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How to Use a Hollow Butt Plug?

How to Use a Hollow Butt Plug?

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Hollow butt plugs are a novel item, and these can be very pleasurable when used correctly. Unlike regular butt plugs, hollow butt plugs open up more possibilities, but these require some more experience and keeping note of some important facts. Experienced users already know, so here we’ll discuss the use of hollow butt plugs from a novice’s perspective.

What is a Hollow Butt Plug?

The hollow butt plug has a basic spade shape but has a key element – a hollow tunnel running the length of the butt plug. Hollow butt plugs are created for users who want to explore the inner side of the anus. Also, with these plugs, you can train anal stretching as there is a tunnel in which you can insert fingers or toys. We must note that you must be careful not to harm the sensitive inner parts.

Hollow butt plugs are perfect for users who love and understand the possibilities of anal sex. We must know that you need some training before you can use these to the full extent. You will feel the progressive, intense, and extraordinary sensations that these toys can bring into your bedroom.

Using a Hollow Butt Plug

Butt plugs are used to stimulate the anus, and it brings pleasurable sensations for many. If you are a virgin regarding anal stimulation, we have to remind you to relax and use plenty of suitable lube. After inserting a butt plug for the first time, you may initially feel uncomfortable as the sensations overwhelm your body. However, as you practice, you will get used to the sensations and the fantastic stimulations many speak of.

We recommend you use a beginner-size butt plug or an anal training kit if you are a novice, as it will help you get a better anal experience. But after you gain enough experience, you can get into anal exploration and use an inflatable butt plug or a hollow butt plug.

Using a hollow butt plug is the same as with any other type of butt plug – you need to add a generous amount of lube to the plug and your anus; relax and slowly push the plug in until it sits comfortably against your anus.

Some hollow plugs are made from silicone and have a bit of softness; there are hollow plugs made from glass or metal. We favor silicone, as we believe it is the best butt plug material for beginners, as they are softer and more accessible to insert. Still, don’t forget to use a lot of water-based lube, as the anus is not self-lubricating. Glass butt plugs and metal hollow butt plugs are firm and very smooth, and these are compatible with all lubes.

Glass and metal hollow butt plugs can be included with hot and cold play. The glass hollow butt plugs are an excellent addition for the ones who like to explore and watch as the muscles pulsate from the arousing.  

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How Long to Wear a Hollow Butt Plug?

Some people enjoy wearing a plug for hours, even when they are fully clothed and walk into public. No one will notice that you wear it, but we don’t recommend you wear it too long; the prolonged period of wearing a plug can irritate the anus.

The butt plug has an erotically charging effect, but we must note that you should not wear a hollow butt plug for prolonged times; avoid wearing a butt plug for more than 3 hours, as it may damage your rectum.

The hollow butt plug, as with every other sex toy, needs proper cleaning after use, so clean yours and store it properly to be safe every time you use it. We recommend you wash your hollow butt plug with warm soapy water, treat it with a sex toy cleaner, dry it well, and store it in a suitable sex toy storage bag to keep it safe and protected.

Also, follow our guides below, where we cover other essential topics on using various anal sex toys, and refer to our sex toy store, where you can find all sorts of exciting sex goodies.

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