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How to Choose a Sex Pillow?

How to Choose a Sex Pillow

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Pillows are not just for sleeping, you know? Yes, it is true, as pillows can play a vital role in your sex life, and the right pillow can help you be more comfortable and explore various sex positions. We will discuss sex pillows and share expert advice on how to choose a sex pillow that will make a difference in your sex life.

What is a Sex Pillow?

A sex pillow is a firm, angled pillow that helps you prop up your or your partner’s body during sex. It is made of firm foam in a specific shape that is designed for a particular use. A good sex pillow can help you explore new sex positions and try new angles that you would not be able to try otherwise.

Sex Pillow Shapes

The shape of the sex pillow includes an angle that you utilize during sex; it is firm and supportive, and unlike standard bed pillows, this one does not lose its shape and gives ample support. Thus, the most common sex pillows come in several ergonomic shapes:

  • Wedge – the wedge shape is the most common sex pillow shape, and the triangle shape helps with sexual positions that can be uncomfortable for the hips and hands. One of the most common uses for the wedge sex pillow is raising the hips, raising the thighs, and supporting your upper body.
  • Ramp – the ramp-shaped sex pillow features a sloping surface that allows your body to be comfortably positioned for some sex positions. It provides support for the back and is incredibly comfortable during oral play or similar positions.
  • Mount – the mount sex pillow is a firm pillow that may have a body pillow shape or a cushion shape, and it is excellent for positioning the hips and allowing deeper penetration or supporting the knees. Some models have pockets to fit a dildo or a vibrating toy and facilitate solo masturbation.
  • Cylinder – the cylinder sex pillow is, as the name suggests, a cylinder-shaped pillow made from foam. It provides support for the knees or can help elevate the butt and allow deeper penetration.

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How to Select a Quality Sex Pillow?

The sex pillows have several essential features that help with use. These have special designs for easy use, and they provide a firm, stable base for your body. Thus, here we list the main sex pillow features you should know when selecting a quality sex pillow:

Sex Pillow Shape

The sex pillow shape is the main feature you need to consider when selecting a supportive sex pillow. We suggest you initially look at wedge sex pillows, as these are the “universal” shape to help with positioning and support your hips, neck, or side.

The wedge shape is naturally suitable for wedging something – propping you up while you get down. We have to mention that there are wedge pillows in varying sizes, so you need to look for a model that will work for you and your partner, but you also have enough room to safely store it.

The ramp-shaped sex pillow is a contoured pillow that supports the body. The sloped contours are fitting for your butt, back, or knees, and you can get really creative.

Mount and cylinder-shaped sex pillows also have their highlights. Thus, you realize that the sex pillow’s shape and size are the primary features you need to consider when selecting a suitable sex pillow for solo and partnered sex.

Sex Pillow Material

The sex pillows come from various materials, and each of these has its pros and cons. One of the most common materials is memory foam, a firm yet flexible material that holds its shape well and provides sturdy support for the body. A sex pillow made from memory foam will stay in the same shape for years, no matter how much you use it.

The inflatable sex pillow is usually made from vinyl or PVC, and it does hold its shape well when inflated, but you need to be careful as this model has a weight limit. Also, inflatable sex pillows are more challenging to clean but are a good choice for small bedrooms.

Sex Pillow Cover

We advise you to select sex pillows with removable covers or pillowcases, preferably one made from microfiber. Microfiber is a synthetic material that is easy on the skin and is effortless to wash and keep clean. When you are done using your sex pillow, remove the cover and throw it in the washing machine with the rest of the bedclothes.  

Using a Sex Pillow: Tips & Tricks

We all know how to use a sleep pillow, but when it comes to employing a sex pillow, things are a bit different. Using the sex pillow depends on its shape and the positions you wish to try. So, we prepared a few tips & tricks that our experts believe will help you when you introduce a sex pillow to your sexy time:

  • Start with a good sex pillow: get a pillow that will provide the best support for you and your partner. If you prefer solo play, then you can get a sex pillow with a sex toy mount, but if you enjoy playing with your partner, then you may benefit more from a wedge or ramp sex pillow.
  • Start with positions you know: when you get your sex pillow, start by introducing it to positions you are comfortable with. We are talking about using a wedge sex pillow during missionary poses or lying on a ramp pillow during oral sex. It would be best if you let your intuition guide you and explore more complex positions.
  • Utilize a sex pillow during solo time: a sex pillow can help you position your body more comfortably during masturbation. You can use the wedge pillow to get in a half-lying position or get a half-moon sex pillow to reach yourself easily. Also, you can utilize a sex pillow mount and add a wand vibrator or a dildo and ride away.
  • Use a sex pillow for BDSM play: some sex pillows have D-rings or other restraints integrated into their design, which makes these models very convenient for exploring different BDSM scenarios. Utilize the provided restraints or add some handcuffs and bind your partner to the sex pillow and have your way with them.

Sex Pillow Care & Maintenance

Sex pillows, like other implements you use during sex, need a thorough cleaning and proper maintenance. Most sex pillows come with a removable pillowcase that you can easily take off and wash in a washing machine. It is a cure way to clean away all residue from your sex pillow and ensure it will be ready for your next adventures.

If you have an inflatable sex pillow or one that does not have a removable case, you can use a cloth and antibacterial spray to wipe the surface, ensuring you have a clean pillow you can safely use.

It is simple to store a sex pillow, as you can keep it in your bedroom as a decorative pillow and have it within easy reach when the mood strikes. You can keep it in your linen closet if you wish to keep it away from curious eyes. But if you have limited bedroom real estate, you can even opt for an inflatable model that you can deflate and store in your closet.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, guys, an expert guide on how to choose a sex pillow. We also covered some tips and tricks to help you utilize a sex pillow for more comfortable sex play.

We provide you with a variety of guides on how to choose and how to use various sex toys that we believe will help you expand your sexual views. Please browse our sex toy store, where we have an excellent collection of sex pillows, creative sex furniture, and exciting sex toys.

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