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Everything You Need to Know About Bullet Vibrators

Ultimate Guide to Bullet Vibrators

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A bullet vibrator is one of the simplest, most effective, easiest to use, economical, and widely used sex toys. They are usually a metal or plastic vibrator that resembles a large bullet shape. They tend to be short and narrow for ease of use and for instant carrying or storage. Most bullet sex toys have disposable batteries, but some may have thin cords attached to a remote control, which enables the speed and intensity to be changed with regard to the vibration.

Vibrating bullets can be used by males, females and couples too. Many women use vibrators on the clitoris because they can help bring on mind-blowing orgasms during intercourse, play, or during masturbation. Men may utilize bullet vibrators during masturbation by applying them to their testicles or to the penis head, being the most sensitive zones for arousal. These compact vibrators are very discreet and can also be used during oral sex for extra fun.

Bcute Classic Quiet Vibrator

Types of Bullet Vibrators May Vary & Include

  • Outstanding performance in terms of even vibrations
  • Deep and intense rumbling
  • Be easy to hold and maneuver
  • Be very quiet and discreet, noise wise
  • Have packaging made from recyclable materials
  • Be totally waterproof
  • A long warranty
  • A long battery life
  • A discreet storage case
  • A choice of amazing colors
  • A choice of amazing sizes

Essential Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator

How to Choose the Right Bullet Vibrator for You

If you can move away from clitoral stimulation and let the bullet roam around your entire body, you will discover other zones of pleasure to be discovered. These sex toys for women can stimulate lots of regions other than just internally. The right bullet vibrator will be easy to hold and will feel good when it touches the skin. So think ahead before you buy.

If it’s your thing to experiment with different speeds and functions, there are a host of various bullet vibrators that will be able to satisfy your needs in that respect. In fact, there are also waterproof bullets that will fulfil your desires during shower, pool or bath play. So think about what you want so it can be something you add to your wanted features list, well before you buy.

Bullet vibrators may enhance the effects of other sex toys if used simultaneously. Some butt plugs, for example, incorporate a small hole at their base for a bullet vibrator to be inserted into. That’s for the more adventurous types who also like to delve into anal play.
Bullets are great for masturbation and foreplay too, because they’re great to use as an addition to oral sex as an enhancement to pleasure.

During sex, they can also enhance the experience, so think about what features you might need there. Use your imagination to help you decide with regard to size, color and settings.

Actually, the essence of the bullet vibrator enables you to use your hands to control where and how it moves, thus allowing you to get exactly what you need; right when you need it. The vibrating mechanism means that they are great for both you and your partner, and if you decided to stimulate the clitoris whilst being penetrated, you can give yourself a big help, if you’re a woman, that is. This is also perfect for gay couples too. The bullet vibrator’s vibrations are also amazing on the head and scrotum for guys, as well as the clitoris for gals.

Femme Funn Ffix Bullet Vibrator

What Are the Benefits

Orgasm is good for our health, and there are a lot of studies that support that fact. Additionally, intimacy is good for our close relationships too, which are also great for our health when supported well. Sex and foreplay are a major part in close relationships.
With regard to masturbation, around 2/3 of women don't orgasm by intercourse alone, so it helps to have help, which is why bullet sex toys can be the perfect solution to a big, big problem.

Relationship enhancement means that masturbation in front of your partner can be tried as well, or using the sex toy on your partner.

Intense Bullet Vibrator

Here are some fun tips:

1. Start on the slowest setting. You can use the tip to circle your breasts and move in to your nipples, and then your partner's too. As you circle for a while, turn up the speed. You can also alternate between sucking each other's nipples and using the bullet vibrator.

2. Go completely remote. Here, with a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi option, you can wear a vibrator internally (for women) and give your partner the control for its speed and tempo. This is super fun and it’s great for foreplay too.

3. Use it during oral sex. If you're going down on someone (gal or guy), you can use a bullet vibrator to enhance the pleasure. Use it on the scrotum or head on males, or on the outside or inside of the vagina for gals.

4. Turn it down low and tease. Utilizing it externally on each other, even while you’re still wearing underwear. This is a really sexy warmup for the pleasure of both males and females alike.

5. Allowing your partner to have total control. Let them have control of the toy, and also let them use it on you during penetration too. This is sexy for foreplay and during lovemaking.

6. Stimulate the perineum on guys. Did you know that the small patch of skin between his balls and anus is called the perineum? It's very sensitive. If you get the bullet vibrator out during play, you can hold it over the area during intercourse, oral sex or foreplay.

Je Joue Hands Free Clitoral Vibrator

Some Safety Considerations

1. In reality, if it features phthalates and BPA, it’s probably not a good thing to be putting in your vagina or your anus.

2. Pay close attention to the price. You really do get what you pay for. If a vibrator is too cheap, that’s probably because it’s made with inferior plastic. It’s worth investing in a slightly pricier model from a more reputable brand, and so you know that what you’re getting is safe and will actually do the job that it’s intended to do.

3. Choose nonporous materials like hard plastic instead of the jelly-like stuff. These don’t let bacteria or other substances get lodged in the surface, therefore making them easier to clean and trust.

4. Use the product you bought in the specified areas intended for use. Trips to see medical professionals are not part of sexual pleasure. Enough said there.

JimmyJane Live Sexy Powerful Small Vibrator

Cleaning & Storage Tips

There are two basic ways to clean bullet vibrators. The traditional method involves washing your toy in warm-to-hot soapy water, then rinsing it off and drying it with a towel that’s clean and dry. This method is budget-friendly, super-quick and very easy.

