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How to Use a Sex Machine?

How to Use a Sex Machine

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Sex machines are not something anyone is ready for, but if it is within your budget and you are feeling extra adventurous, then we suggest you try one for yourself. These are also known as fuck machines, and come with great variety and bring so many possibilities. While the main feature is to simulate penetrative sex, you can also use these in other exciting ways and expand your pleasure. Here, we prepared this expert guide on how to use a sex machine and how to get the most pleasure with it!

Sex Machine – What is it?

The sex machine is a mechanical device that simulates sexual intercourse by converting rotational into linear motion, which drives a rod with a penetrating attachment at the end. The fuck machine, as it is also known, can also come with extra features like thrusting, rotation, sucking, and pulsations; all working with a single goal to provide unmatched pleasure.

Fuck Machine Varieties

Sex or fuck machines come in several general varieties, made from metal, PVC, ABS, or silicone. Some have various attachments and options like vibrations and rotations, among others. That is why we divided the sex machines into several categories depending on the general recommended use:

  • Handheld Sex Machines: smaller and more versatile, the portable sex machines are interesting to use as most are battery-powered but lack the power of their plug-and-play counterparts.
  • Saddle Sex Machines: saddle sex machines combine the comfort of a saddle and high-powered motors that provide thrusting and vibrations. These are designed to be used with different attachments, both penetrative and grinding attachments.
  • Thrusting Sex Machines: freestanding sex machines are the most powerful of the bunch, as these usually feature a heavy-duty base that attaches to the motor and thrust rod. The mechanism of the thrusting sex machine is often adjustable, allowing different thrust lengths and speeds to be controlled through a remote controller.
  • Milking Sex Machines: these are designed to stimulate oral sex, which they do by pulsating airwaves that create a vacuum-like sensation. Many of these are adjustable, allow customizations, and can be used by males and females.
  • Kink/BDSM Sex Machines: these are specialized machines for BDSM play. Usually much more potent than their more conventional counterparts, the BDSM sex machines often feature restraints and bondage elements or contain extra attachments like floggers, nipple clamps, spanking paddles, etc.

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Why Try a Sex Machine

Here are the most common reasons why sex machines are a highly in-demand sex toy. These are the ultimate form of sex toys and allow you to take charge of your sexuality and use them to try different positions and explore various fantasies. Here are the main reasons to try a sex machine:

  • Hands-free Sex: the automated penetrative motion of the sex machine allows you to use it hands-free and control the motion via a remote controller or use your hands to stimulate your erogenous zones.
  • Squirting Orgasms: the sex machine does not tire, and it can deliver stimulation at a constant pace. Thus, it is handy for targeted and powerful G-spot stimulation and inducing a coveted squirting orgasm.
  • Solo Pleasure: if you wish for a hardcore pounding but don’t have or want a partner, then the sex machine is the perfect solution. You get all the pleasure, and there’s no need for reciprocity!
  • Help with ED: if you have erectile dysfunction issues but want to satisfy your partner, the sex machine is an excellent solution. It helps you dedicate attention to your partner while the sex machine does its thing.
  • Double Penetration: a sex machine can help with DP fantasies without having to invite a third person into your bed. You can test our various attachments and enjoy diverse fun every time.
  • Robot Fetish: a perfect toy to satisfy your fantasy of having sex with a robot or a machine; the fuck machine lets you indulge in your kinks.
  • Help for People with Disability: sex machines are excellent for people with some disabilities, as these allow you to have a satisfying sexual experience without significant discomfort.

How to Use a Sex Machine

It is not complicated to use a sex machine; in fact, it is very similar to using some of your favorite sex toys. Still, here we prepared an expert guide on how to use a sex machine and highlight the key points to know when you get a fuck machine in your bedroom:

  • Test the Machine: before you engage in any type of sexual play with your sex machine, make sure you test it out and learn the controls. This is not a toy to be taken lightly, as not knowing how to operate it may end up hurting you.
  • Get in the Mood: foreplay is key to most sexual encounters (apart from quickies), so make sure you do the things that get you in the mood to play. If you are playing with your partner, involve them and devote time to foreplay before you turn on the sex machine.
  • Adjust the Sex Machine’s Position: place the sex machine in a position that allows you to experience the best angle of thrusting. But no worries, these are usually readily adjustable and will enable you to switch positions as you feel comfortable.
  • Use Quality Lube: always have lube handy, no matter how wet and aroused you are. The lube will allow you to enjoy the thrusting action more comfortably and always use lube that is compatible with the dildo attachment you use. We recommend you stick to quality water-based lubes that work with all sex toy materials and all skin types.
  • Start Slow: always start your sex machine at the slowest setting and allow your body to get adjusted to the sensations. You can change the position of the sex machine if you need it and start building the rhythm. Because less is more at the beginning, start with shallow penetration depths and intensity and work your way up as you get more aroused.
  • Slowly Increase Speed and Enjoy: when everything is set up as you like, and you’ve gotten used to the sensation of the sex machine, you can take things further and explore different sex positions or add other sex toys to the mix. Restraints and nipple clamps are not reserved only for the BDSM community, but if you prefer to include toys that offer internal pleasure, you can play around with anal plugs or beads.

Sex Machine Safety Tips

Because the sex machine is a high-powered sex toy, there are some safety considerations to keep in mind. Here are the main ones our sex experts have reminded us of:

Don’t position the sex machine too close to your genitalia: There’s nothing worse than turning on a high-powered sex machine and having it thrust hard into your genitals, causing. To make sure your body is safe, always ensure the thrusting is set to the lowest settings and the tip of the dildo or stroker is barely touching your genitalia. Then, slowly ease into the movement to prevent injury and to have a most enjoyable experience.

Turn off electrical devices when using the sex machine: Most sex machines have a plug-and-play design, so to prevent circuit overload or short-circuiting, turn off other electrical devices.

Use only compatible attachments: always use sex machine attachments made from body-safe materials, for example, Vac-U-Lock attachments. Don’t share your attachments with others, or if you do this, always use a condom with your dildo attachments. We don’t advise you to share pussy stokers, as these are more challenging to clean.

How to Clean and Store a Sex Machine

We advise you to clean and maintain your sex machine before and after use. Remove the dildo (or other insertable toy), and wash it with soap and warm water, or use a sex toy cleaner. We recommend you stick to using silicone attachments for your sex machine, as these are the easiest to clean and maintain and will last you for a long time.

Cleaning the sex machine is trickier, as it is an electrical appliance, and you can’t wash it. Instead, you can get an antibacterial wipe and clean and disinfect all the surfaces. Leave everything to dry well before you store it.

Store your sex machine attachments in special sex toy storage bags, and find an adequate place for your sex machine. We recommend you get a nice storage bag or box that will keep it protected from dust, sunlight, and prying eyes, and you can store it under the bed or in your closet.

The Bottom Line

While many may think that the sex machine is an intimidating toy to play with, this is undoubtedly one of the most versatile and beneficial sex toys for solo or partnered play. These come with plenty of features, materials, and settings, allowing you to take charge of your sexual exploration.

We hope our guide to using a sex machine is helpful for you, but if you wish to learn more about choosing and using different sex toys, please check out our other guides below. We also have an excellent sex toy store where you can buy various fuck machines, dildos, anal toys, and all the other essentials you need for satisfying sexual play.

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