orgasm. A great choice, hands down.

      Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator - Rechargeable


      Internal stimulation:

      • Classic vibrators – These vibrators are very often smooth and tapered, and are a fantastic first vibrator. They are also a fun way for couples to introduce a sex toy into their sexual activities or play.
      • Realistic vibrators – This type of vibrator has the same appearance of a realistic dildo, but they come with powerful vibrations that deliver plenty of additional stimulation. With bulging veins and large heads, these really hit the spot.
      • Rabbit Vibrators – A rabbit vibrator comes with two sections that can deliver the best experience possible. With a long enough section for vaginal stimulation, they also come with ears that are dedicated to clitoral stimulation.
      • G-spot vibrators – Where many other vibrators are long and straight, the G-spot vibrator is curved so they can be directed toward the G-spot more easily. It’s easy for this toy to deliver the repetitive strokes needed to give the ultimate G-spot orgasm.
      • Prostate vibrators – These are designed specifically for men to receive the best prostate massage possible. They are curved in the same way as a G-spot vibrator is, but these types are capable of delivering very unique prostate massage and sphincter stimulation.

      Naughty Boy Prostate Massager


      Material Options

      There are plenty of materials used in the construction of vibrators. Here is a breakdown of the types you can find:

      Silicone vibrators: Silicone is hypoallergenic, so it’s body safe and suitable for almost everyone. It is durable, and in many cases, you will find vibrators being made from 100% silicone (medical grade), which is advised. Silicone can be either flexible or rigid once formed, and is the ideal material for delivering sensations from the vibrator while keeping noise to a minimum too.

      TPE/ TPR vibrators: These TPE vibrators are another hypoallergenic material that comes with no taste and no smell. One good thing with these is that they are soft, yet they contain no phthalates. This makes them non-toxic and highly durable. One downside is that they are a porous material, so they let liquid into the surface. These are often called cyber skin vibrators. They deliver soft, yet firm feelings and quickly warm to the temperature of the body.

      Rubber vibrators: This is the cheapest material in use for vibrator construction. These do vibrate less than their counterparts, and they can be quieter as a result. On occasions, manufacturers still use phthalates with these to make them extra pliable. They can also smell, considerably so. Always buy from a reputable seller.

      Hard Plastic: While being one of the cheapest materials to use in vibrator production, they can be one of the noisiest too. The material is hypoallergenic and non-porous so they can be cleaned easily. They’re also hard and smooth, which feels great internally.

      Latex vibrators: Latex is a thick material and will dampen any vibrations. These can come in a wide variety of designs, but some people are allergic to latex. However, they are one of the more popular material choices for vibrators. These can also smell because of their makeup, so keep that in mind.

      Steel vibrators: These are more often made from medical grade stainless steel, and if not, they should be avoided. Stainless steel is one of the best body safe materials you can find, and it is straightforward to clean. Steel can also be used for temperature play, but this will depend on the type of vibrator in question.

      How to Choose the Right Vibrator for You

      It can be overwhelming when looking at different vibrator choices. There are countless colors, designs, and sizes to name but a few. There are a few tips you can follow to choose the right vibrator though, so here they are:

      • Are you new to using a vibrator? – A simple clitoral vibrator can be the best choice. These are external only, so there is no penetration, but they can help induce orgasms.
      • Do you need something versatile? – A rabbit style vibrator can be versatile as it’s able to stimulate the body in different ways. They can even be rotated, and the ears either stimulate a different part of the body, or if a partner is performing anal sex, then they can benefit also.
      • Are you looking for G-spot stimulation? – These G-spot vibrators are designed with this in mind; they come in a variety of materials and are shaped to head straight to the G-spot.
      • Are you seeking lots of stimulation? – If you’re looking for the ultimate stimulation, you can search for a double vibrator that comes with two shafts. One can give vaginal penetration while the other part delivers anal stimulation. This is the closest you can get to DP (deep penetration) without partners.

      Size will also be a consideration, as will the material. If you are after a realistic feel, then you can choose the softer materials, or if you like to enjoy that harder feeling, you can select something like steel or hard plastic.

      Lastly, if you are after discretion, you might want to consider softer materials that help dampen sounds, although you do need to watch out for any phthalates within the materials. Always choose a reputable seller who cares about body safe materials for their purchasers.

