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How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy a Sex Toy?

How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy a Sex Toy?

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Buying a sex toy is very straightforward if you are an adult. But, there are rules when you are a young person, and you want to purchase a sex toy – you have to be over 18 years old to be able to buy a sex toy. While there are ways you can circumnavigate the age restrictions, these are in place for user safety and abiding by the law.

Why Follow Age Restrictions when Buying a Sex Toy?

Generally, underage people (people under 18 years of age) aren’t allowed to enter a brick-and-mortar sex shop and purchase a dildo, a vibrator, or another sex toy. However there are ways you can buy a sex toy online, but the sellers who don’t respect the age stipulation usually lack moral rules and standards.

We don’t recommend you visit unlicensed sex stores, as these may also lack proper licenses and carry products that are not safe. We also urge you to be careful; don’t try to buy a product for the sake of buying, but be aware that you have a real risk of getting harmed by low-grade products.

There are many different views on this topic, but the most important one is the safety of people using sex toys like a dildo or a vibrator. It is usual for young people to explore their bodies and sexuality; however, they are sometimes impatient to turn 18 and be able to legally shop at adult stores.

With age, you become more aware and learn about your body, sexual preferences, and possibilities. Once you have some experience, you can easily find a dildo or a vibrator that would suit your body and your needs.

How to Purchase a Sex Toy Legally?

It is prevalent for young people to explore their sexuality. Young girls usually use their hands to masturbate, but they often reach for everyday items around their rooms, even using electric toothbrushes and other unsuitable items. Using such objects can be potentially harmful, for the risk of infection, even more severe health problems, or long-term damage to their bodies.

Sometimes, young people get help from their parents, and if the parents are open and communicate clearly with their children, they can guide them in the right direction. It is not rare for moms to be willing to buy a beginner-friendly sex toy for their daughters for the right reason, like preventing them from using inadequate objects for sexual pleasure or using poor-quality sex toys. Also, some parents are buying sex toys for their sons as a way to introduce them to safe sex and skip their use of inappropriate objects (think American Pie).

We’ll conclude this post by noting that there is no universally accepted age when young people should start their sexual exploration, but the usually taken age of late teens has worked for ages. Still, some people mature earlier than others, so the general rule is for people to be over 18 to be able to buy a dildo, a vibrator, or another sex toy!

Please note that our sex toy store is a legal, licensed and law-abiding store where we follow all the legal stipulations and only carry sex toys from reputable brands.

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