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How to Choose a Sex Machine?

How to Choose a Sex Machine

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You’ve probably used dildos and vibrators, and these are incredible sex toys that provide a wonderful sensation. However, we bet that you’ve heard and have been intrigued by the thought of using a sex machine. Sex machines come in various designs that can thrust in varying stroke lengths and speeds, delivering a more powerful stimulation. That is why here we cover all the aspects you need to know on how to choose a sex machine.

Sex Machine Definition

A mechanical device that is used to stimulate sexual intercourse or another sex activity – this is the general definition of what is a sex machine. It is also referred to as a fuck machine or a love machine, and it generally works by converting the rotational motion of a motor into a reciprocating motion that drives a shaft with a dildo or another attachment.

The attachment can be a regular dildo for vaginal or anal use or can be another sex toy like anal beads or even a pocket pussy that can stimulate a blowjob. There are other sex machine variants, but the general idea is that the fuck machine provides a thrusting motion that stimulates sex.

Sex Machine Options

When it comes to the sex machine options, you can pick between several variations:

  • Portable Sex Machines: these are often intertwined with thrusting vibrators or dildos, as you can use these in various ways and get all the pleasure you seek. However, because of the design, the portable sex machines have some limitations and usually don’t have high-powered motors like other fuck machine varieties.
  • Saddle Sex Machines: saddle sex machines are highly sought-after, as these combine the comfort of a saddle and high-powered motors that provide thrusting and vibrations. Because most come with replaceable attachments, the riding sex machines are excellent for grinding, vaginal and anal penetration.
  • Thrusting sex machines: the freestanding sex machines are the most powerful of the bunch, as the thrusting sex machines usually feature a heavy-duty base that attaches to the motor and thrust rod. The end of the thrust rod allows you to attach different attachments like vaginal dildos, anal dildos, Vac-U-Lock attachments, or even male masturbators. These are also versatile in stroke length and power, with models that can deliver an impressive 300 strokes per minute.

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How to Select a Great Sex Machine

Not all sex machines are created equal, and you need to know several things to make a good choice that will fit you well. Here is our expert guide on how to select an excellent sex machine:

  • Build & Material: Because sex machines are not something you buy daily, you need to pay attention to the materials and build quality. We suggest you check out user reviews and opt for a fuck machine that is reliable and will last you for years. For the best quality, take a look at thrusting fuck machines with a metal base and a plug-and-play design with a heavy-duty design.
  • Attachments: The sex machines come with various attachments that come in direct contact with your body, so you need to look for attachments made from non-porous materials like silicone. Also, there are some models where the attachment is non-removable, so we suggest you get a model that will please you for years. If you get a model with interchangeable options, look for one you can use with your favorite attachments.
  • Thrust Power: The base idea behind using a sex machine is to experience stimulating sexual intercourse with a more powerful thrust. That is why we advise you to select a model that comes with a powerful motor capable of delivering a powerful thrust and bringing a penetration depth you’ll be pleased with. Some models come with extra features like vibrations, so make sure you consider your intended use. Also, consider a battery-powered or a plug-and-play model, as these usually come with different options and runtime.
  • Discretion & Storage: It is crucial to know whether your chosen sex machine is loud or whether you’ll have enough space to safely store it. Check the noise level of the fuck machine you are considering (which you’ll find in our product descriptions) and its size, as you would not want to wake the neighbors. Some models are foldable for discreet storage, others come in an already discreet design, while there are models you may have difficulty storing if you have limited bedroom real estate.
  • Budget: We have to include this point here, as sex toys are relatively expensive. Of course, some models come at a lower price, like portable sex machines, but these are usually not as powerful enough as their thrusting counterparts..

Why and How to Use a Fuck Machine?

Using a fuck machine is not for everyone; still, more adventurous people take the leap and use a sex machine for the benefits it provides. Here are the main whys of using a sex machine, but we’ll cover the topic of how to use a sex machine in another post:

  • Sexual Gratification – masturbation is a healthy activity that allows you to learn about your body and take charge of your pleasure. A quality sex machine can deliver much more stimulation than simple manual masturbation, which can help you discover your body better, gain confidence, and elevate your sexual pleasure.
  • Simulating Partnered Sex – having sex with a partner is great, but this is not always an option for many. Thus, the sex machines can help you with this, and often, these come with adjustable controls, allowing you to control the pressure, speed, thrust angle, and more, which will give you control over your pleasure.
  • Less Risky than Random Sex Partners – the sex machine provides the realistic experience you expect but without the need to get a partner in your bed. Not to mention, there is no risk of unwanted pregnancy or an STD.
  • Role Play & BDSM play – fuck machines are very popular in role-playing games and with people practicing BDSM games. There are benefits to watching your partner being pleasured by a love machine while you control their pleasure. Plus, there are fuck machine models that come with built-in restraints that help you bind your partner and have them at your mercy.

We bring you our guide on how to choose a sex machine; we hope you find it helpful when you go shopping for a fuck machine. We have other useful guides for you, ranging from simple dildo-selecting guides to guides on how to use a sex machine and much more. Plus, we have an excellent sex toy store, where we have a fantastic selection of fuck machines, dildo mounts, sex furniture, and an exciting array of sex toys.


What is the best sex machine?

There is no single best sex machine, as this depends on what you expect from it. You can get a more affordable handheld sex machine that has a more limited range of options, or you can get a heavy-duty thrusting fuck machine that will rock your world.

How do I clean my sex machine?

Most sex machines are not waterproof, and you need to clean them with an antibacterial wipe. However, the attachments are usually removable, and you need to take them off the machine and wash them like you would any other dildo, using a sex toy cleaner to wash everything away.

What attachments can I use with a sex machine?

Most often, the sex machine comes with at least one attachment you can use. However, depending on the type of attachment your fuck machine comes with, you can use almost all dildo attachments, like models with suction cup base attachments or Vac-U-Lock-compatible toys.

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