      Noje Rechargeable G Spot & Clitoral Vibrator


      Safety Tips to Consider

      Here are some tips to keep in mind:

      • Buy toys made from nonporous materials to avoid issues with bacteria. Unfortunately, bacteria loves wet and warm places, so look at what you’re buying and make sure the product is sealed and nonporous.
      • Buy from a reputable company. There are thousands of factories looking to sell cheap products to make a quick buck, so don’t just buy the first or cheapest toy that pops up in your search results online. You get what you pay for, and for a personal toy that may enter and touch your body, it’s very important to make sure it’s hygienic, safe, easy to clean, and reputable.
      • Clean your sex toys after every use. You risk developing skin irritation and infection otherwise. Not cleaning your sex toys can result in some nasty bacteria or viral infections. You can use wipes or a gentle disinfectant soap with warm water.

      Pretty Love Quiet Rabbit Vibrator


      Tips for Using Vibrators

      1. Once you have a vibrator, get to know it

      Before you start using your vibrator during sex or intimate moments with a partner, you should always try using it on yourself first. When you do this, you'll always know exactly how to use a vibrator to gain the ultimate pleasure you seek. Take some time to explore the settings so that you can get an idea of how intensely it vibrates and feels. If you're already aroused, then you'll notice how good it feels just holding it in your hand while it's shaking. Later, if you let a partner be in control, you’ll know how to explain what you like to them.

      2. Don’t focus on reaching orgasm

      You might start running it all over your body, to know what feels best. Essentially, you will be teasing yourself with the vibrator to get a feel for it. When you’re ready, you can start moving the vibrator closer to your clitoris. You can start by holding it away from any sensitive areas, because sometimes it can be too intense holding it directly on the clitoris and it might feel better nearby instead. Take your time and explore what feels best to you.

      3. Use it to orgasm when you’re ready.

      It’s important to make sure you're relaxed and somewhat turned on. Getting turned on might mean watching pornography, or fantasizing about a real or dream lover. Some people read naughty novels to get in the mood. The x factor is doing what you need to do to get aroused or horny. Use your imagination or some visual stimulation if need be.

      Tease yourself first. You don't need to go straight to your most sensitive areas immediately. Just pay close attention to what feels enjoyable and pleasurable, and before you know it, the end game will be something that occurs naturally for you. 

      The Amazing Health Benefits of Orgasms

      Vibrators are usually highly recommended by sex therapists to women who have difficulty reaching orgasm via either self-masturbation or sexual intercourse. Partners may also choose to use a vibrator to vitalize the pleasure of one or both partners. Together or singularly, it can feel so good, adding to bonding and allowing the body to reach orgasm as well, promoting a satisfying rush of endorphins and becoming fully relaxed after ‘letting go.’

      Iroha Stick Small Clit Vibrator


      Spoil Yourself with the Best Vibrator


      At first, you may keep a modest budget so you can later move up to something more sophisticated when you know what you like. For first-timers, you’re going to discover if you like it or not and what other options you can try as well. Use your budget to buy a few different types. Upgrade after that if it’s your thing.

      Vibrators have a lot more customizations available too. It might have a motor; it could be rechargeable and may have a lot more functions, including speeds. There are different sizes, colors and styles. Experiment with a lower budget so that you can try more before you get the major purchase.

      Experienced Users

      Go for something a little bolder than usual. By trying new types, sizes and designs may mean a surprisingly different experience overall. Sometimes the most fun comes out of trying them either by yourself or with a partner.

      Adventurous types might like to add other sex toys along with vibrators to enhance or differ the pleasure and/or stimulation. There are so many to choose from and it can enhance both the relationship you have with yourself and the one you have with a partner.

      Remember, vibrators are made for pleasure, and men and women can enjoy them to enhance sex lives or masturbation. You’re only limited by your imagination and your budget. The best vibrator will get you aroused and help you reach the perfect O. Sometimes having a range of different vibrators can be the most fun of all. Being spoiled for choice is always a great idea when it comes to sexual gratification or self-pleasure.

      How to Take Care of Vibrators


      1. Do only use water-based lubricants. Your vibrator isn’t designed for a whole heap of chemicals to be added to it.
      2. Do wash it after every use. Warm soapy water that contains a disinfectant is perfect.
      3. Do make sure it’s clean before you use it! You can do a last check to make sure it hasn’t picked up any lint or other particles before you use it.
      4. Do put safety first. Don’t share your toys with anyone else. You don’t want to risk a bacterial infection or a sexually transmitted disease (STI). This can’t be stated strongly enough.