The next method involves spraying your bullet sex toys with a specialized toy cleaner, and either rinsing or wiping the cleaner off. You would also dry with a clean and dry towel. Many toy cleaners contain antibacterial agents, deodorizers and other beneficial additives to help keep your favorite sex toys in great shape.

The type of substance your sex toy is made from determines the best, most useful cleaning method. For example, toys made from softer and more flexible materials need a mild facial soap. Nonporous sex toys collect lint and dust, or even hair, and this can occur even if they’re just lying around, so you need to use lint-free cloths or towels and keep them in a special storage container. Carefully check the unique instructions for any additional cleaning regimes and requirements regarding storage or care.

Pillow Talk Cordless Bullet Vibrator

How to Choose a Bullet Vibrator

Size Matters

The first aspect is size, and depending on what you want to utilize your bullet vibrator for, you will choose the right size that fits its inevitable role for you. If you want one that’s easy to store or take on your travels, then you should go for one of the smaller models. Ask yourself, what feels best internally and on the skin?

Remote Controlled

A remote controlled option can add another element of stimulation to the experience, and allow you to use it hands-free when you’re on your own or with a partner.

Wired or Wireless

A wireless version will make it fun to use in places where you have a connection to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Keep this in mind if you want to take it traveling though. Additionally, getting a bullet vibrator with a wireless remote and good range is crucial. A wired one won’t need any connectivity, so think of this before you buy.

Cost & Budget

For beginners, try one of the cheaper models first, and before you move to the more expensive options. But, on the other hand, if you’re looking for specific features, then one of the more expensive options may be more to your liking. You really do get what you pay for too, and this is well worth remembering.

Vibrational Variations

Some models only offer a single variation in the vibration type, while others offer multiple settings. Many models allow for several speed options too, taking your pleasure to the next level.

Rechargeable or Battery Operated

A rechargeable model can actually be a lot easier to use than a battery operated one. Switching out the batteries can become annoying if they go flat while you’re about to experience an orgasm. Make sure you have spare batteries handy if you choose this option.

Sensuelle Wireless Bullet Vibrator - Rechargeable

Self Exploration

Did you know that using a vibrator is the perfect addition to both masturbating and your regular sex life? Actually, it might give you an orgasm if you’ve never had one before. That’s really very exciting, especially for beginners or less adventurous types.

1. Choose the right vibrator for you by allowing yourself a few to experiment with. Having more than one to try means that self exploration can be interesting and more adventurous for you.

2. Prepare yourself to receive maximum enjoyment. Get your atmosphere right. Dim the lights, get the temperature right, use some inspiration via imagination or visual aids, and remove any distractions so you can go it alone.

3. Try different techniques to give yourself different experiences. Where does it feel good? Do you like it on a different setting? Does it feel good if you...? Fill in the blanks and answer all of your relatable questions. What about the pace you use?

Touch of Velvet Bullet Vibrator

Bullet Vibrators Make Great, Funky Gifts

At first thought, giving a vibrator as a gift might seem like a really bad idea. After all, masturbation is a super personal thing that people generally prefer to keep private. But, present someone with a magical, multispeed, rechargeable bullet vibrator, all wrapped up and charged...

Sounds awesome! But don’t give one to your boss or your parents, because that might cross some boundaries. Use your own judgment here.

Sex toys are the best gift to give because they’re something many people want, but might never buy for themselves without more forethought.

So, after the initial feeling of embarrassment, the receiver may be super grateful to you for introducing a whole new world of attainable pleasure. Help your friends so they’ll love you even more. What better gift is there? It’s hard to know really!

Vedo Bam Mini Vibrator

Here are some really cool tips to guide you in buying the perfect bullet vibrators for whoever you want:

1. Don’t Force the Gift On Someone

So here, don’t buy a vibrator for someone who’s not generally ready for it. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if it would be a good idea or not. Are they adventurous or really shy? Would it be culturally or religiously inappropriate? Just make sure you know the person well enough to make the call here.

Trying to guess what vibe someone wants when they already have a drawer full of them can lead to let downs, but with vibrating bullets, you really can’t go wrong. If the person you’re buying for isn’t experienced with sex toys, try to find one that will stimulate them simply, without being too intimidating and having over-the-top features. When in doubt, go for a simple, but well-designed option.
Remember, if you do give it and they don’t like it, you can always take it back and buy them something else. Hey, use it yourself instead, that’s even more fun, as long as it hasn’t been opened of course. Safety first, always. Just be sensitive if this occurs. For some, sexuality and sex toys are very private indeed.

2. You Definitely Get What You Pay For

Make sure it’s made of nonporous materials, and comes with extra features if you think they’re needed. E.g. waterproof, rechargeable, remote controlled, appropriately sized, a favourite color, etc.

We Aim to Please Vibrating Bullet

3. Remember to Include the Batteries!

This is true for any electronic gift, but it’s especially important for bullet vibrators. The person receiving your gift might want to use it as soon as possible. And if it’s for someone who has never used one, they might be super-duper excited. So, make sure you include the batteries as the awesome gift giver. Or, you could just buy a rechargeable one, but that’s totally up to you.

4. Always Give Without Expectation

Don’t expect to get anything from giving such a sexy gift. It could happen, but it might not, so be aware of that too. Remember, the receiver might see it as pushy if you are in a sexual relationship with them, especially if your relationship has only just begun. When you give a sex toy to someone you’re dating, it’s best to let them take the lead and see how it goes. You never want to come across as domineering, unless it’s in the bedroom and part of a controlled, agreed sexual play or fantasy.

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