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How to Choose Bed Sheets for Better Sex?

How to Choose Bed Sheets for Better Sex

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While no rule says you need to have special sheets on your bed to have sex, sheets indeed play a role in enhancing the sexual experience. Imagine you are entering the bedroom, and you see a simple mattress and flannel sheets that may offer warmth, but these in no way invite you to get creative and get down to business.

Here, we take a closer look at how you can select extra sexy sheets that can improve your sexy experience, but we’ll also cover another type of sex sheets that are intended for messy sex and various BDSM scenarios. Yes, there is such a thing, so read on, and we bet you’ll learn a lot of exciting things.

Why Use Special Sheets for Sex?

You may think that there is nothing wrong with your bed and sheets, as you and your partner can get it on anywhere, anytime. But imagine you getting in the mood and you need to lie down on scratchy sheets that have seen thousands of washes. So, any adult who is having regular sex needs to consider investing in proper sheets where they can really get it on and not worry about the mess.

We are not discussing thousand-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets that breathe and invite a sensual atmosphere, although this is important; we are talking about sex sheets that allow you to be messy and not worry about spilling lube or even squirting all over them.

There are special sex sheets made from materials that don’t allow the leaking of fluids down to the bed where you sleep. These are waterproof and designed to cover your bed and believe us when we say that such sex sheets can let you really let go and enjoy messy sex play.

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How to Choose Sex Sheets: Main Things to Note

Now that we have outlined what type of sheets we are talking about let’s chat about the features you need to know to select a waterproof sex sheet. We need to note that our experts advise you to use sex sheets when you engage in more extended sexual play, like a long masturbation session, anal play, or even a sensual massage where lots of sexy massage oil is involved. We tested multiple models and found the things that you need to know when you select specialized and protective sex sheets.

  • Choose sex sheets to fit your preferred sexy play: we recommend you sit down with your partner and discuss what sex plays you’d like to explore more, and then get all the necessary items to make that happen.
  • Fitted sheets for wet play: we suggest you get a waterproof sheet that fits your bed and your body. If you want to engage in some couple’s play, then make sure the sheet will suit you and your partner, and no one will hang over the sheet.
  • A sheet with inflatable sides for messy play: this option is perfect for couples who want to engage in dirty, sexy play like oil play, sploshing, food play, and even lotion play. The sides of this type of sex sheet inflate and provide a pool-like area where you can play and don’t allow spilling of the liquids all over the place.
  • Choose sheets that are easy to wash: we recommend you get sex sheets made from PVC or vinyl that are easy to clean and maintain. It is vital for many reasons, safety and hygiene being the primary ones. However, the vinyl/PVC sheets are waterproof and can often be cleaned by a simple rinse in the shower. Additionally, these look sexy when spread on the bed and provide an exciting feel on the skin when you lie down on them.
  • Get absorbent sheets if you are a squirter or for sex in a hurry: There are also sex sheets that are made from absorbent materials like microfiber and lined with a moisture barrier, and these are perfect for the times when you just want to throw something over the bed and get to business. You can also use these as throws over the sofa, couch, or the floor.

Can Special Sheets Improve Sex Play?

Before we let you go, we’ll talk a bit about how special sheets like waterproof PVC or vinyl sheets can help you and your partner engage in different sexy games. For starters, adding waterproof sheets will allow you to explore new avenues of pleasure.

You can really let go and engage in wet play; for example, use oils, lotion, or even hot wax play that would potentially ruin your sheets. You won’t have to worry about bodily fluids or lube leaking all over and thinking about how someone will have to sleep in the wet spot.

We also suggest that squirters should have these handy, as the material is easily washable, and you can relax and not worry about the mess. We can name some more examples, but overall, you get the idea – waterproof and specialized sheets allow you to freely enjoy your preferred sex play as you can relax not think about messing up your bed.

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