      1. Don’t use non-water-based lubricants with silicone vibrators. This is including massage oils, or other oil or silicone-based lubricants. If they’re not water based then give them the flick.
      2. Don’t use your vibrator while it is charging. If it’s rechargeable, don’t use it while it’s plugged in. Safety is paramount and liquid and electricity is never a good mix, for obvious reasons.

      Cleaning Tips


      1. Do use mild soap which has disinfectant and warm water. The safest for your vibrator. Don’t get the battery area or the charging area wet though.
      2. Do think about using wipes. These are very convenient. Even baby wipes will do, and they smell fresh too.


      1. Don’t use the microwave.
      2. Don’t use alcohol.
      3. Don’t use acetone.
      4. Don’t use petroleum.
      5. Don’t use acidic/alkaline cleaners.

      Storage Tips


      1. Do store it already washed and clean.
      2. Do use a clean, safe pouch for debris-free storage
      3. Do optimize your battery life and remove the charger once it’s fully charged. This tip is for rechargeable models.


      1. Don’t expose your vibrators to extreme cold or hot temperatures.
      2. Don’t leave it uncovered so that dust and other debris can adhere to it.

      Additional Things to Consider

      There will be quite a few things which need considering when looking for a vibrator, and none more though, than size. A vibrator that’s too large won’t fit as snuggly as it should so the vibrations will not be hitting the zones you expect. Likewise, unless you are in the market for a small vibrator, choosing one that is too small will deliver the same experience that isn’t thoroughly enjoyable. The vibrations might not reach all the areas you expect, and this is why they are often designed just for clitoral stimulation, rather than penetration.

      In both cases, this means you need to consider if you are looking for internal stimulation or purely external stimulation, because they are very much different things, for sure.

      Ohmibod Mini G Spot Vibrator


      Materials can also play a large part as they deliver very different sensations depending upon the area of the body they are used on.

      Not least important is the power source, and it is this that makes vibrators very different from other sex toys. There are plenty which come with one or two speeds only, and although they deliver enough to orgasm, they are restricted regarding how they can be used. Some models come with up to twenty various settings that can be both subtle in their operation right up to delivering a jackhammer kind of experience.

      Batteries vs. rechargeable is also a consideration. Rechargeable may be more expensive to purchase, but they can save a fortune in batteries over their lifetime. Additionally, some of the cheaper variants have battery compartments which are hard to access.

      The last thing you’ll need to consider is taking care of your vibrator, and how easy it is to clean and maintain. Materials such as silicone, glass or stainless steel can be thoroughly sterilized in boiling water or the dishwasher, although, this does depend on the battery compartment. Other materials might be porous, and these are much harder to clean and maintain.

      Finally, the harder materials such as plastic, glass or steel can work with any type of lubrication, whereas, silicone and other materials are only suitable to be used with water-based lubricants.

      Evolved Powerful Bullet Vibrator


      Common Questions People Ask

      How do vibrators work?

      It’s the intrinsic movement of the vibrator that’s powered by an electrical mechanism inside of its framework. The motor in a battery-powered vibrator is small and have a purpose-built weight that spins around, making them vibrate. Larger, wall to plug vibrators have larger, more powerful motors, and some models use electromagnetic coils which spin to promote the vibrating movement.

      What’s the best male vibrator?

      It seems that the best choice is an electric or battery-powered vibrator that is made with a cup-shaped attachment. These are cleverly designed to surround the penis head and transmit the vibrations directly to the head and glans, the most sensitive areas for pleasure. Men may use this type of vibrator alone or in combination with manual stroking for masturbation purposes, with or without a partner.

      Can I hurt myself?

      It’s true; when considering battery-powered vibrators there is a minimal risk of electrical shock, and the wall to plug vibrators have the same risk of electrocution as with any electrical appliance. It’s important to keep them away from liquid unless they are made with the added design feature that’s intended to be waterproof. Always make sure that any wires are secure and not frayed. Don't use your vibrator so that it overheats because it could cause a minor burn or cause electrical overheating.

      What is the Best Vibrator for You?

      Figure out the type of vibrator you want, first and foremost. Vibrators come in a wide range of types and doing a little research is useful so that you know your ideas for choice before you buy. If you have something particular in mind, selecting what vibrator you want will help you to have a better shopping experience. Remember, it’s all about you!

      Size, type, color, and features. These will help you to know your choice best. Ask yourself questions like, where will I use it? Is it for masturbation or partnered pleasure? Is that color sexy? Do I like having multiple choices? Where will I store it? Add any other questions which seem relevant to you. It’s really fun choosing actually, just like shoe or clothes shopping, but with that added hint of soon-to-come pleasure in mind.

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