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How to Use a Portable Sex Machine?

How to Use a Portable Sex Machine

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The portable sex machine is a compact device that is designed for versatile use and easy portability, allowing you to take it with you when you travel and use it in different locations. You may already have experience using a fuck machine, but here we’ll discuss how to use a portable sex machine, and we’ll share advice on how to get the most out of your fuck machine.

What Is a Portable Sex Machine?

The portable sex machine is designed for easy transport, as it combines the features of bulkier fuck machines and the travel-friendliness of handheld sex toys like vibrators and dildos. The portable sex machine is easy to carry anywhere without having to compromise the powerful features.

Most of the portable fuck machines are powered by rechargeable batteries and come with vibrating and thrusting features, and come with wireless or button controllers for ease and convenience.

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How to Use a Portable Sex Machines: Step-By-Step Guide

Using a portable sex machine is exciting and sexy, mainly because you are not limited to using it in one place. Before we go into details on how to use this sex toy, we need to talk about something else: how to set up your portable sex machine:

Assemble, Set Up, Position and Test

Assemble the sex machine and try placing it on different surfaces. We suggest you put it on an anti-slip surface, especially if the machine has a suction cup base, which you need to stick to a flat surface. Test out the stability of the machine, ensuring it won’t slip while you use it.

Wash and dry the dildo probe and attach it to the sex machine. If you don’t like a more detailed cleanup, we suggest you use a condom over the dildo. Test the controls and features of the machine, running it from low to high vibration and thrust speeds, and familiarize yourself with the controllers and the options.

Get in the Mood and Devote Time to Foreplay

Always devote enough time to foreplay, doing the things that put you in the mood. Light candles, play sexy music or an erotic movie, and play with your partner, allowing your body enough time for arousal, which will provide a more relaxed, in-depth experience.

Always Use Lube

We always advise you to have lube handy when you use any sex toy, and that includes the portable sex machine. Even though you may get very wet when aroused, lube helps with friction and makes the experience more pleasurable. Our recommendation is a quality water-based lube that works with all sex toy materials, especially with the silicone and TPE attachments the portable sex machines come with.

Best Sex Positions to Try with a Portable Sex Machine

The portable sex machines usually come with a suction cup base that sticks them to most flat surfaces. The design also allows you to position them in various angles, which will enable you to play with them in several positions. That said, here are some of the positions you can try with your portable sex machine:

  • Squat & Bounce – the squat and bounce pose is one of the best ones you can try with a portable fuck machine. For this pose, you need to affix your portable fuck machine to the floor, squat over it, position the dildo to your vagina, and engage in the thrusting action, taking the pounding from below.
  • Standing Up – most portable sex machines are adjustable, and you can adjust it to thrust up, allowing you to place it on a table or a chair and have it penetrate you as you stand up, bending over a chair for more comfortable access.
  • Sex from Behind – this pose is similar to the doggy-style pose that is favored among many. You can position your sex machine by sticking it to a smooth wall or a mirror and position your body for the best access for vaginal or anal play. You can take more pounding this way but also engage in some forced orgasm play with your partner.
  • Sideways Sex – stick your portable sex machine on the floor, twist your body, and have it penetrate you from the side, as you don’t have to do anything but enjoy the sensations. But this pose is incredibly comfortable when you want to add other sexy toys to your playtime.
  • Partnered Play - if you get a handheld portable sex machine, then you should involve your partner and have thee pleasure you with the machine. This is a great way to boost intimacy and explore your deeper sexual fantasies.

Portable Fuck Machine Care & Maintenance

The portable sex machine is straightforward to clean and does not require much maintenance. Some models are fully waterproof or splashproof, meaning you can quickly rinse them with soap and water or your preferred sex toy cleaner, leave them to air-dry, and store them in a convenient storage bag.

The models that are not waterproof require careful cleaning. First, remove the insertable dildo from the machine and clean it as you would any other dildo. Carefully wipe your portable sex machine with a lint-free cloth and a household disinfectant, removing lube and other residue. Once everything is dry, store it in a proper place, like a sex toy storage bag or case. Don’t store the insertable dildo mounted on the sex machine to protect it from deformation, but remove it, keep it in a protective bag, and store it in a safe place.

We prepared the guide on how to use a portable sex machine as a way to help you get into the groove of using this pleasure aid. We have a long list of helpful guides on how to use and how to choose various sex toys; you can check out some of these below. Also, feel free to browse our sex toy store, as we carry a fantastic selection of high-quality products for you, like sex machines, sex furniture, dildos, vibrators, male sex toys, etc.


Is the portable sex machine expensive?

The portable sex machines are relatively affordable, with prices varying from $80 to $350. The price is directly related to the construction of the sex machine, and the portable sex machines are usually made from lightweight plastic materials, unlike the heavy-duty saddle fuck machines and thrusting sex machines.

Can I use a portable sex machine for anal penetration?

You can use a portable sex machine for vaginal and anal penetration. However, our experts advise you to use a suitable dildo for every use: use a larger-size dildo for vaginal penetration, and you can use a slimmer anal dildo for anal penetration. Don’t forget to use compatible lube for both uses, and we always recommend you have a quality water-based lube nearby as this lube is compatible with all dildo materials and skin types.

Can a man use a portable sex machine?

A man can use the portable sex machine, but for this, you will need to attach a compatible anal dildo or anal probe. The anal dildos come with more slim shafts for easier insertion and targeted P-spot stimulation.

How do I change the settings on my portable sex machine?

The majority of portable sex machines come with button controls where you control the thrusts and vibrations. Some models have wireless remote controllers where the buttons for the various controllers are clearly marked for easy use. Please read the manual of your particular portable sex machine to learn about the precise settings and controls.

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